Outsourcing to India – What are the Pros and Cons?

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The Scope of Outsourcing in India

Being a top business trend, the question may come in your mind that what is the scope of outsourcing in a country like India?… Well, India has managed itself as a major hub for outsourcing business at the global level. Today many international companies, as well as Indian brands, prefer to go for outsourcing in India for better customer services.

With the growth of outsourcing day by day more and more companies rely upon this sector. But just like any other business, this also involves some pros as well as cons. Especially when you outsource to India, you need to check the advantages and disadvantages of this industry to stay yourself ahead of the competitors. So in this article, check what are these:-

What are the Pros?

Indian workers are most fit in international global economic appeal. But the cost is not the only factor for which companies outsource their business to India. Let’s check the other benefits:-


As I said above, Indian labor is more cost friendly than other global players. On the other hand, an in-house team is costlier than hiring staff from an external agency. So, businesses can save costs on infrastructure, salary, and other facilities with outsourcing. Indian market is famous for the result-oriented customer services at easy-cost.


Outsourcing helps to save enough time and resources to focus on your business’s core tasks as support functions are taken care of by the experienced staff of the external agency. Hence, you can emphasize on strengthening the core processes and meet your customers’ needs more efficiently.

Expert Handling

India offers expertise by delivering services to multiple companies of the same niche. Also, outsourcing vendors have access to specific equipment and technical knowledge to deliver the right services to end-users. Moreover, the country has a large number of English speaking people. This factor attracts international businesses to hire India to handle their customer support services effectively.

Improved Productivity

When you handed over your support services to the third party, you focus on the core components of your organization. As a result, the outcome of the organization improves on both the core and non-core aspects. Thus, outsourcing boost your business’s productivity as well as revenues.

Round-the-Clock Availability

With offshore outsourcing to India, companies can take the benefit of different time zones for round-the-clock availability. This allows businesses to serve their clients with flexible business hours, attracting more customers.

What are the Cons?

Apart from the pros of outsourcing discussed above, choosing a wrong partner can create more difficulties than benefits for your business. Let’s check what are these:-

Harm to your Data

When you outsource your services, you need to share access to confidential data with the outsourcing vendor. This may create the risks of sensitive data leakage or misuse, in case the outsourcing service provider doesn’t follow the essential security measures. So, you must be alert and need deep research while choosing your service partner.

Regional & Communication Differences

Outsourcing to an offshore partner can cause certain difficulties on various grounds like culture, geographical area, and language differences. Your company will need to adjust to and accommodate the social & cultural practices of the vendor. Along with this, the difference in time zones and speaking accent causes communication difficulties among businesses & service providers.

Hidden Expenses

No doubt outsourcing practice has gained grounds due to its cost-effective benefits, but partnering with a wrong service provider can add up more money. You might need to bear hidden expenses as well as loss of business due to inappropriate services, and others.

Lack of Control

Outsourcing your technical support means you will rely on the specific technology systems and products used by the service provider. As a result, you end up with losing control of managing the outsourced part of your business. So, in such case, you need to look for the right vendor using latest tools and technologies to meet up your business needs.


Now, you are aware of both the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing when you choose India. So, if you are looking to outsource find a reliable partner in order to tackle difficulties and minimize the number of disadvantages. The right partner will enhance your business and take it to the new heights. It is very important before you decide to outsource that you consider the goals and the objectives of your company while choosing an outsourcing partner.

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Why Customer Support Outsourcing Should Matter to Your Business

Outsourcing, at first glance, seems like an appealing idea especially when you look at all the benefits that tag along, benefits such as saving you tons of money, resources and often times, a great deal of stress. Though farming out your customer service will definitely help cut overheads, you have to understand here that it’s not a one-for-all solution to your problems or in simple words, there is no such thing as magic outsourcing beans (in case, you are thinking otherwise).

Now, keeping this in mind, let’s move on to understanding what exactly customer support is and how can it help grow your business along with some of the best practices that come with customer support outsourcing. Combine these for yourself to figure out why (or whether) outsourcing this service should matter to your business.

What is Customer Support?

The general image that pops into people’s head whenever they think of customer support is that of a group of friendly, smiling people answering client’s phone calls. Though in practice customer support agents play a much bigger role, serving as a prime connection between your business and its clients, handling queries from installation guidance to technical failure to initial set-up to maintenance, security and God knows what else. And this, in turn, makes them direct representatives of your establishment and its work culture.

How Customer Support can help your Business?

Knowing about customer support is one thing but understanding how it can help your business along with utilizing it to its full potential is completely another thing. Apart from securing purchases (by resolving queries) and referring the client to other products which help bring loyalty within the client, customer support teams relieve your in-house employees to concentrate on their work and achieve higher efficiency by handling themselves the direct communication with the clients.

All this, no doubt, leads to an elevated company’s image and the building of a trustworthy and reliable brand. Just keep this in mind, a good customer support service is one that not only makes the money but also saves the money.

What are the advantages of outsourcing your customer support services?

a. If you compare the cost of creating your own in-house customer support team to that of hiring a call center fully equipped with all the infrastructure and a team of employees, you will realise outsourcing will be a much cheaper deal.

b. With the help of outbound services that are offered by many call centers, you can avail various other services as well such as welcome calls, cross-selling, ‘winback’ campaigns etc. In short, it can provide another avenue to grow your business.

c. As your business grows, the majority of your time will be taken up to providing customer support service to your customers whereas outsourcing this service will help you to reallocate your time and expertise to areas that need the most attention.

d. Another great aspect of outsourcing is working longer schedules. Just kidding, what I mean is, you will be better able to satisfy your customers’ needs even after your business have been closed for the day as call centers generally operate 24/7.

e. Here’s a fact, if you are not up to date with the current technology, you won’t last long. But outsourcing can help resolve this issue for you once and for all as the call center agents generally work with most significant technology, you can be rest assured that your customers are being offered the best service possible at all times.

f. Customers, nowadays, are much more demanding than they ever were and will not hesitate to switch over to your competitors if you fail to satisfy their demands. Outsource customer support to a service agency with the experience and expertise to handle customers and within no time see your pockets lined up with revenue.

g. A reputed call center always comes with a team of trained, qualified professionals with the access to best practices and techniques only a professional would know. Try to do this yourself or use unqualified individuals and it might result in PR disasters which in the long run will damage your business.

f. Having a call center at your disposal can mean great things for your business, things such as flexible schedules, additional services and certain other capabilities your in-house team can only dream of achieving. Today’s call centers are basically made to tailor their services in order to meet your needs.


Outsourcing customer support applies all the principles of customer service which includes not only helping customers to solve problems (no matter how small or big) and make better decisions for themselves but also in functioning as a part sales and part tech support. And the outcome? A happy, satisfied customer. What more could you possibly want?

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The Many Advantages of Outsourcing your Medical Transcription Services

medical 2

Outsourcing medical transcription services, in the recent years, has become something of a trend in the healthcare industry, its major beneficiaries being health clinics, hospitals, physicians, healthcare providers and out-patient surgical centers. Now, it’s a medical field that requires only qualified individuals with a special skill-set which healthcare providers can rely on to take their transcription process such as accurate documentation and record keeping to the next level.

Physicians and medical faculties, up until recently, had to make do with the in-house process for note dictation and patient accounting which, if nothing else, took away the employees’ valuable time from the day-to-day operations of running a successful practice. In the modern age, the medical industry is one of the few that’s constantly on the rise, due to a simple fact that more and more people are becoming health conscious these days, another reason why service providers offering medical transcription services are in high demand.

We all know how important it is for doctors to provide accurate notes when it comes to medical reports, surgeries and treatments concerning patients under care. That’s why, nowadays, healthcare professionals are relying more on reputed outsourcing companies for medical transcription as it greatly eliminates data errors along with helping in several other ways. Let’s find out:

Turnaround Time

Outsourcing keeps a check on your work so that it falls within a pre-arranged upon time frame regardless of whether you have an excess of workload, your employees are off sick or you are simply a high-volume clinic. Not only this, your transcribed documents will most probably be available within the next 24 hours. This help doctors easily review and edit documents along with sending out referral letters in a timely fashion.


With outsourcing, you pay only for the results as the industry standard is to only charge you by the line only (which is 65 characters). You can check the number of lines you should be paying for by dividing the Word Count by 65. These outsourcing companies not only eliminate your need for administrative, HR and training costs but also help you save more on equipment and maintenance outlays.

Qualified Personnel

Another major benefit of medical transcription outsourcing is that you will never have to hire again, especially for offices with multiple specialities where finding a medical transcriptionist who knows the ins and out of those particular specialities and the vocabulary could be hard if not impossible. Outsourcing ensures that the different dictations are transcribed by professionals specialized in that area.

Accurate Medical Records

If you have managed your transcription in-house in the past, you know how all the quality control and accuracy standards fall upon your practice only. Many such practices are known to suffer from inadequate control measures and lack recourse for poor management. Outsourcing allows the strict accuracy protocols to be tracked and managed by the service providers themselves who carefully screen employees to ensure work accuracy.

Focus on Core Activities

The ultimate benefit of outsourcing is its ability to free up your sources to better concentrate on the core activities of your business such as patient care or to invest in its expansion. Smaller clinics are particularly advantageous as they mostly work to tighter margins and strict overhead constraints. So, whether your practice is small or large, outsourcing makes your team more efficient and drives better resource management across the practice.

End Thoughts:

Within no time, medical transcription outsourcing has become a huge resource, money and time saver for healthcare professionals and practices. The simple process which involves dictating through voice and getting it back in text format, allows one to reap all the benefits of text-based documentation without any of the added efforts.

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Advantages of Outsourcing Web Development Services to India

If you consider today’s global economy, outsourcing services from a web development company in India provide a much better alternative when compared to hailing services from the US or other such Western European countries. Just the passion or the expertise with which a dedicated Indian outsourcing company handles web design every day is hard enough to compete.

Indian companies have, since long, been immersed in the world of web design and during the period have helped create countless sites for companies of all shapes and sizes. Not only this, even the employees that work in these companies shows an unwavering passion and drive to want to work in this industry on a daily basis. What more can you want? Well, probably a lot.

So, let’s look at some of the best advantages of choosing India over other countries as your primary outsourcing destination when it comes to delivering quality web design services.

Saving You Tons of Money on Every Project

The biggest advantage associated with outsourcing web design services to India is the cost-effectiveness. When compared to designing web services from UK or US, web design services in India offer a much budget-friendly choice. Mostly, there are two important factors at play here that makes hiring Indian outsourcing company that much affordable-

a) Highly competitive environment

b) Value of Indian currency in the international market

I mean come on, why would anyone in his right senses consider spending $5,000 on something that he can get done at $500?

An Abundance of Development Resources

When someone mentions India, the general image that forms in the eyes of most people is a country with over a billion population, little did they know that over 65% of the Indians fall below 35 years of age group and every one out of four individuals is related to the IT industry whether directly or indirectly. I am sure now you have lesser doubts when I mention the availability of abundant resources in the Indian subcontinent.

Superior Quality of the Project Delivered

This is usually your primary expectation from your outsourcing service provider and professional web design companies outsourcing in India know very well how to meet these expectations of clients to provide maximum work satisfaction. In order to maintain work transparency, outsourcing firms provide regular updates from time to time.

Plus, the professional experts hired by these firms have a 360-degree thought process while working on your projects and clients can always feel free to discuss their plans so that the work is executed accordingly.

Time Zone that Works for your Advantage

Everybody understands this fact well enough that since the demand for mobile and web development have skyrocketed in the recent years, time is valued nothing short of gold in the IT world. And with such an abundance of resources readily available to be put to use, various outsourcing firms operate 24/7 to meet the demands of their clients.

To put in simple words, a client from any Western European country can ask for whatever changes he/she deemed fit while going off to bed and can wake up in the morning to see his requirements met. Entering into a partnership with Indian companies will allow you the freedom to access the number of resources as per your need.

The Use of State-of-the-Art Technology

Another benefit of outsourcing your project from a web development company in India is the unlimited access to latest tools and technologies which, in any other case, would have been very expensive to purchase. Also, if you look at the technologies used in India compared to that of the west, you will realize that they are identical in every aspect. There is simply no work difference you can expect to get if you compare both the end results be it in terms of them being highly-effective, user-friendly or action-oriented.

It’s Efficiency to Deliver Projects on Time

Outsourcing projects to web designing company in India is a highly time-efficient option. Not only will you be able to save a significant amount of time and effort on hiring, training and managing an in-house team to get the job done but also when compared to other outsourcing destinations, India holds a much better reputation of meeting time commitments, even working with hard deadlines. Now you don’t earn that type of reputation by falling short on deadlines, just saying…


So, as you can see, outsourcing to India offers considerable advantages over other countries and is one of the best ways to get an amazing site built at a reasonable rate. But this is not the only reason to choose India. Another reason is, by choosing to outsource for your web design, you not only take a major step towards turning your dreams to reality but at the same time, helps put money back into an economy that needs it and thus helps in encouraging more growth and more job creations.

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The Evolving Scope of an Indian Outsourcing Company

The Indian outsourcing sector has gone through many changes in the last two decades. There was a time when most of the call centers in India in their early phase only used to act as customer support outsourcing centers. The earliest clients of this sector were mobile network operators. One of the first technical processes to be outsourced to an Indian outsourcing company was mobile data support process. It was the early times of mobile data. The old 2g network internet was used in cell phones. One of the biggest challenges customers those days faced was that their handset did not automatically pickup data settings.

For this reason, mobile companies would get a lot of calls from customers that needed someone to walk them through the various steps of installing mobile data settings. Now, if we talk about domestic outsourcing processes, the scope of outsourcing has really seen a transformation. Similarly, India has been a hub for western countries to outsource their various processes as well.

The cost-benefit and the availability of talented, English speaking youngsters made India the preferred outsourcing location for the west. Indian outsourcing companies got famous all over the world for providing technical support to the customers of some of the biggest tech companies in the world. Over the years, the scope of outsourcing to India grew from technical support to a wide range of services. Outsourcing itself has changed a lot. From BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) and LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing), the type of services outsourced has seen expansion.

Here are some of the various services being offered by Indian outsourcing companies and the range of processes being outsourced to them both locally and internationally –

  • Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant is a remote employee that works at a remote location for an organization and handles a wide range of services. Also known as a virtual receptionist, popularly they answer phone calls, book meetings, reply to emails & chat and handle many other backend processes like data entry. Many companies hire these virtual assistants as they can save on their operating expenses.  Recognizing this need, companies like Octopus Tech offer virtual assistant services to sectors that need this service the most – doctors and real-estate firms.

  • Chat Support Services

Today’s customers prefer getting support via website chat rather than over the phone. Through online chat, they can get a real-time resolution to their problems without having to wait on hold for a long time.  Most of the companies outsourcing their chat services are e-commerce companies that want to capitalize on live website chat for boosting their conversion rates. Other sectors that benefit from live chat outsourcing are travel websites, banks, and telecom companies.

  • Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

Lawyers have too many responsibilities to handle on a daily basis. Whether it is a small legal practice or a large firm, there are many administrative tasks that need to be handled. In order for the lawyers to focus on their core tasks, these administrative and backend tasks are outsourced to legal process outsourcing companies.  Some of these legal functions that are outsourced are – litigation support, paralegal services, legal document review and more.

  • Email Support Services

Email still remains one of the most preferred channels of communication for customers when they want to get in touch with brands. Many companies are now recognizing this fact and are starting to outsource their email support services to BPO companies. Effective email support helps boost customer satisfaction and customer retention. It is an important tool for delighting customers.

  • E-Surveillance Services

This is the latest trend in outsourcing. Businesses now have started to outsource their e-surveillance services to outsourcing companies to add an extra layer of security to their business. The basic concept behind outsourcing e-surveillance is that banks, warehouses, retail chains, restaurants etc outsource their surveillance video monitoring to a third party that monitors all security footage in real-time from a centralized command center. In the event that any criminal incident is detected, real-time alerts along with the evidence are sent to the concerned persons.

The scope of the Indian outsourcing company has expanded over the past decade. These Indian companies are no longer just a destination for tech support but also for a host of different services that help companies reduce costs, increase revenue, retain customers, keep customers engaged and get feedback.

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Common Inbound Call Center Services Businesses Today Need

The BPO sector has seen many changes over the past decade. There are several call center services that have been added to an ever-growing list of offerings that contact centers are now offering businesses across the globe. There was a time when a call center was only synonymous with answering calls of troubled customers. While that is still a big part of the inbound call center services that are offered, many new additions have been made to the services.

Contact centers have adapted to the changing times and the changing needs of businesses. Outsourcing has been an important cost-cutting measure for companies for over two decades. The list of tasks to outsource has grown significantly. Inbound services have always been significant as they help businesses provide customer service in a cost-effective manner, all the while being able to focus on their core objectives.  We shall now understand what other inbound call center services businesses today need.

  • Technical Support Services

Technical support or as it’s also known as – help desk services, are inbound services that are outsourced by companies that usually sell some sort of hardware. An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) usually outsources this service to provide support to those customers that face challenges using their products after making the purchase. These organizations can include – desktop manufacturers, laptop manufacturers, mobile, and tablet manufacturers to name a few.

Even though outsourcing help desk services is more common for hardware companies, there are certain software companies who do it as well. Whether they have utility software or a web-based application, whenever customers face any challenges with it, they need technical support. With the growing number of applications that are released every year, I believe 2017 can be the year that software companies will overtake device manufacturers in availing inbound call center services.

  • Inbound Sales

Inbound sales can be considered an extension of telemarketing services. The whole concept is to try and convert a potential customer who calls in with a business inquiry into a paying customer. This inbound sales service enhances the revenue of the company and is a business model that many service providers offer. These inbound sales can be generally of three types –

Up-selling – Up-selling refers to when an existing customer calls in for information about any aspect of their service and you try to sell them on a higher plan or a costlier plan than the one they are already subscribed to.

Cross-selling – This is a similar concept to up-selling but here you do not try to sell a more expensive plan, you try to sell a service or product that is related to the one a customer already uses.

Customer Acquisition – Unlike up-selling and cross-selling, here the individual that calls you is not an existing customer. They are just someone that saw your company’s number on its website or social media page and called in for information. The goal here is to educate the caller on the products and services of the company and their various benefits in order to convert them into customers by making a sale.

  • Booking Orders

As the name suggests, this inbound process involves booking orders from customers when they call in. There are so many websites that sell their products online these days. However, there are situations where your customers may not be able to order online for the products. That is where order booking processes come in. Inbound calls are received from customers who want to place their orders over the phone. Their details like product number, product description, shipping address, payment method etc are confirmed and their order is booked over the phone.  Just like inbound sales process, this process also helps enhance the revenue of the business.

  • Customer Service

Even though customer service has been mentioned above in the beginning of this post, it deserves a mention in this list as well. Customer service remains the most important and widely outsourced service as far as inbound call center services are concerned. Providing customers with good customer service ensures their loyalty with the brand and keeps them retained. That is why this aspect is never over-looked and companies outsource their customer support to reliable inbound call center services providers.

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