Common Inbound Call Center Services Businesses Today Need

The BPO sector has seen many changes over the past decade. There are several call center services that have been added to an ever-growing list of offerings that contact centers are now offering businesses across the globe. There was a time when a call center was only synonymous with answering calls of troubled customers. While that is still a big part of the inbound call center services that are offered, many new additions have been made to the services.

Contact centers have adapted to the changing times and the changing needs of businesses. Outsourcing has been an important cost-cutting measure for companies for over two decades. The list of tasks to outsource has grown significantly. Inbound services have always been significant as they help businesses provide customer service in a cost-effective manner, all the while being able to focus on their core objectives.  We shall now understand what other inbound call center services businesses today need.

  • Technical Support Services

Technical support or as it’s also known as – help desk services, are inbound services that are outsourced by companies that usually sell some sort of hardware. An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) usually outsources this service to provide support to those customers that face challenges using their products after making the purchase. These organizations can include – desktop manufacturers, laptop manufacturers, mobile, and tablet manufacturers to name a few.

Even though outsourcing help desk services is more common for hardware companies, there are certain software companies who do it as well. Whether they have utility software or a web-based application, whenever customers face any challenges with it, they need technical support. With the growing number of applications that are released every year, I believe 2017 can be the year that software companies will overtake device manufacturers in availing inbound call center services.

  • Inbound Sales

Inbound sales can be considered an extension of telemarketing services. The whole concept is to try and convert a potential customer who calls in with a business inquiry into a paying customer. This inbound sales service enhances the revenue of the company and is a business model that many service providers offer. These inbound sales can be generally of three types –

Up-selling – Up-selling refers to when an existing customer calls in for information about any aspect of their service and you try to sell them on a higher plan or a costlier plan than the one they are already subscribed to.

Cross-selling – This is a similar concept to up-selling but here you do not try to sell a more expensive plan, you try to sell a service or product that is related to the one a customer already uses.

Customer Acquisition – Unlike up-selling and cross-selling, here the individual that calls you is not an existing customer. They are just someone that saw your company’s number on its website or social media page and called in for information. The goal here is to educate the caller on the products and services of the company and their various benefits in order to convert them into customers by making a sale.

  • Booking Orders

As the name suggests, this inbound process involves booking orders from customers when they call in. There are so many websites that sell their products online these days. However, there are situations where your customers may not be able to order online for the products. That is where order booking processes come in. Inbound calls are received from customers who want to place their orders over the phone. Their details like product number, product description, shipping address, payment method etc are confirmed and their order is booked over the phone.  Just like inbound sales process, this process also helps enhance the revenue of the business.

  • Customer Service

Even though customer service has been mentioned above in the beginning of this post, it deserves a mention in this list as well. Customer service remains the most important and widely outsourced service as far as inbound call center services are concerned. Providing customers with good customer service ensures their loyalty with the brand and keeps them retained. That is why this aspect is never over-looked and companies outsource their customer support to reliable inbound call center services providers.

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Outbound Call Center Services – Helping Businesses Enhance Revenue

Outbound call center services have been an important part of any business’s revenue generation or revue enhancement strategy. In the old days, outbound call center processes were synonymous with sales. It was clear that when someone from a call center calls you, they are going to try and sell something. Over the past decade, there have been many outbound processes that have more to do with customer retention and customer feedback than revenue. However, revenue enhancement remains one of the key outbound processes that are outsourced.

These revenue generation processes span across various sectors.  Some of these processes are –

Customer Acquisition for Credit Card Companies

Banks and credit card companies always need to expand their customer base. To acquire new customers and sell them their credit cards, these financial organizations outsource this function to a BPO company. The agents are provided with a database of either a bank’s existing customers or database acquired from various sources like credit score websites where potential customers enter their information.

Up-Selling Data Plans for Telecom Providers

With mobile data being used by a growing number of customers across the globe, telecom providers, especially here in India outsource their revenue generation processes to BPO companies. In this process, the database of customers is contacted and an attempt is made to up-sell a higher data plan to them. In some cases, upgrades from 3G to 4G plans are pitched and in other cases, data plans with greater validity are offered to customers. These processes help generate revenue for these telecom operators by helping them capitalize on their current base of customers.

Generating Sales of Holiday Packages

The travel and tourism industry has been capitalizing on outbound call center services for years to generate sales of various holiday packages internationally. There are several travel websites that operate in India and globally that offer various tour packages to customers. These companies, in order to reduce their own operating costs, outsource the revenue generation or sales process to BPO companies. The main task of this process is to outcall on the given data and tries to convince the potential customers of the benefits of booking a holiday with your travel company.

Account Opening Processes for Banks

Banking is a tough sector and is highly competitive. The lifeblood of this business is customers. As stated in a point above, acquiring new customers is paramount for banks. That is why they outsource their customer acquisition processes to call center services companies. In certain cases, a database of competing banks customers is acquired and then cold calling is carried out on these customers to explain the various benefits of opening an account with their bank. Sometimes the targets can be to open a specific type of accounts like current accounts or demat accounts.

Debt Collection Processes

Not sure whether this process can be counted under revenue enhancement but it is critical to the profitability of any financial institution. When customers do not repay their loans or credit card bills, banks or credit card companies call these customers to work out payment plans with the customers to recover the amount owed to them. This process is also outsourced to call center companies so that the bank can focus on its core functions.

These are just some of the sectors and processes that are outsourcing outbound call center services to enhance their revenues. What is needed by these sectors is to identify the right BPO company to partner with.

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How You Can Save on Customer Support Costs

Providing above par customer support has been recognized as a crucial aspect of running any successful business. When you provide your customers with good customer support, you have a greater chance of retaining them. In a competitive business environment like today’s, good customer support gives your organization a much-needed edge. Since acquiring new customers is an expensive and time-consuming ordeal, more and more companies are putting more focus on their customer retention efforts with customer support being on top of their list.

Companies want to focus on customer support but they do not want to spend a lot of their working capital on this function. So, how can your business provide excellent customer support/customer service and still save on your operating costs? Read on to know exactly how.

Self-help is the Best Help

The role of automation in business today cannot be ignored. The same goes for customer support. The truth is that if most people can solve their various service related issues themselves, they would never really bother calling your company. That is why your company’s website should have an FAQ page where customers can get answers to common issues that may occur with your service.

If you provide a technical service or sell a technical product, you need to have a self-help section on your site too. In this section of the website, you should have step by step guides that contain troubleshooting procedures for different technical issues that your existing customers are facing. If your customers have this option, they would much rather use it than call your support number. Even if they do want to call you, chances are that these steps would be able to resolve their issues so it would be a moot point.

Learn From the Feedback and Adapt

If you get complaints from your customer repeatedly regarding the same issues, its time you did something about it. That is the best way to reduce the number of support calls your team receives daily. No matter how good your customer service becomes, if your service is horrible, you are going to lose customers. So, why not help your hard-working support team out by improving the service.

There was a time where companies selling sub-par services or products were able to make a profit because of low competition. When customers have no other alternative, they would settle for such companies back then. The situation has changed a lot now. As stated in the beginning of this post, competition in the service world has never been higher. Customers have so many options that you have no other choice but to improve upon your shortcomings.

Outsource Your Support Team

Outsourcing allows businesses to focus on their core tasks and let other companies that have well trained and experienced staff members handle their various non-core tasks. Outsourcing helps reduce the cost of operations for your business while helping you provide excellent customer support. This is possible because your company’s staff may be proficient in their various tasks but not in customer support.

When you outsource your call center services to a company providing BPO services in India, you get access to well-trained staff, experienced in providing customer support via various different channels including voice, chat, email and social media. The less of your time is spent focusing on customer support, more you can focus on improving your services. All the while reducing your customer support costs.

Managing an in-house customer support team is always more expensive than outsourcing. There are several expenditures involved when you have an in-house team. Outsource your customer support functions to avoid all the added expenditure.


Customer support remains an integral part any successful business. Outsourcing it to a third party can make sure your customers get the best support possible in the most cost-effective way.

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The Importance of Managing Customer Experience

Making your customers happy is the chief concern for any business. I make it sound like a simple task but there are only a handful of companies that have truly been able to master the art of customer satisfaction. These are the companies that have grown exponentially and have been able to retain a very loyal customer base. This customer base has been the foundation for their success. As said before, managing customer experience is an art and your organization has to work hard and follow certain principles to be able to master it.

Whether you choose to handle customer service in-house or choose to outsource it to a call center services company, the employees there need to be well trained and disciplined to satisfy the customers. There also needs to be a strategy in place that the company follows to achieve this. Below we will see some of the ways you can enhance customer satisfaction and customer experience –

Real-Time Solutions

We live in a fast-paced world and the modern customer cannot be expected to wait for you to find a solution and get back to you. They want quick results, real-time solutions and if they do not get it from you, they will go to your competition. For this, you need to have live chat integrated into your website. Through live chat, your agents can provide customers real-time resolution to their multiple queries. This reduces the time taken by you for a resolution and increases customer satisfaction. Real-time solutions should also be provided for the call as well. Train your agents well so that they have the responses to some of the customer’s common questions at their fingertips.

Proactively Identify Their Needs

Understanding the pain points of your customers goes a long way towards resolving those pain points. Once you gain insight into what your customers truly want, delivering on those expectations becomes relevantly easier. This step also gives rise to customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is extremely important because it is this loyalty that is the differentiating factor between your brand and your competitor’s brand. Loyal customers always bring repeat business to you and you have to spend less on acquiring new customers.

Integrating Social Media into your Strategy

Social media is so important for managing customer experience these days. It is where your customers go to complain about you, ask you questions and expect answers. Using a good social media strategy will help you win your customer’s hearts and even win over some unhappy customers. Make sure your team provides customers with a reply within 20 to 30 minutes. Do not ignore customers or make the mistake of removing any negative comment. This will tarnish your brand image. Deal with criticism in a positive manner. Social media helps businesses gauge user experience and get immediate feedback that can be implemented to increase customer satisfaction.

Good customer experience management helps you retain your customer which is so important in any competitive sector. It can also be useful for new customer acquisition. Word of mouth publicity can bring in new customers. This publicity is free and done on various online platforms by your satisfied customers. Utilising the services of a reliable Indian outsourcing company can also make customer experience management fruitful and streamlines.

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5 Common Customer Service Mistakes You Should Avoid

Every business wants to offer impeccable customer service in order to keep their customers happy and loyal to them. There are several customer service tactics and strategies that companies are using these days however not every strategy is a hit. Then there are those oblivious companies that still do not have a customer service strategy in place. Whichever category your company may fall under, there are some common mistakes that your company should avoid when it comes to customer service.

Below are the 5 common customer service mistakes you should avoid –

  • Not Having A Proactive Approach

A proactive approach is one where your company thinks about satisfying customer’s needs from the very get-go by offering them quality services or products. They do not wait to get calls from upset customers and then let their customer service agents handle them. You can also initiate proactive calls to customers that you notice are facing challenges using their service before they approach you. It is a perfect way to delight your customers.

  • Having A Horrible Backup Plan

On the flip side, having too much confidence in your proactive support can lead some companies to have a proper backup plan. Companies that have do not have a contingency in place end up taking too long to provide any kind resolution to their customers. Customers may have to stay on hold for a long time while your team stumbles around looking for resolutions.

  • Too Much Faith in Automation

Not everything that can be automated should be. Many businesses use automation to reduce their costs but sometimes this automation can end up costing them more than they thought. There are some roles including customer service where a personalized and human approach is necessary to create a connection with the customers. Offering your customers various channels of communication like voice, chat, email and social media create a very approachable image of the company. Whichever option they like to use, the main thing is you are giving them an option.

  • Ignoring Your Customer’s Mood

Active listening is what is taught in the training sessions of every call center services company in the world. Whether your customer support team is in-house or outsourced, they need to have this quality. Your agents need to understand the mood of the customer and interact with them accordingly. There may be customers who are in a chatty mood that you can joke around with while there may be customers who are frustrated and need to be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner. It takes active listening and sensitivity to know the difference.

  • Not Valuing Customer Service Staff Enough

Most customer service staff feels undervalued at their job. They feel that they do not get the respect they should get in the workplace, even though they play an important role. The customer service staff at most companies is also underpaid as well which only adds to their grievances. If your customer service staff is unhappy, there is no way they are going to put in the extra effort to satisfy your customer’s needs.

Customer service is an important aspect of your company. It is important that this function is carried out in the most professional way possible. If your business cannot cope with setting up a customer care department in-house, you can outsource your customer care services to a professional call center services provider that has a team ready to deploy. Their teams are well trained and already know which customer service mistakes to sidestep.

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4 Sectors that Can Capitalize on Call Center Services the Most

In today’s competitive business world, businesses are looking gain a competitive edge over their competitors while cutting down their cost of operations. This need has given a rise to the trend of many companies outsourcing their call center services to India. Over a decade ago, there were a handful of sectors that felt the need to outsource their customer service operations or felt the need to hire a call center service provider to carry out various processes. Some of these sectors were telecom, broadband, cable networks and computer hardware & software manufacturers.

However, the scenario has now changed and there are many other industries or sectors that have realized the benefits of outsourcing their call center services. In this post, I will discuss the 4 sectors that are capitalizing or can potentially capitalize on call center services the most.

Healthcare Sector

Whether it is hospitals or medical insurance companies, various healthcare organizations are outsourcing call center services to get important processes like billing, appointment scheduling, reminder calls to patients to fill their prescriptions, insurance claim processing etc. These organizations hire call centers that have the staff with proper knowledge of handling medical processes or a proven track record for the same. Another trend that is picking up is virtual assistant services for doctors that can help their private practices running smoothly by handling all administrative tasks remotely.

Travel Industry

We live in times where we can hail cabs from our smartphones and book flights, trains and buses over the internet within minutes. All these companies, whether they cab providers, airlines or tour & travels Companies have various processes that can be streamlined with the help of call center services. Customers facing challenges booking their airline tickets can be helped using these services, sales of holiday packages can be boosted with outbound and inbound sales processes, customers that are awaiting their cabs can be sent confirmation calls to confirm their bookings using call center services and so many other ways this sector can be helped by outsourcing certain services.

Banking and Financial Sector

From banks to financial institutions like stock brokerages and tax services, all require call center services for various processes. If we talk about stock brokerages, they have call centers call potential clients to convince them to open accounts with them. Banks use these services to sell their products like credit cards, mutual funds, insurance plans or loans to their customers. With more and more banks offering their self-service smartphone applications, they also hire call centers in India to call customers to get these apps downloaded and installed.

E-Commerce and Logistics

There are many reasons that e-commerce companies need call center services. Their customers can face challenges completing payments for their products. There could be calls about general queries like refunds, returns, product features, complaints, feedback etc. Another challenge is from the logistics end. If your customers do not receive their product on time, they may want to know where their product has reached. How long will it take to be delivered?  There may be coordination needed with the courier company etc. All these challenges can be solved by outsourcing your customer service to a company providing BPO services in India.


This is the present scenario but there is no telling which other sectors will soon join them and realize the benefits of outsourcing BPO Services that can help industries reduce their costs and enhance profitability.

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How Call Center Services Can Help in Customer Lifecycle Management

Every business function revolves around its customers. Everything from the very first contact with them to keeping them engaged with the brand needs to be carefully managed to provide them the best experience needed. There is an entire funnel that of customers and the different stages at which a company has to engage with them that is referred to customer lifecycle management. In this post, we will discuss how businesses can utilize call center services to help improve their customer lifecycle management.

Before we can go into the ways that call center services can, we must understand what exactly is customer lifecycle management and the various stages that are involved in it.

Stages of Customer Lifecycle Management

There are mainly four stages of CLM (Customer Lifecycle Management). These stages can differ based on each organization and its business goals. In this post, we will discuss the four stages that will be recognized by most of the companies out there.

Stage 1 – Customer Acquisition

As it is clear from the name, this activity refers to acquiring new customers for the business. This is the primary stage where your business establishes contact with a new customer for the first time with the hopes of converting them from a prospect to a paying customer or client.  This activity is necessary for the growth of any business. You need to grow your customer base in order to maintain a constant growth of the organization.

Stage 2- Customer Engagement

The second stage of CLM is customer engagement. When you acquire a customer and they have been with the brand for a while but now their usage of your product or service has declined, you need to increase their engagement with your brand. It could be in the form of using your app more or visiting your website more often. Customer engagement ensures a customer’s loyalty to the brand and puts the business at ease about whether customers will stay with the brand or not.

Stage 3 – Customer Retention

Retaining your existing customers is an extremely import part of customer lifecycle management. If you lose your customers, it will have a negative impact on your business’s bottom line. It will also lead to the increase in marketing costs and customer acquisition costs. A good customer retention strategy can not only save costs but lead to stronger brand profile overall.

Stage 4 – Customer Feedback

This stage lets a business understand how loyal a customer is to their brand. You get to know what they feel about your product or services, what they like, what they dislike and most importantly, the changes they would like to see. It helps a business become better by implementing the changes that customers want and it makes the customers feel appreciated when they see their opinions have been valued.

Call Center Services and Customer Lifecycle Management

All the above four stages or the entire CLM process requires a company to have dedicated teams of professionals that have experience dealing with each and every such stage. Outsourcing call center services help a business handle these complex stages using experienced staff and techniques.

A right Indian outsourcing company can provide a business with customer acquisition services using outbound and inbound telemarketing and lead generation services that help a business increase its customer base thus increasing overall revenues. Similarly, that same company can handle customer engagement by reaching out to customers and informing them of new features as well as offers related to a business’s services.

Customer retention processes are also carried out by call center service providers. Customers that wish to leave your services will be contacted by the call center team to understand the root cause of them leaving and provide those customers with the required incentives to stick by the brand. The fourth stage of CLM, getting feedback from the customers is also handled by call centers through their customer survey process where customers are contacted to conduct a quick survey to know the overall level of satisfaction they have with the services.


In the end, what really matters is finding the right call center partner that can deploy a team that can get your customers through all entire customer lifecycle management process efficiently thus helping businesses reduce their costs and boost profits.

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