What Does Dental Anxiety Feel Like?

People have many different types of fears. Some are scared of spiders. Some can’t handle snakes, and others hate the dark. But there is another common fear that can happen to kids and adults, and that is fear of going to the dentist. Dental anxiety is a problem for people of all ages and typically starts at the first or second time a person visits the dentist.

Dental anxiety can be caused by a bad trip to the dentist. It can be caused by someone telling horror stories of a dental experience gone wrong. Whatever the reason to cause fear, it isn’t one to take lightly. While as adults, other adults might tease you about this problem. It could seem silly to some people that a grown person is terrified of the dentist. However, this is because they don’t understand what happens to a person when they have dental fears.

Fear of the dentist doesn’t take over when you get into the dentist’s chair; it starts way before that. It can begin as early as when you schedule the appointment. A feeling of dread sets in that you have a looming appointment at the dentist, and start to wonder what they will do. You will wonder how bad a procedure will hurt, or if there will be needles involved. For a person with dental anxiety, they could replay these questions over and over in their heads until the day of.

When the day arrives, and its time to go to the appointment, the level of anxiety often increases. The person could experience excessive sweating and tummy troubles. All of these feelings are uncontrollable. If they make it to the dental office and to the dentist’s chair, they often will have a greater sensitivity to tasks the dentist or hygienist will do. While teeth cleanings are virtually painless, this is not the response from someone with dental anxiety.


What Can Be Done About Dental Anxiety?

If you have a fear of going to the dentist, no matter how big or small, it is essential to not put off treatments just because. Instead, talk with your dentist in pennant hills about solutions for dental anxiety, including sedation dentistry. While not every dentist offers sedation dentistry solutions, many wills. Whether they use CO2, inhalers, or even IV injections, these options give patients that have a fear of the dentist and treatments the ability to get necessary procedures done without the worry of pain.

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