Why Parental Monitoring Apps Are Necessary for Digital Safety?

No one is really safe online. The digital world has made life easier but it has brought so May threats as well. The growing use of the internet and social media is ruining lives. Teens have become internet addicts; adults spend most of their time on social sites. Even majority of the people get news and information through social sites.

The digital safety is a myth and we are literally not safe. Parents are more worried than ever for their children who spend a lot of time online using internet, social media and playing games. We have seen a major shift in the behaviour of teens and the new generation. They are rude, less worried about future, more concerned about appearance, less focussed and less confident.

With doing all this to themselves, they are not even safe online and on social sites. The parents want to monitor children for their safety and to make sure they are really safe and protected. For this purpose, parents use parental control apps to keep eyes on their kids, check their online activities, track their locations and ensure their best safety.

The Digital Safety Nowadays

The digital safety can be referred to how safe we are when we are using the internet, social networking sites, instant messengers or any other website or app. The fact is that we are not safe anywhere, on any site or with any app. Even the apps that promise to protect our kids and children are stealing our information. Digitally, we share everything with these companies making apps.

Everyone should ponder over the fact that why developers or companies will offer us free apps? They get something in return. And that is the user data as well as private information. Our data, personal details and even banking and credit card information are not safe. They can be accessible by anyone.

But apart from all this, the biggest threat of the digital world is for the new generation, children and the teens. They are attracted towards all such sites and apps and spend a huge chunk of their time using these sites and apps. Parents can do nothing about it. Children don’t listen to the teens. So parents have to do something to tackle this situation. All they can do is to use parental control apps for everything.

Parental Control Apps for Digital Safety

We learned in the above section the digital safety of every person in the world is minimum. What we do and share online can be accessible and available to anyone. Then important data and information is misused. The biggest threat is for teens and to handle this, parents use parental control apps.

The android spy app is really good as they are designed for better parenting and to keep children safe and parents satisfied and relaxed. A wide of apps are available. They come with different features. Tapping phone calls, recording audio calls, tracking location, accessing browsing history, deleting unwanted content, checking multimedia, seeing messengers and WhatsApp, restricting social media use and many others are the features provided in these apps.

All these features are for the better safety and protection of the people. For every parent, children are their only assets and they do everything to protect them. For this they spend a lot of money on their security but results are zero. So they have to install the parental control apps that work in the background and without letting children know. Parents have access to every information regarding their children and this makes them feel satisfied and better.

This is not even worth debating that whether parents should use parental control apps for digital safety. These apps are must-have for every parent. The phones devices and computers can be restricted when it comes to accessing certain content. But what children do outside the house and during night when they are not at home is a major concern. Such activities can only be tracked by parental control app.

The growing use of these apps speaks louder about their success and importance. Most of the parents are using these apps nowadays and this show the apps are making parents feel better and relaxed about the safety of their children.

How to Remove Your IP Address from the Hotmail/Outlook’s Blacklist

As we know Hotmail is a free web based email service provided by Microsoft. Hotmail provides a feature by which it can blacklist an email address.

Let us first understand what is blacklisting: It is the process to block an email address to prevent it from sending mails if it is found to be sending spam or for some other reasons. 

How to understand wheather your email address has been blacklisted 

Emails are mainly blacklisted to protect users from unwanted mails. One should investigate if his or her open rate of messages sent on hotmail/outlook emails become unusually low. Hotmail/Outlook uses the Brightmail anti-spam content filter. The Brightmail technology learns what email is spam from all mail received in their spam trap network. If a high volume of your mail is considered suspicious, your IP address could be blocked

Common reasons why emails are blacklisted 

  • If a high rate of spam looking mails are sent from an address.
  • If an outlook/hotmail user or more than one user reports that spam mails are being received from a particular mail address.
  • If the bounce rate is high which means the mail sent did not reach the receiver due to the size of the mail or if the mail address is blocked by the receiver.
  • If a large number of forwards of spam mail is done from an email address.
  • If the Domain Name System (DNS) which is responsible for the proper functioning and good performance of TCP/IP networks is not correct.

How to investigate the problem 

  • Review server logs to see if there has been an increase in email volume
  • Check your IP with a blacklist IP tool like Barracuda Reputation Block List, Spamhaus and many others
  • Verify that email authentication related entries are correctly set up for your sending domain
  • Sign up for Microsoft’s Smart Data Services(SNDS) and see the traffic originating from your IP address such as the volume of sent emails and complaint rates.
  • The Hotmail rejection notice has important information and gives you a clue about why your IP is blacklisted. Analyze your bounces by using a bounce monitoring tool like GlockApps Bounce Monitor

Before requesting Microsoft to remove your email address from blacklist 

  • Fix the issue that has resulted in the blacklisting
  • Check that your IP is no longer in any major public email blacklists.
  • Check the DNS settings.

Removal process: 

  • Complete the Sender Information Form.
  • If you provide true and reliable information and do not further spam any user your mail id will be removed from blacklist typically within 2-3 days.

Visit the troubleshooting and junk email pages at Microsoft if these steps do not help.

I hope this article has helped you to remove your hotmail id from hotmail blacklist. If you are facing any particular issue, You can tell us in the comments below. I will try to reply asap to all your queries.

Happy Hotmail!

Monitor WhatsApp IM to Stop Cyberbullying

The online bullying has turned out to be the most common threat on social networking sites and other online platforms. Nearly more than half of social media and internet users have experienced cyberbullying either as a victim or a witness. The online bullying is, in some cases, more severe than the traditional face-to-face bullying because of the anonymity of the bully. Many cyberbullying victims have been suffering from depression, anxiety, fear, isolation, low self-esteem and even suicidal thoughts.

The widespread adoption of social media and mobile phones has accelerated the rate of bullying among teens. Mostly parents cannot provide support to their bullied kids because they remain uninformed about the whole scenario. It is noticed that kids do not inform their elders about their cyberbullying experience because they think their privilege of using smartphones and internet would be taken back. This article discusses how parents can protect kids from cyberbullying even if their kids do not share their negative experiences with them.

What is Cyberbullying?

The term bullying is not new for everyone. Most of us might have faced bullying in school life or even in professional life as well. To frequently tease, threaten, harass, offend or humiliate someone can be considered as bullying. When someone does the same using the electronic means such as messages, phone calls, emails, chat-rooms, blogs, gaming sites, social media apps and instant messaging apps, it is termed as cyberbullying.

If someone repeatedly makes annoying comments on your social media posts or sends threatening messages, it is an example of cyberbullying. Sometimes, you do not know how the bully is. You receive calls, harassing messages or emails from someone anonymous. It creates more fear and can have more serious consequences when the anonymous bully leaves no mean to tease you.  

How WhatsApp Facilitates Bullies?

WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app at the moment. It allows users to exchange messages and make audio or video calls. Anyone can sign up to WhatsApp if they have a mobile phone and internet connection. The app only asks for a valid mobile phone number to verify your WhatsApp account. There is no need to provide you name or any other personal information. This allows bullies to hide their identities and provide fake information to deceive the target.

Monitor WhatsApp Messenger with Spy App

How would you know if your kid is receiving harassing messages from someone? You cannot ask your kid to show you the WhatsApp messages received or sent by him. For parents’ convenience, various monitoring tools have been developed that allow users to secretly and remotely track the cell phone use of children. Once you install the whatsapp spy app on the smartphone of your kid, you can read all is messages, listen to the calls, track emails and monitor social media accounts without taking the target cell phone into custody.

While there are scores of parental control and monitoring apps rightly available, TheOneSpy is a highly recommended cell phone tracking app for child monitoring. It is compatible with different mobile phone and computer brands. It is compatible with Android mobile phones, iOS mobile phones, Mac computers and Windows computers. It means you can track almost all mobile and computer devices of your kids to bar all ways for the bullies.

The cell phone spy software allows parents to track social media and instant messaging apps installed on the target devices. It can track Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, IMO, Tinder, Kik, Tumblr, Telegram and may other social and instant messengers.

How WhatsApp IM Spy App Works

The spy app starts its functioning immediately after it is installed on the target Android or iPhone. The app gets access to the target phone data and uploads to the online spy app account. The secretly accessed data includes messages, call logs, contacts, internet history, emails, keylogs, photos, videos, voice recording and more stuff stored on the phone memory. It also includes WhatsApp messages, media files, voice messages and call logs. Parents can log into the online spy app account from their own mobile phone or computer device and can monitor the entire data. If they find any objectionable stuff such as frequent threatening or offending messages, they can communicate with their kids about the issue and provide them needed support.  

The Complete Guide To Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is gaining a lot of popularity these days. The number of people who are planning to invest time in affiliate marketing is staggering and while the competition is so high, there’s no reason why you can’t earn decent money through affiliate marketing. There’s a lot that you can do in affiliate marketing, but if you want to become a successful affiliate, it’s important you get the basics right. This guide to affiliate marketing will help you understand how you can become one of the more successful affiliates in the market today.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative industry. It’s something that gives people the opportunity to become independent without having to invest too much money. It allows you to work at flexible hours with no pressure whatsoever; however, it’s also an industry that has high competition. You should try and opt for affiliate marketing training for beginners so that you will understand the industry better. Here’s all you need to know about affiliate marketing so you can begin the right way.

Everyone depends on the internet to shop, read reviews or look for suggestions for products or services. Affiliate marketing is a method in which you become the middle person between the buyer and seller and make a commission each time a sale takes place through you. It sounds simple, and it is, but there’s more to it than just the concept of promoting a product to make a commission on it.

There are tons of products that you can choose from which makes it difficult for new affiliates to decide which ones to pick.

Choosing The Right Product

The most popular method for affiliates, especially the new ones to filter products is usually based on the price. While this sounds interesting and most profitable, it’s not. Here’s why. When you choose a product that offers a high commission, you can be rest assured that there are a ton of other affiliates who have also chosen the same product. Let’s not forget the ones that have a reputed name, a strong followers list and SEO in their favor. When you’re a novice, it’s impossible for you to deal with this competition and while the prices look great, making a sale with these products is a distant dream.

If you want to achieve success in affiliate marketing, you need to make sure you choose the right product. There are a ton of different products and services out there that can help you to make money with affiliate marketing; the key is choosing the right one.

If you want to make it big in affiliate marketing you need a product that works. The product will sell, but whether or not it sells through you is key. The most important question you need to ask yourself while choosing a product is whether or not the product you’ve chosen is right for you or not.

How To Decide Whether A Product Is Right For You

It’s simple. You need to choose a product that you like, understand and have an in-depth knowledge about.

Everyone has a hobby, a passion and interests. You need to identify the products that you can relate to most and choose those to market. Sometimes, a product that you chose may not pay you as well as a popular product listed on the site, however, that’s not important. What’s important is knowledge about the product that you want to market, because that’s what’s going to help you make a sale.

When you have a lot of knowledge of certain products, you can share it with people and this gives them the assurance that the product they are buying is worth investing in.

You can also choose products that are seasonal or festive. In order to beat the competition or stay ahead of them, you need to act fast and think outside the box. If sellers are offering discounts of early bird offers, make the most of it and begin to promote that product before the others start promoting it. Sales also work really well in helping you make more money, so when sellers offer discounts on their product, make sure to choose a few of their products too.

How To Promote A Product Effectively

The end result of whether or not you are able to make a sale depends on how you promoted the product. While it’s important to add a call to action at the end of each promotion, it doesn’t have to focus on the promotion completely. Most of the time buyers are keen to get more information on a product and that’s what you need to focus on. In order for you to be able to promote effectively you must have a lot of knowledge so you can share that with your buyers.

You also need to be honest. If you try to sell a product that is not of good quality, your buyers will eventually stop trusting you. When you sell a product, make sure you believe in the product and the quality of it. Don’t choose a product based on the commission it offers; rather choose one based on your personal experience or the experience of people you know.

Invest time in reading reviews and take notes from the reviews you read. This will help you to get a clear insight on the product and you will be able to provide your users with the right information that can eventually head to a sale.


It’s vital for affiliate marketers to promote the products effectively. There are a number of ways you can do that, but it’s essential for you to choose a method that is cost effective and works. While email marketing seems like a feasible option, in most cases it doesn’t pay off as well as you would like it to, especially at the start of your career. Opt in for social media promotions, blogs and forum postings instead. This helps you to form a loyal and strong customer base which will make you successful. Once you have a strong fan following, you can switch to email marketing.

The Secret To Achieving Business Success

Today more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to establish their own business and hoping that it becomes a successful one. There are various things that you can do in order for your business to become successful in the market today by putting in an effort in the right manner. People usually get confused with regards to what needs to be done in order for the business to become successful and today there are so many things that the Internet will tell you, it is difficult for you to believe what you should do and what you should avoid. However, there are certain steps that every business needs to follow whether they are a young business or whether they’ve been established for many years. There are certain secrets in the business world not everyone talks about and once you know these secrets, it becomes more convenient for you to become successful in what you are doing rather than putting your effort into something that will not yield you any profit. If you are keen on learning the secrets read on and learn how you can become successful in your business.

#1 – create something of value

Everybody today wants to become an entrepreneur and start their own organization. While this may seem like your dream coming true, it never really is, unless you have chosen a product or service that you truly believe in. There are various kinds of businesses that might be in the same nature of business that you plan on establishing, but this should not take away from the fact that you are establishing your own network which is extremely successful and will help you do something better for society.

The business that you create should have value which means that it should mean something for the consumer as well as your business. A lot of times, business owner create product or services that might not be in the best quality just so that they could make a quick buck. While this might help you earn a little money at the start, it will eventually ruin the reputation of your business and you will not get a lot of customers. You need to remember that the internet is wide pool that is connected with one another and when you do something that is incorrect it will eventually come to light. Reviews and ratings online today make things transparent and it’s not easy for you to hide something that is of no value. When creating a business make sure that you focus on the quality of the product or service so that you are establishing a reputation and you let people know that you are here to stay.

#2 – Improve the lives of others

You don’t need to establish a business that directly deals with charity or create products that can only be used for the betterment of society. No matter what business you are in, you need to make sure that you make an impact in the life of others. This simply means to offer a product at a price that is cheaper than what is already available in the market, providing products that is a better quality, or giving your employees a piece of the profit and a good salary. It does not take a lot for you to do something better of other people, all you need to do is have a systematic plan in place and make sure that you focus on the plan. While it is important for you to increase your profit, you should remember not to eat into the profit that belongs to somebody else and you should also remember that sharing is essential especially when you want to grow your business and your network. The minute you begin to share profits with your employees you give them the motivation to work better and they will deliver results that you would never expect from them.

# 3 – Be authentic and transparent

This might not seem as much as a secret to you, but the truth is finding an authentic business that is true to its customer is a luxury today. One of the best ways to become popular and become a successful business is to establish something that is authentic and loyal to the customer. When you begin to consider what your customer needs and provide them with exactly that requirement, not only will you have them coming back to you but you will also have many other customers who look forward to your service. While this might eat up a little of your profit, it will increase your sales so much that this won’t really matter.

#4 – Focus on positivity

They are going to the ups and downs in every aspect of your business and that isn’t something that should affect you. You need to remember that when you are ready to accept success you have to also be prepared for failure. Not everything you do will work out in your favor; but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. There are going to be times that might be harder for you to deal with, but all you need to do is focus on the positive and remember why you established a business in the first place.

#5 – Promote Effectively

There are so many ways you can promote your business effectively, and it all depends on the kind of tools and the methods that you use. A data deduplication software can prove to be one of the most effective tools that you will find which will help get rid of all the duplicate data that you have and also cut down on the amount of time that your employees would have put in to get in touch with customers who have already been contacted.

These tips might seem simple but they hold the biggest secrets for you to become a successful entrepreneur and establish a business that people will one day set as a goal for their business achievement as well.

Increase Revenue With The Right Data Cleansing Tools

Data plays an important role in helping a business flourish and while there are different ways that you can accumulate and access data, it is important for you to make sure that you clean this data on a regular basis. One cannot stress on how important regular data cleansing is because this happens to be one of the most effective ways that you will be able to increase revenue without having to put in too much effort or spend more money. The benefits of good quality and clean data are limitless and one of the major highlights of cleansing is that without having to spend too much money your sales will start to increase and your business will start to grow. If you’re wondering how data cleansing can help your business increase its revenues then here are a few important factors that you should understand.

It simplifies workflow

When you clean the data that you have on a regular basis it becomes more convenient for all your employees to work without having to put in too much effort. They will no longer need to struggle with incorrect entries or information that is not valid anymore. It will help them to make better phone calls and they will not need to worry too much about whether or not the phone call that they are making is to the right person or not. It saves a lot of effort and it keeps them in a better mood. This automatically helps to boost the morale of your employees as well as ensure that they work to their full potential.

A lot of times employers complain about the kind of work that the employees are delivering without realizing the quality of data that they are providing them. You need to understand that your employees will only be able to perform based on the data that you provide to them. It is important that you check the quality of data provided without having to doubt whether or not it is of good quality. While you can always purchase data and leads from other businesses, you should understand that without good quality data cleansing none of this data is going to be beneficial.

You will always wonder whether or not your employees are performing well or whether they are putting enough effort. They doubt about whether or not the data provided to them is of good quality. This is always going to remain the case you clean your data. Good cleansing tools will not only help you to provide them with data that is cleaned, fresh and accurate but will give all your employees and equal ground to compete with each other and it also encourages them to deliver better.

Save Money

Another reason why it is important for every business to focus on data cleansing is because it helps to save a lot of money. Whether automatic or manual, data cleaning takes of a lot of time effort and money in order to convert the potential lead into a customer and the only way this can happen is when you put data to the right use. When you feel an automated system with bad quality data it will not deliver the results that you will be seeking and this simply means that you waste a lot of money as well as time on the process. If you have an alternative phone system that throws calls to your employees on a regular basis, the last thing you want is to feed the system incorrect data. This not only results in complications with the system but it could mess up your entire workflow for the day costing you lot of money.

It is the same way for email marketing and if you use bad quality data it could affect the reputation of your server badly. When the server is marked as spam, it is difficult to get the server back and this mean that you will have to purchase a new one that could cost you a lot of money. Without the right data cleansing tools your server is always at risk.

Better results

The bottom line is that good quality data is responsible for better results and this later result in higher revenue. While you might spend a lot of money on promotion online as well as offline, the quality of data used for this promotion is directly relevant to the kind of results that you will get. You cannot expect amazing results with incorrect data or data that is very old. Data cleansing, scrubbing and other methods of data cleansing not only ensure that the data you use is of good quality but it also ensures that all the efforts you put in for your promos and marketing methods will be fruitful.

Easy to handle

There is no denying that when you have data that is in the right format and active it is easier to handle as compared to a lot of data that is of bad quality and not worth investing in. At the end of the day you need to remember but when data is in the right format and when it is active it is something that will benefit you a lot. You should always remember to ask the data cleansing company to format the data in a way that is most suitable to you so that it can be used without any modification.

Considering how many people use online methods of promotion today, it is not surprising that data cleansing is one of the major reason for you to increase your revenue. Take time to get the right data cleansing services so that your business can prosper and you will be able to increase sales without having to worry about increasing the amount of money that you spend on data or on the promotion of your business. Always remember, when you have good quality data it won’t take long to increase revenue without having to increase the budget for promotion.

Top Common Mistakes Web Designers Should Avoid

With the recent increase in the usage of smartphones and internet, web development has seen some significant improvements over the past few years. But still, there are some top common mistakes that web designers are making over and over. With the industry knowledge and working experience of VironIT, we have come up with some of the most common web design mistakes and how web designers can stay away from hurting their website’s overall engagement.

Not using responsive designs

No matter what operating system your customer is using or how latest the smartphone is, everybody across the globe is using a smartphone and hence more than 50% of searches are conducted on smartphones and tablets. So having a website which cannot display the content and images properly especially on smartphones and tablets can lead to drastic losses for your businesses. According to a study, 17% of the global’s 876 million websites have been designed responsive-friendly. In addition to that, recently Google launched a search update which penalizes all non-responsive websites in smartphone searches so not having a responsive friendly design will create a huge problem for businesses who generate leads online.

Depending on a free website builder

There are various platforms that offer free website building services which take no more than 10 minutes to launch a new website. The huge problem with such types of services is that each and every web design adds a bunch of lines to the backend code and those make the website load slower. As a result, this can lead to huge performance issues and unlimited errors.

If you have a limited budget, then try buying a premium web design theme which already has an eye-catching look and impressive style for the website you wanted to have. Also, there are thousands of freelance developers who can help you in designing a custom theme at cost-effective prices.

Not including actual design elements

Some websites are completely overloaded with too many features and functionalities while some other ignore the basic design elements of their website. Having too many customization can result in slowing down the performance of the website along with that countless errors. So finding a good balance is important.

The case would be same with photos, videos, banners, and other kinds of visual content. Overall, your website should be designed in a way that it leads the customers’ eye to make a positive action such as requesting more information, asking for a quote, etc.

Bad usage of headers, footers, and sidebars

Businesses always think that headers, footers, and sidebars are designed for advertising purposes. Nevertheless, it is a big no-no for websites who display a very high number of ads and banners when there is no or very little content to go along with it. Such spaces can be used for extra navigation within the website.

Of course, we are definitely not saying that it is not the right place a banner across the top of the page to advertise new promotions. Instead, what it means is that you have to remember the significance of designing and have to maintain the balance throughout the website.

Not providing enough customer information

Some websites display too many advertisements, while some others spend a numerous number of hours and advertise currency in order to drive customers to their websites but at the end, those fail to capture a sale or even a lead. But what are the chances of that consumer returning to the website? Very few. Which means you need to invest more money in order to retarget campaigns or other strategies so that you can get your lost customer back. Some big companies just waste too much of money every year assuming this very same thing without even realizing that they are not capturing the customers’ information.

Now this problem can be avoided by designing a homepage opt-in offer which your website visitors can see. Whether it is an instant coupon for a discount or free shipping on retail websites, it will get your lost customers back to your website. 

Not having quality content

Rich quality content has been one of the significant things that some of the best websites have constantly been maintaining. And yes, there are website owners who actually spend thousands of dollars on building an eye-catching website and then consider the actual content part as an afterthought. This leads to worse results than expected as it is number one way to engage website users and improve the conversion rates.

In order to figure out if your content is good enough in quality or not then just check your click-through rate for visitors. By this, you can certainly understand whether people are viewing multiple pages on your website or just leaving as soon as they open your website. In the end, give high-quality content importance as much as designing a website.

Hiding important information

Another common mistake of most of the websites is making the important information difficult to find. For example, a homepage should have links to FAQs, return policies, shipping details, etc. Another vital component such as products/services and blog page should also have their own subcategories in the menu bar when a website visitor features that specific section.

While creating the sitemap or the navigational layout of your website, it is important to design it based on customers’ requirements and make those pages or information easy to find.

Make An Informed Hosting Choice Today

Did you know that if you choose a wrong web host you have a strong chance of getting your website hacked? Some large business owners also manage to get their website hacked only because they ended up choosing the wrong hosting provider. While there is not a lot of difference with the pricing of hosting packages the services that one hosting company provides is very different from the other and it really is essential that you determine which hosting provider is best for you so that they not only understand what your business needs but they also help your business to grow more effectively. When you end up choosing the wrong hosting provider, you still stuck with them for a really long time and this does not benefit your business in anyway. When you choose a wrong web hosting it can also affect your business in the negative manner and getting back to where you started from could also take a long time. This is why you need to check out the benefits of dedicated servers right here. If you’re wondering what you need to do in order to avoid choosing a wrong hosting company then here are some things that you should always take into consideration before you choose your host.

Understand Your Requirements

The first stage to choosing a good hosting provider is to make sure you understand what you are looking for. While there are a number of hosting providers as well as different packages that you can choose from you need to understand that every package is created for a different purpose and in order for you to make sure that you choose the right package you should see how one package can benefit you and how it is different from the other. While there is a self hosted blog that could be beneficial for bloggers, a VPS server is something that would be more beneficial to a large of business establishments so it’s important for you to see what will work perfectly for your business.

Choose The Right Plan

Once you have identified what kind of hosting package works well for you it’s important for you to see how you will be able to benefit from it. While shared hosting is something that is most suited for small businesses, for people who are just starting out as business owners could definitely choose between a virtual private server or a dedicated server depending on what they think will work well for them. The difference between a dedicated server and a virtual private server is that you get a better customer experience with a virtual private server because of the better performance that it delivers. Having said that certain businesses definitely benefit most from a dedicated server because they have the entire server to themselves.


While some business owners skip this step the truth is that reading reviews can give you the most insight on a hosting company as well as a particular service before you even invest in it. The best way to decide which hosting package or provider works well for you is to go online and read reviews that the customers have left for them. If they aren’t really great with the service that they provide it will be clearly mentioned in the reviews and if they have an amazing customer service that they have to offer this will also be pretty clear with the reviews that have been written by their existing customers. This limits the risk of choosing a bad web host and you end up getting better services at the end of the day.


One of the important things that you need to remember before you choose any hosting plan is the kind of bandwidth that they offer. Even if you are a really small establishment you should always make sure that you get maximum bandwidth so that your website works really smoothly. Bandwidth is extremely essential for SEO because at the end of the day customers are not going to wait for a very long time for a website to load and this could create a negative impact on your SEO. The sooner your website loads the better it is for people because they like to visit a website that can get them all the information as soon as possible.


Remember that while the website might have a particular price listed for the hosting package your hosting company is going to stick to the same price and they are always going to negotiate. If you want the best possible price the smartest thing for you to do would be to opt in for an annual package so that you save more money. Always try to get discount coupons or get in touch with the customer service agency before you choose the package or pay for it because this could help you save some money.


It is really important for you to read the terms that the hosting company provides because while they might state something in an advertisement it could be differently mentioned in the terms and doing business with the company depends on their terms. Terms are something that you can play around with you really well so reading your terms and conditions before you purchase any hosting package are really crucial. While it might seem like a waste of time this could get you all the information that you’ve been searching for before you purchase your hosting package.

Check The Customer Support

Almost every hosting company is going to promise you 24/7 customer support but the only way you will be able to verify it is by testing it on your own. If they have a toll free number that you can call try making a call before you purchase your hosting package so that you get a clear idea of how long they take to answer your call and whether or not the customer service agents are talented and trained enough to handle your queries.

Have A Backup

It is really important for you to keep a backup in mind just in case the one that you are planning to use doesn’t work out as planned. Don’t always select one hosting company and stick with it. Try to have two to three options in mind so that one works out for you at the end of the day.

Hack WhatsApp Messages Real-Time?

In the current world where technology has been integrated with human life, you may be looking for to hack WhatsApp messages in real-time. However, there are multiple free technical methods that empower you to track the target WhatsApp messages, but I must say it would not be in real-time. Then what it makes the difference, if you got your eyes on the social media app’s messages outdated or almost 2 days older messages and at the end of the day you cannot carry out the action against the person for some odd reasons for which you want to spy on the WhatsApp messages. Therefore, you need to find out such hacking tools or method that empowers the user to hack the messenger messages with the complete time stamp and ion real time.

What to do to hack WhatsApp messages real-time?

All you need to do is to find out the best way to spy WhatsApp messages in real-time. Therefore, you need to have the spy app that empowers the user to track the smartphone activities including the social messaging app running on the target phone. In my opinion, you have to get the WhatsApp monitoring app that leads you to hack WhatsApp messages in real-time. Therefore, you have to install cell phone surveillance software on your target device.

Install phone spy app to hack WhatsApp messages in real-time

First of all you have to subscribe for the cell phone tracking app and you will have your account credentials that you will receive with the help of email. Now keep in mind you have to know that your target cell phone needs to be compatible with the cell phone monitoring software. Furthermore, install the WhatsApp Spy app on your target device. When you have ended up with the process, then activate it on the target phone. Before activation you need to set your option, either you want to hack your target WhatsApp social app covertly or not. Further, do the process and activate it on the phone. Moreover use the credentials and get access to the online control panel of the cell phone spy software to hack the WhatsApp messages to the fullest.

Use phone tracking app tools to hack WhatsApp messages

Having complete access to the web portal of the cell phone spyware, you can monitor the messages of the messenger with the help of TOS Live screen sharing. It will empower the user to broadcast screen live of the target mobile phone into the online control panel. On the other hand, users already have the passcode and ID of the online dashboard and can get access to the web portal and view the WhatsApp activities such as messages in real-time.

Furthermore, a user can use the keylogger of the cell phone spying software and get their hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target phone and as well as on the messenger WhatsApp running on the cell phone. You will ultimately have messenger keystrokes, password keystrokes messages keystrokes of the target instant messaging app that will help you out to read the messages of it in real-time.

Moreover, a user can use live screen recording of the cell phone surveillance software and can make live back to back videos of the cell phone screen when the social media app is running on the mobile phone device. You can visit the back to back videos of the screen of the smartphone through your online control panel and you can view the sent or received the text messages in real-time.


Cell phone spy app is the ultimate, reliable, accurate and efficient tool to hack WhatsApp messages in real-time.

All you Need to Know about Stripe and Referral Marketing

No, Stripe does not offer an affiliate marketing program yet, but it still earns you pretty handsome returns. You can also set up your own affiliate program with the right tools. Wondering how? Those who own an ecommerce platform or running a subscription service would know that Stripe is a payment system that helps accept payments and via mobile phone apps.

So, how does it work?

All you need to do is to sign up for a stripe account and link it to your own bank. The entire process is extremely easy and does not take much of your time. Now you can start earning by referring their products and services to people and make them sign up for Stripe.

But since, Stripe does not have an affiliate program of its own you would need the assistance from one of the best affiliate marketing software like LeadDyno that identifies the users in the target segment making it easier to choose an eCommerce vendor. All you need to do is to integrate your LeadDyno account with Stripe and it would appear on your dashboard options. From here you can easily track the daily statistics and even see the original referral source.

Highlights of Stripe

  • The best part about Stripe is that it’s not just easy for the businesses to work with, but for everyone across the business.
  • Stripe charges a reasonable flat fee of 2.9% for every transaction made. There’s an additional 30cents per transaction.
  • Stripe offers wholesale discounts for businesses that do over $80,000 in sales a month.
  • There’s no fee for set up, or any monthly charges for facilitating the transactions.
  • Stripe refunds the industry standard fee of $15 f the customer is at fault and the chargeback is not maintained.
  • Stripe accepts almost all types of debit and credit cards that includes MasterCard, Visa, Diners, Discover, American Express, and JCB.
  • It’s available on both the popular mobile platforms that is Android and iOS.
  • While it provides recurring bill, it also refunds the fees when you refund payments to your customer.
  • The payments to your account gets cleared in flat two working days.
  • Additionally, Stripe allow you to process payments through AliPay, while others don’t offer this facility.
  • It’s clear advantage of using payment services with stripe as it allows you to accept payments in more than 130 currencies without any additional fees for international payments.
  • In terms of additional services, Stripe offers support for discounts and subscriptions.
  • What’s more, Stripe even updates your credit card and debit card details automatically as the card expires such as with the new expiry date, and the security codes.
  • Moreover, Stripe also offers coupons.
  • Stripe offers a unique service called marketplace selling that allows you to accept payments from a buyer on behalf of the seller who is using your platform. You can use this facility using Stripe Connect.
  • It comes with a wide range of integrations including the best affiliate marketing software for referral marketing and many other services that help ease the online payments and the business management processes.

Benefits of Using Stripe for Referral Marketing

Stripe is one of the popular sources of earning that added money using its referral marketing feature. Let’s how can it be useful for you.

  • Helps you choose an eCommerce merchant much more easily.
  • Makes your one-touch mobile phone payments super smooth which is a boon for the affiliate programs.
  • Makes it easier to incorporate third party software into their process.
  • Helps customize the funds transfer schedule by setting it to daily, weekly, or monthly options as per your requirement.
  • Allows you to test all of its features even before you officially activate the account. This helps you get rid of any bugs before you request anyone for payment.
  • Helps you to checkout real quick, even if it’s the online order forms just like it does on the mobile phones. This works great as you and your affiliates can make sales quick and easy once the customer is ready.

How to Start your Affiliate Program with Stripe?

To make use of the referral marketing features of Stripe, you also need to sign up with one of the best affiliate marketing software like LeadDyno. Before you get going with the set up of your Stripe referral marketing account make sure that your LeadDyno tracking is completely functional and make sure that it’s working.

  1. Start a Stripe Account

It’s a quick two-step process where you simply need to add your email address, name, and create password. Now, all you need to do is to simply verify the email address by clicking on the verification link, verify the mobile number based on your country and there you are on the Stripe dashboard! You can see your earnings on the dashboard or take any action right from the dash board.

  1. Integrate with LeadDyno

Sign in to your LeadDyno account and head to the dashboard. Now go to “Settings” from here, then click on “Manage Integrations”, and you will reach the list “Payment Services”. Find Stripe from the list and click on the button “Connect to Stripe”.

Yes, and you are successful in connecting Stripe with LeadDyno.

Now that you are connected, you will be able to see the actual source for every referral for each sale you make. This will not just help you keep track of your affiliate sales but will also help you find out which techniques are working and which ones are failing.

All you need is a good referral marketing software that can track the referral source for each sale you make, and you are all set with the Stripe sales and referral earnings.