Don’t Wanna Let You Go

Don’t wanna let you go
We just wanna tell you
Just wanna let you know
That we’ll stay around
So what else can you do
You’ve said all you have to
We’re coming after you
So don’t make a sound
Don’t wanna let you go

I got this feelin’
Could it be that someone’s watching
Over me
Tell me, who you are
I close my eyes and count from nine
To try and find some peace of mind
But it’s gone too far

You see our faces every time you turn
Your head ’round
We’ll be watching you even when you turn the
Lights down
We will always be around
No matter where you are

Repeat Chorus

I’m all alone now in the dark
Just one chance so we can talk
That’s all I ask
I close my eyes and then I dream
I always wake up to a scream
Wonder where you are

Don’t you know
We’re always gonna be
Around you
And there’s really isn’t anything you can do
We will always be around
No matter where you are

Chorus Repeat 2x

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