Download Free: AIR RAID: THIS IS NOT A DRILLAir Raid recreates a fictional World War II style battle scenario, with options to engage in either Single Player or Multi Player modes. The game’s objective is to defend your battleship by eliminating enemy planes in an air raid. In the single player mode, there are 99 mind- blowing levels of game play for you to experience. The Multi-Player option allows for up to four gamers to help fend off the enemy encroachment as a team. The action takes place on top of the bow of a battleship, reminiscent of the famed U.S.S. Missiouri. Stationed behind the awesome firepower of a 40mm Anti-Aircraft fixed deck gun, the Air Raid gamer can experience the chaos and cacophony of war in full effect.
Hardware Requirements
Windows 98/Me/ Pentium 266 MHz processor/ 32 MB RAM/ 100 MB free hard drive space/ 3D accelerator video card with 4 MB RAM/ CD-ROM Drive/ DirectX 8.0 (included on CD)/ Mouse.
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