Benefits of Doing Animation Course from DICS Computer Institute

If you are interested in animation course then you could try Master in Animation Course this would be the best option for you. The course has following features.

  • Graphics Designing: Coral Draw, Photoshop, Illustrater and Adobe Indesign
  • 2D Animation using Adobe Flash: Introduction to Adobe Flash , Conceptualize Animation, Create Storyboard Ideas, Create Key frames from Storyboard, Using Tools to Create Contents for Frames, Importing Graphics to be used in Frames, Various Techniques Available for Animating, Publish Animation to Integrate with Websites
  • Modeling and Animation with 3Ds-MAX): Interior Modeling, Exterior Modeling, Texturing, Lightening
  • Editing and Compositing in Adobe Premier: Understand the workspace, Introduction to basic working tools, Create on-screen titles, styles and animate graphics, Cutting, Moving, Stretching clips in the timeline, Working with Audio, Export your completed video
  • Animation and Dynamics in Maya: Introduction to MAYA, Modeling – Building Characters and Assets, Texturing – Creating detailed and stunning textures, Rigging – Creating realistic and believable Movements, Animation – Bringing Characters and Scenes to life, Dynamics – Creating Simulations and Effects, Lightening – Perfectly Light Scenes and Shots, Rendering – Creating Seamless Perfect Renders
  • VFX with After Effect: Introduction to After Effect, Work with Compositions, Create and Animate Text, Repair Videos, Build Custom Transitions, Create Visual Effects, Create Animated Background, Select and Animate Layers, Working with 3DRender Work
  • Sound Editing: Sound Editing with Sound Forge

Career Prospects – There are good career options available after doing this course. Master in Animation professionals can find the opportunities in any of the following category-

  • 3d Animator
  • 2d Animator
  • Special Effect Specialist
  • Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Character Artist

Course content available at Delhi Institute of Computer Science

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