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An intense action horror game with a super-sexy, super-lethal, supernatural heroine named Agent BloodRayne…the most deliciously wicked action heroine ever to grace a console game. She’s half-human, half vampire and all woman. Raised and trained to hunt supernatural evil, BloodRayne is an explosive force with lethal style, gymnastic dexterity and a lust for action.

Hardware Requirements

Win98, Win2K or WinXP; 733MHz PC; 128 MB RAM; 2GB free hard disk; 64MB GeForce2 or 64MB Radeon; REC: Win98, WinXP;1GHz PC;256+ MB RAM;2GB free hard disk;64MB GeForce3 or 64MB GeForce4Ti or; 64MB Radeon 8500; Sound Blaster Audigy Card.

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