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“BREED,” a sci-fi tactical shooter, skillfully blends addictive, accessible, free-roaming gameplay with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology. Using both first and third person viewpoints, gamers can take control of a variety of vehicles – from standard ground troops to APCs and drop ships – to do battle with the alien Breed both in orbit and on Earth’s surface. The sheer diversity of weapons, vehicles, and geographical locations allows every mission to offer a refreshingly different challenge. Players can enter an underground bunker on foot, drive their jeep across rough terrain, or pilot fighter crafts down a heavily guarded canyon. The objective is simple: halt the invasion of the Breed and stop the destruction of mankind!

Hardware Requirements
400 Mhz; DirectX 8; 64 MB RAM; Quad Speed(4x) CD-ROM; TNT 3D Graphics Accelerator (Direct 3D); DirectX-compatible 16-Bit sound card; 400 Mb Hard Drive Space; FreeJoystic REC: 800 Mhz ; DirectX 8 ; 128 MB RAM ; Twenty Four (24x) CD-ROM Drive or faster ; GeForce2 3D Graphics Accelerator ; DirectX-compatible 16-Bit sound card ; 1.6 GB Hard Drive Space.

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