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Learn adobe photoshop in Delhi

Photoshop course is very much in demand these days because of increasing popularity of graphics and info graphics over social media and other internet platforms. Photoshop workshop and Photoshop course near me are the latest trend on search engines. People who are interested in graphics, are continuously searching Photoshop course in Delhi and looking for an institute which can help them in learning graphics especially adobe Photoshop.

Digital platforms are getting serious attention of people in India. Every digital platform such as social media, websites, e-print media, PR channels and other internet platforms are using graphics to attract their potential customers and users. In this era, choosing graphic designing as career is good opportunity. Developing skills which can help you in shaping a good career is a good thing. According to recent trends, Graphic designing and photo editing skills are very much required.

Adobe Photoshop online course

There are thousands of tutorial available over different internet platforms. Learning Photoshop Online is a great opportunity for people to try hands on software and learn basics of graphic editing. Almost every single detail is available on these learning platforms. But there are some flaws in online learning process. The group projects and physical projects are very less.

Also, people who learn online can’t get the certificate after completing the learning process. Very few platforms are providing certificates after completing online courses. Most of the platforms charge a huge amount of money to provide certificates.

Benefits of learning Graphic Designing from a reputed institute

In order to learn graphic design join a reputed institute which can provide you a better training, projects and certificate after completing the course. Let’s take example of Delhi Institute of Computer Science (DICS Computer Institute) here.

At DICS Computer Institute people could choose between given below courses specially designed for Graphic Designing and Multimedia Courses.

Graphic Studio

The objective of the course is to enable a student to acquire the advance knowledge of Graphics. At DICS computer institute, it is a certificate course of duration 6 months. Eligibility criteria for admission in this course is very simple. People who have completed their 12th or equivalent diploma from ITI or any other institution can get admission in this course.

Career Prospects – Graphic Designing professionals can find the opportunities in any of the following category-

  • Graphics Designer
  • Digital Artist
  • Vector Artist
  • Creative Designer

Multimedia Studio

The course aims at teaching the fundamentals of animation and visual effects, one of the key factors in the animation design works. With the help of Master in Animation Course at Delhi Institute of Computer Science (DICS). You can Prepare Yourself as a skilled 3D Animator, Digital Sculptor, Modelling Artist & More. Learn All Aspects of Animation, Pre & Post Production, Story boarding & Character Animation.

Career Prospects – Multimedia Studio professionals can find the opportunities in any of the following category-

  • 3d Animator
  • 2d Animator
  • Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer

Master in Animation

Master in Animation course helps in developing skills in animation and VFX. Demand of skilled professionals in VFX and animation is growing continuously.

Career Prospects – Master in Animation course students can find the opportunities in any of the following category-

  • Character Artists
  • Special Effects specialist
  • Graphic Animators
  • VFX Artist

Every course has its own benefits and career objectives.

Where to join

Join an institute which can provide you training on real time projects and can help you in getting a better opportunity after completing the course. An Institute which has placement cell is recommended. Choose an institute which has in house placement cell. At Delhi Institute of computer science, we have our placement cell where students could apply for free and get the placement according to their skills and talent.

Best Computer Institute in Delhi

Here are few best computer courses

Best computer courses in Delhi-NCR

Finding a right place to study is very tough these days. It requires a lot of efforts and research to find a trusted name between so many options. There are thousands of computer institutes in Delhi which claims to be the best computer institute in Delhi.  Finding a better place for study is very challenging task. Even if you find a better computer institute to pursue your technical course, it’s again difficult to choose between the courses. Here is how to find best computer institute in Delhi

There are so many options are available for students if they want to make a career in field of IT (information & Technology). IT industry is growing exponentially in India and it brings a huge opportunity for IT professionals or aspiring IT professionals to fulfil their dreams.  Every business sector requires IT professionals. It’s nearly impossible to run a business without using technology in this century. Every year we see different new technologies which are bringing a change in society.

Best Computer Courses in Delhi

Delhi is a capital city and a big market for IT industries. Gurugram and Noida are part of NCR which are also Cyber Hub. Nearly every big IT company is having a branch in places like Gurugram and Noida. Because of having these many opportunities, Delhi became a place where students could easily find places to get technical education.  There are few good computer courses which can help everyone to get into IT industry and give wings to their dreams.

Category wise best computer courses

After 12th or Under Graduate Courses

If you want to start early and prepare for a good career then choose the courses under the category of after 12th or under graduate courses. These courses are specially designed for school students and college going students. You may call them part time courses which can be done along with the regular studies.

Short Term Computer Courses

Short Term Computer courses are those which anyone could do to enhance their skills and get better career opportunities.  Short term courses are usually of short duration which means you could spent less time in learning and build better skills. If you are a working professional and looking for growth then you should work on your skills to apply for higher position in existing workplace or new work places. These short term courses would help you to build skills according to your career plans and give you an opportunity to fly high.

Job Oriented Courses

Job oriented courses are those which are specially designed for people who want specific jobs. These courses help a person to get their dream job. The course duration depends on your AIM and skills which you want to develop with the help of these courses. For example Computer Accounting and GST

Multimedia Course

Multimedia courses are in demand right now. Creative graphics and designs are very much in demand because of social influence in our society. The biggest example is info graphics and MEME which are very popular between people now a day.  It brings an opportunity for creative designers to cross the boundaries and come up with creative ideas.

Software Courses

Software courses could help a person to make a bright career in the field of IT. India is transforming and developing new technologies as a result we see new technologies every year.  Some programs such as Digital India are one of the biggest step taken by honorable prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi ji. It was a campaign to boost the IT industry and make people believe in digital & technological platforms.

Mobile App Development

Year 2020 is the year of technology and smart phones. Almost every person is using smart phones and exploring new mobile applications every day. Mobile applications became essential part of daily life style. We are living in a century where we need mobile applications for most of the daily work such as grocery, shopping, ordering food, socializing, staying fit, learning and what not. It is the right time to get into Mobile App Development. This could be a best career choice if you are interested in IT sector.

Website Designing and Digital Marketing

After Digital India Campaign, Indian audience started accepting digital platforms and the numbers of users are growing continuously. So many new digital platforms are available for people right now. And the number of growing digital platforms creates and opportunity for Digital marketers to get into the market and conquer the filed. Digital platforms have changed the market completely and every business requires people who are expert in expanding business and have skills to do better marketing. We could say that Digital marketing is a good career choice.

These are few best computer courses in Delhi NCR. Choose an institute which can fulfill your expectations of technical education. Go with a trusted brand name and achieve your dreams.

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Digital Shiksha Yojana cum aptitude test at DICS Computer Institute

Delhi institute of Computer Science (DICS Computer Institute) organized a Scholarship test for students who are looking for quality computer education in Delhi. At DICS we believe in providing education to everyone. Every potential student should get computer education. But due to many issues some of them can’t afford quality education. DICS took the initiative and organized a test which can create an opportunity to underprivileged students to get technical education in affordable prices.

Delhi Institute of Computer Science (DICS Computer Institute) come up with a scholarship program “DICS Digital Shiksha Yojna Scholarship CUM Aptitude”. Under the program, anyone could register for Free and appear in test. According to test results and student scores, they will get the scholarship and get huge benefits in different computer courses. At DICS computer Institute, different courses available under following categories.


Students could choose the courses according to their choice. Next date of examination is 12th January 2020. If you are also looking for quality education in affordable prices then do register and appear for the test. This scholarship program would help everyone to get their dreams fulfil.

DICS Computer institute is considered as the best computer institute in Delhi and it is a trust brand in technical education. We are serving in education industry since 1994 and have 11 branches across Delhi NCR. DICS Digital Shiksha Yojna Scholarship cum Aptitude test is conducted at following branches of DICS Computer Institute.

  • 2529 Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, Vijay Nagar Crossing, Kingsway Camp, New Delhi, Delhi-110009
  • 10 ,First Floor, Kapil Vihar, Opposite Metro Pillar No-348,Main Road, Pitampura, New Delhi, Delhi-110034
  • 15/35, Metro Pillar No:113, West Punjabi Bagh, Rohtak Road, New Delhi, Delhi-110026
  • 22, 2nd Floor, Metro Pillar No:380, Raja Garden, New Delhi, Delhi-110015
  • 6/1-A, Metro Pillar-528, Prem Nagar, Opp. PNB Tilak Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi-110058
  • 3 Park End metro pillar no 100 above J& K bank, Preet Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi-110092

Applicants could choose the nearby centre. Also the helpline works from 07:30AM to 7.00PM. All the applicants could contact on helpline at 9313044014 or send an email to

The first test was conducted on 29th of December 2019 and huge number of applicants took part in it. Because of its success, institute decided to conduct one more test so that maximum number of underprivileged kids could get a chance to afford computer education.

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Secret Santa at DICS Computer Institute

Secret Santa is a tradition followed by people in many western countries. According to this tradition, a group of people exchange gifts, cards and many more things with each other and keep the giver’s name secret. They don’t disclose the names. Person who received the gift has to guess the name. This is the small overview of Secret Santa. Delhi Institute of Computer Science (DICS Computer Institute) is an organization where a lot of kids come to learn. There are more than 29 different computer courses available in here and every day institute works from 7.30AM to 7.00PM. During this time faculties take multiple batches.

During this festival Season, DICS Computer Institute decided to do something for kids who are studying in institute. The institute organized Secret Santa event for everyone in organization including, faculty staff, Management Staff, Administrative Staff along with students. Everyone is advised to show their best creativity and take part in secret Santa Event.

Secret Santa Event at DICS Computer Institute

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Here is how to find nearby computer institute

Best computer institute near me

While looking for computer courses, everyone wants to get admission in best computer institute. But sometimes it’s a challenge to find a best computer institute nearby the location. Location plays an important role in the screening process of computer institutes. Delhi is a big marketplace where thousands of institutions are serving education.  Every location in Delhi has multiple computer institutes where you could get admission and pursue your dreams. But what if there are no good computer institutes available nearby your location?

It would be a problem for you to invest good amount of time in traveling. In order to avoid this problem you have to conduct a good research and find a better computer institute nearby your location. In order to do that you could follow computer institute near me.

Hope this helps

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Job oriented computer courses in Delhi at DICS Computer Institute

Job Oriented Courses in New Delhi

There are so many options when it comes to join a job oriented course, but choosing the right one will help you in enhancing your skills and earning in job existing or upcoming job. There is a huge diversity of professions in different industries such as Information Technology (IT), Commerce, Accounting, Analytics, Marketing, and Finance etc. You AIM should be to join a course of your interest which also suits your profession or passion. Choosing the right best job oriented courses between so many courses require a lot of time and research. These job oriented short term courses enables you to boost your professional skills and helps in move up the corporate ladder.

According to your interest, given below are few good Job Oriented Courses for you.

These are the courses which could give a boost to your career and help you to leave one level up in corporate world. According to your career choice, you could opt in for any course.

Benefits of joining Job Oriented Short Term Courses

Job Oriented Courses could help you to boost your skills while working or applying for a job. Usually the job interviews are hard to clear if you don’t have exact answers of questions asked. In order to answer those interview questions, you should have proper skills and training in particular field. These courses add value to your skills and help you to grab the opportunities around you. People with perfect skills are preferred by recruiters. You should work on your skills before appearing for any job interview.

You could also choose the career you want if you are passion about any particular field or have interest in different industry as compare to your school or college studies. For example, if you are interested in technology but your college degree is non-technical then you could join any short term course to pursue with your interest. You could take help of any job oriented course to get a your dream job.

How to find a better Institute for a Job Oriented Course

Finding a right place for course is biggest challenge for anyone. In order to find a suitable and trusted place, you have to invest your time and do a deep research between so many providers. Every institute claims itself as a best education institute but reality is little different. You simply can’t believe the claims until you actually verify the information. Out of these many names, Delhi Institute of Computer Science (DICS Computer Institute) managed to maintain the quality of education. At DICS Computer Institute, we believe in quality education and we are helping people with our specially designed programs and job oriented courses.

DICS is serving in education industry since 1994. It’s been 25 years since we are educating youth and helping them in shaping their career in right direction.

Sources : Job Oriented Courses in Delhi

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Short term course in New Delhi

Short Term Computer Courses

Having computer skills could help you to get a better job and shape your career in right direction. Recent few years brought a revolution in IT industry. Number of digital platforms is growing continuously. A big number of platforms create more job opportunities. But in order to grab those opportunities, you should have skills. The best way to develop or enhance your skills is to join Short Term Computer Courses. These courses could enhance your skills and help you in getting better opportunities.

There are few computer courses which you could choose under the Short Term Computer Courses category and continue learning. Given below are few good Short Term Computer Courses.

  1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  2. Graphic Designing
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Management Information System (MIS)
  5. Certificate in Financial Accounting (CIFA)
  7. Basic Computer Concept

There are many benefits of doing short term computer courses have many advantages. Let’s understand the basic features and advantages of Short Term Courses.


The course duration is short which helps you to complete the course in lesser duration and gain the skills as soon as possible. You could develop skills quickly and utilize them as soon as you complete the course. Because of its short duration, you could do multiple courses and gain more and more skills.


Short term courses can be clubbed with other courses and can be pursued along with a main course such as like college degree or school program. If you are a student studying in 10th or 12th standard, you could easily manage between two courses at the same time and save your valuable time.

There are certain courses which you could pursue along with school. You could also choose between computer courses after 12th class. However, you may pursue few short term computer courses during vacation time. You could utilize your time and start working on your skills early. There are number of computer institutes across India offering such courses. Thus, finding an institute near your location won’t be much of a problem.


Short term courses are in trend right now. Everyone wants to utilize the time and use it wisely to get the best outcome in their career. These Short term computer courses bring an opportunity for people to gain success easily and shape their careers in a right direction. There are so many computer institutes in Delhi which are providing “Short Term Computer Courses in Delhi”. You could join any trusted brand such as Delhi Institute of Computer Science (DICS Computer Institute). We at DICS focus on quality education and believe in helping people in building their skills. Our practical training modules and real time projects play an important role in finishing the course with quality education.

Established in 1994, Delhi institute of Computer Science (DICS Computer Institute) is one of the most trusted computer education brands in Delhi. DICS is considered as Best computer Institute in Delhi for its services in education industry since last 25 years. Affiliated to NIELIT (formerly known as DOEACC) and approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).


Best Institute for Java Training in Delhi

Best Institute for a Java Course in Delhi

Develop your programming skills with beginner to advanced Java training from DICS Computer Institute one of the best computer institutes in Delhi for Java Training.

Best computer institute in Delhi

Java Training Course


Java Training Institute in Delhi

Learn Java at best Java Training Institute in Delhi DICS computer Education . We are providing quality education in Delhi since 1994.

Learn java at best java training institute in Delhi. Delhi Institute of Computer Science (DICS computer institute) is providing quality education in Delhi since 1994. Do visit the official website for any query related to JAVA Course.

computer education

Artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is a science. It was created to build machines with intelligence. AI machines can think, behave and respond like human minds. This technology is huge and soon it is going to impact every sector of technology and digital world. The role of Artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing is going to be interesting. We will be getting a lot more from this technology. It is the time for business owners and digital marketers to learn and understand this technology so that they could use it wisely for better marketing results. Artificial Intelligence is going to be a game changes for businesses which are facing problems in collecting accurate data or insights due to human errors.
Imagine collecting all the accurate data at one single platform without facing any human error. Sounds interesting? Well yes, it is going to be interesting. Today, we are going to learn few insights of Artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing. Being a digital marketer myself, I am always attracted to new technology and inventions.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) would be lot easier to understand with examples. Let’s take few examples where we could use AI in Digital Marketing.

Content Generation

I remember the days when it was a huge task for content writers to create content and make changes grammatically. First they have to find out the mistakes, and then rephrase the content according to relevance. Imagine a technology where you could correct the content, generate the content and modify with ease anytime you want. Few big brands such as Forbes, BBC, The New York Times and CBS are using applications like WordsmithArticoolo, and Quill to create news articles. These AI Bases content generators provide an option where users can fill-in-the-blanks to enter data and keywords can create unique content. It exactly looks like human generated content.

Email Marketing

Every business needs personalized campaigns where they can manage ROI and generate business with minimum investments. And it can be possible by using AI based platforms. An AI can scan and do data analysis on a huge database. You can get consumer behavior insights based on data within minutes by the help of AI. Not only this, you could conduct the A/B testing more efficiently on Artificial Intelligence Platforms. Some tools such as Persado , Boomtrain, and Phrasee can help you to apply AI into your email marketing campaigns.

Advertising Campaigns

Advertising is no doubt the most successful method of generating business. Every business needs advertising for expansion. Most of the platforms for advertising are technology driven. But you know that Artificial Intelligence could add more value if we use it in advertising platforms. Let’s take the example of tool “Adext”. With the help of Adext, you could handle your Facebook and Google Adwords platform automatically. You can even optimize the performance of Advertisement campaign by Adext. It’s AI algorithms could do a lot for your advertising campaigns such as :

  • Manage Budget Every Hour
  • Built in conversion goals
  • Smart Campaigns

Artificial Intelligence in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is directly impacted by AI. AI inventions such as Google Voice, Alexa ,Siri and Cortana are leaving a big impact on searches and search engine results. Voice searches are different because these are based on conversational language. A voice search doesn’t contain typical keywords which we type while doing a search on search engines. In order to handle the future technology, Google introduced RankBrain back in 2015. RankBrain is an algorithm update in Google it is a machine learning technology which helps to deliver its search results. RankBrain is part of Google’s overall search “algorithm,” another software program that is used to line up the billions of pages in an order and are most related to search term. If the program (Rankbrain) sees a word or phrase which it isn’t familiar with, the machine can make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly, making it more effective at handling never-before-seen search queries or keywords.


Chatbots are another good example of Artificial Intelligence in Digital marketing. Most of the business are using chatbots to interact with users. Some chatbots such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are already common between users. According to website, business owners are also using customized chatbots. And it is changing the customer experience positively. Frankly, none likes to wait in huge queues just to get their issues. Chatbots are making it easy for users and businesses to keep the interaction alive and prompt responses are solving problems of users.
So, these were few examples of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing. Now let’s move and learn few benefits of using AI in Digital Marketing.

Benefits of Using AI in Digital Marketing

So far I have given few examples of AI in Digital marketing those will help you to understand the role of AI in digital marketing. Let’s understand few key benefits of using AI.

Increase Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence improves the efficiency level. You can drive your campaigns more efficiently and more effectively with the help of AI. Effective marketing campaign is the key for business growth. It can improve sales and can help business owners to generate better revenue.

Time Saving

Imagine you have to conduct a research on huge data which has millions pieces of information. It will require good amount of time and a lot of efforts. Also the chances of human errors would be another flaw in this process. But you can avoid this by using AI. It can save your time and the probability of errors would be very much low. You can use this valuable time in creating strategies of business expansion and other important sectors.

Cost Effective

AI platforms are cost effective. Getting an AI tool will always cost you less than full time employees. Because it is a bot, the human errors and demands would be NILL. Intelligence platforms can perform more task than humans within lesser amount of time & money.

Helps in achieving Production goals

A business could generate amazing production results if it has following factors:

  • Lesser Investments & Higher Results
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher production in lesser time
  • Time Management
  • Effective Marketing

All these factors can be achieved by using Artificial Intelligence. Being a marketer myself, I believe it is the right time to learn AI and use it for effective marketing campaigns and to identify the problems in business. The accurate data and insights could help us to grow our business more effectively. AI is not at all against humans. AI is not going to take jobs of humans but it will help us to use our efforts in right direction with more efficiency.

Best Computer Institute in Delhi