Enhanced Patient Financing for Rhinoplasty Surgery with Denefits

What is rhinoplasty?

This medical procedure is used for changing size, shape, or proportion of the nose. Apart from cosmetic applications, rhinoplasty is also used for medical reasons. For instance, this method is generally recommended in case of congenital disabilities or breathing difficulties.

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The nose is composed of three structural parts viz. bone, cartilage, and skin. Plastic surgery aims to target all three. While analyzing the possibility of rhinoplasty surgery in terms of a cosmetic procedure, full facial features are considered. Rhinoplasty is a well-established medical/ cosmetic procedure which is used across the globe by males, females, and children. While rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging cosmetic surgeries, this procedure is also one of the most routinely performed facial plastic surgeries.

How is rhinoplasty done?

Rhinoplasty is a medical procedure which is performed in different steps customized as per individual requirements and anatomy. Nose surgery requires local or general anesthesia depending upon the complexity. This procedure initiates with a small external incision at the base of the nose. From here, the bone and cartilage are readjusted. For major reconstructions, cartilage can be taken from other organs like ears. Once the rebuilding is complete, nose skin is placed back, and incisions are stitched.

What are the types of rhinoplasty?

As mentioned above, the medical procedure of rhinoplasty varies as per individual requirements. There are four types of rhinoplasty procedures.

Closed rhinoplasty surgery: – This is the most common type of rhinoplasty. In this procedure, the incisions are made inside the nose. Hence, there will be no external scars. In this method, the soft tissue is lifted upward so that the bone and cartilage become accessible to the surgeon for necessary changes. Due to its less invasive nature, nasal tissue irritation is reduced along with the postoperative edema (swelling).

Open rhinoplasty surgery: – This method is recommended for patients who need extensive reconstruction. In this method, incisions are made between nostrils and under the nose. Then the skin is lifted for the complete reshaping of the nose. This type of surgery is suited for those who suffer from genetic, congenital, or acquired deformities.      

Filler rhinoplasty surgery: – This method is a non-surgical way to tackle nose deformities. It is a simple procedure, and dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons can also do it. The filler rhinoplasty does not require any incisions. In this procedure, injectable fillers are used to correct minor structural irregularities of the nose. While the results of this treatment are not permanent, it can leave permanent scarring.  

Revision rhinoplasty surgery: – This method is a follow-up for those who are not satisfied with primary rhinoplasty and seek changes. The medical reason for revision therapy is breathing difficulties.

Clinical evaluation for rhinoplasty

Before this procedure, a clinical assessment is done by a plastic surgeon. This evaluation includes medical history and psychological health. Also, a complete physical examination is carried out to determine the suitability of the surgery.  

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure. So the cost is a huge factor to be considered. As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of rhinoplasty surgery varies between $5000 and $8000. When opted as a cosmetic treatment, most healthcare lending solutions and medical loan companies do not cover its cost. Hence, its price can place a heavy burden on your wallet. The cost of rhinoplasty includes anesthesia, facility costs, medical tests, prescription medications, and surgeon’s fee.

How to afford rhinoplasty surgery on a tight budget? Patient financing with no credit checks

With the advancement in rhinoplasty treatment, the out-of-pocket expenses overgrow. The inability of patient financing companies to cover all treatments cost forces the patients to look for affordable medical financing for bad credit options. So, opt for Denefits revolutionary healthcare financing program for medical procedures of all ranges. 

Why Denefits  Patient Financing & Lending Solutions? 

As a top healthcare financing company in the US, Denefits ensures instant processing, 100% approval rate, NO hidden fees, low-interest rate, flexible financing terms and conditions, and letting the patient’s loved ones be their helping hand (patients can raise funds for their medical bills through Social Healthcare Payments™ option). Unlike, major cosmetic surgery financing options, Denefits finances all pre and post-treatment procedures, and patients can repay in affordable monthly payments.

Benefits of Denefits payment plans

Denefits patient payment plans are better from a personal loan due to their 100% approval rate, better patient experience, consumer-friendly digital payment system, fundraising through social media. Additionally, Denefits is an ideal platform for low-income holders, with an added advantage of instant approval, NO Credit Checks, NO prepayment penalties, and it also helps you to pay your medical bills without insurance while giving you a personalized financial experience where you can enjoy the flexibility and complete transparency of the financial plans.

Finance your cosmetic surgery procedures with Denefits payment plans

Denefits payment plans are the easiest route for patients to afford their rhinoplasty surgery. Denefits ensures immediate consent with streamlined conditions for funding. Denefits has a wide range of medical financing options and advanced patient supporting system. Once you join Denefits, our user-friendly digital services acknowledge your financial concerns, to provide distinctive financial plans for your financial abilities. With Denefits, patients get treatment when they need it, and can payback in affordable monthly payments. 


Patient Financing Options- A need for the hour

The rising cost of healthcare financing companies & lending solutions in the US has become a significant barrier to afford the required healthcare. The associated fee of pre-treatment, treatment, and post-treatment (follow-up) often makes patients avoid or delay to pursue the recommended medical attention. As a result, healthcare practices miss revenues. The inability to get qualified for medical financing services forces the patients to forego the necessary treatment. The rising out-of-pocket expenses cause individuals to abandon ongoing therapies. This gesture not only breaks the cash flow to the practice but also leaves the patients with compromised health conditions. So, what practices can do when their patients lack medical financing due to bad credit to pay their medical bills?

Denefits patient financing services remove all those barriers

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Denefits patient financing services are the leading key player in the patient financing industry. We have developed medical financing options centering the affordability of the patients and the needs of the practices. Unlike most patient financing companies, Denefits offers patient financing for all types of existing and new medical conditions. Denefits financing is instant, with a 100% approval rate.with a 100% approval rate. The primary reason for medical loan rejection is a poor credit history; rest assured Denefits healthcare patient financing does not consider or perform any credit checks (hard/ soft).

Denefits patient financing for medical procedures is transforming the healthcare industry

Denefits has steered through time, winning laurels and glories in the domain of healthcare patient financing. Denefits is among the fastest growing top healthcare financing companies in North America. Since the beginning, Denefits has helped hundreds of practices to generate recurring revenues through its affordable patient financing programs. Our solid repute in the patient financing market has been the hallmark of our progress. Denefits has become the first choice of patients because it has helped them to afford their unexpected/ expensive medical bills without causing bad debt.

It is evident from our periodic surveys that the flexible terms of Denefits dental patient financing have been the cornerstone of our success. Our patient financing option for bad credit imparts financial freedom to the patients while improving patient satisfaction and is directly linked to the revenue generation by a practice. We believe that the ever-evolving demands of the patients can undoubtedly be met with Denefits patient financing. Denefits practically gives full control to patients for their healthcare needs.  Such satisfying experiences of the patients ultimately increase the much-required doctor-patient engagements.

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Denefits medical financing with no credit checks offers a full spectrum of patient financing programs. It is the best platform that supports patients to pay their expensive/ unexpected medical bills, conveniently. Once you connect with Denefits, you can count on instant patient financing and 100% approval rate that too, without credit checks. Denefits interactive digital platform understands the patients’ need and yields unique solutions tailored to their financial capacities.

How patient financing is beneficial for healthcare practice?

Sound patient financing companies/ services can act as a relief for individuals facing financial constraints. The availability of healthcare patient financing at the practice makes a lasting impression on consumers. It helps to determine whether the patient will return to your practice or not. So, financial assistance can prevent your patients from switching to a different practice that offers affordable financing options. Nowadays, with internet availability and the recent boom in the information technology sector, most patients are aware of patient financing services, and they expect from the practice to offer such options.

How important is it to have a consumer-friendly digital payment system?   

The ever-evolving trends of healthcare market have indicated a greater need for patient medical financing options. It has also been pointed out that this factor is correlated with the annual turnover and revenue generation. Additionally, business studies have plotted direct links among patient financing, patient satisfaction, and patient retention rate.

Patient Financing Options

What are the key features of a patient financing system?

In this competitive age, it is unwise for a practice to ignore healthcare financing options for the patients. So it is crucial to opt for a user-friendly digital payment system which operates round the clock.  Following are some of the reasons why such options are essential: –

  • The invasion of smartphones: – More than 70% of Americans own a smartphone. It gives rise to the question that has your practice optimized its digital portals? Is your digital payment system responsive to modern gadgets?
  • Email vs. textbox: – Nowadays, many patients are using their cell phones to pay their bills. So the smart choice for the practice is to forward medical bills directly to their text boxes. It is widely accepted that to tap these payments; a state-of-the-art digital payment method is much needed.
  • Personalized financial experience: – While communicating digitally with your consumers, it is important to not sound like a robot. There always has to be a human touch in your communications while addressing patients. So, it is advised that a healthcare practice must tailor its interaction with a more personalized experience. Recent studies have also established that doing this can improve patient payments by a quarter.
  • Empower your consumer: – Often, a patient might not be in a condition to make his/ her due payment within the timeline. So, what can you offer them at such junctures? Does your practice empower the patient with any flexibility in the payment options? If your practice can enable the patients in such a way, it helps to yield a fruitful bond. In addition to that, real-time access to their account balances, and payment history help to meet consumer expectations.
  • Self-service payment plans: – It may also be considered that your competitors are also offering payment options to the consumers. So, what can make your ideas stand out in the crowd? An unbeatable and straightforward recommendation is to let your patients choose the plans as per their financial abilities. These self-service payment plans allow them to decide the most feasible options. Hence, the key to a patient-friendly payment plan is the empowering patient to an extent where he/she can split his payback amount across months/ years.

Why Denefits patient financing system?

Denefits offers a full spectrum of patient financing programs. It is the best platform that supports patients to pay their expensive/ unexpected medical bills, conveniently. Once you connect with Denefits, you can count on instant patient financing and 100% approval rate that too, without credit checks. Denefits interactive digital platform understands the patient’s needs and yields unique solutions tailored to their financial capacities.

Healthcare Payment Plans

“Unexpected medical expenses are inevitable. 

Patient financing prevents the derailing of your financial goals with a 100% approval rate”.

Healthcare payment plans assist including but not limited to pharmacies, hospitals, behavioral health, funeral homes, dental treatments, and ambulatory service providers with instant patient financing options for their consumers. Patient financing services help several healthcare practices which suffer from a long wait to get paid from medical insurance companies. Denefits is among one of the largest medical financing companies dedicated to improving the cost-effectiveness of medical care. It is a diversified digital platform, offering a range of consumer-friendly patient financing services. It is constantly evolving while serving healthcare providers in offering affordable financing options to their patients.

Our knowledge and expertise in the sector of healthcare plans help patient care providers in meeting their key growing challenge i.e. affordable healthcare. Denefits efforts in making healthcare affordable to all, have helped thousands of patients to achieve the best healthcare experiences. Additionally, the practices also get to conveniently meet the wellness needs of their patients. This above-mentioned aspect has helped us in building a trusted relationship between the providers and the patients.       

The medical bills of patients can quickly drain their finances. Hence, we offer a full spectrum of patient financing programs. Our interactive digital platform understands the needs of patients and yields unique solutions tailored to their financial capacities. We believe that the ever-evolving demands of your patients can certainly be met with our tailored payment plans.

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If your practice is not yielding the revenues you expect, we would be glad to be of assistance. We can help your practice to attract more patients by offering an affordable patient financial plan. Let’s together begin a journey to grow your business by increasing referrals and patient satisfaction. With our value-based services, we are certain to have a long term and fruitful relationship. With Denefits, your patients can count on timely treatment and complete care for their ailments.

How Discount Dental Plans made dental care services affordable?

Beauty is Power; a Smile is its Sword!

A smile can win million hearts and certainly, everyone wants to have a beautiful and bright smile. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with that. Crooked, stained, chipped teeth, hyperdontia, cavities and cracked teeth are real problems that often hold you back from boasting of your smile. Moreover, these problems can land you with more chronic diseases including heart strokes, lung diseases, and periodontists. You may not know but your oral health mirrors your overall health. Thus, visiting your dentists every so often can do more than just keeping your smile attractive.

dental insurance

However, not everyone can afford expensive dental services to correct their mouth health and smile even if they are covered by their dental insurance. This is where Discount Plans play a crucial role.

Discount Dental Plans are quickly becoming an increasingly popular option for a majority of people. These are special plans that are designed for individuals, families, and group of people who want to save some amount on their dental care needs. The dental care providers and dentists who participate in rendering these plans to their patients have agreed to charge lower dental fees than they would otherwise accept from their regular patients.

What is the need for Discount Dental Plans?

There are tons of reasons that insist you to choose a discount dental plan over traditional dental insurance which include:

  • Not all services are covered by dental insurances
  • Dental insurance comes with a maximum benefits cap
  • Not all employers offer traditional dental insurance
  • Dental insurance premiums are more expensive
  • Dental insurance has limitations

Benefits of Discount Dental Plans

The benefits of such plans include no restrictions, no paperwork hassles, no waiting periods, no co-pays, no deductibles and no annual limit on how frequently you can make use of your private plan to save on your dental services. Using a discount dental plan such as private dental plan will enable you to save a huge amount on several dental care services. Some of the major advantages include:

  • Discounts on dental specialist care available with most plans
  • Savings of 20% to 70% on most dental procedures
  • You get to choose from over 30 national and regional plans with more than 50,000 participating dentists listings in combined networks
  • No health restrictions
  • Cut the middle man out by getting direct financing from dentists

Final Words

Oral health should not be overlooked and the best way to ensure that is to avail the best discount dental plans. Even if you have a tight budget, you can still afford to have regular dental checkups, thanks to the introduction of discount dental plans and payment plans (http://www.forbes.com/sites/nextavenue/2014/05/14/when-you-dont-have-dental-insurance/#2216be963f22).