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free EXPERIENCE 112 game download

Over sweeping cliffs and across scenic coastlines, this innovative shared adventure be gins in the bowels of an old, dilapidated ship grounded ashore. Mysteriously, you find yourself in the ship’s operations room faced with a highly advanced panel of controls, surveillance monitors, and a wide array of sophisticated technology. As you watch the monitors for other signs of life, you discover a woman. Unable to find a way to communicate with her directly, you realize that you are her only hope. She needs your help.The problem is, you too are being held prisoner by an unseen captor. Soon you come to realize that the only way to escape is to help one another. But… who are you? Who is she? Why do you control both your fates? Is escape from this floating prison your only goal, or is there a more cryptic scheme.
Hardware Requirements
– OS: Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP- Processor: 800 MHz Pentium® 3
– Memory: 64 MB of RAM
– Video: 64 MB Graphics Card, Compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
– Sound: DirectX® 9.0 Compatible- Other: Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers

Game Download Links
To begin download click on “telechager ce”which is on the right side middle of the page
” Trouble downloading or missing password read out our brief Tutorial

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