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free FLATOUT 2 game downloadDestruction racing at it’s most extreme; the enhanced Crash True™ game engine increases the interaction between cars and environments to set up the wildest crashes ever seen in a game. The peerless physics create an astonishing driving feel with the sheer fun of causing chaos all around. And FlatOut 2 gives even more rewards to cause as much damage as possible to compete against rivals. The reckless Rag Doll stunts will be back with a more advanced scoring system and an improved launch mechanic. Experience hours of bone-breaking fun, this time featuring 12 all new crazy events to punish your driver in the expanded Rag Doll Championship and online Rag Doll play.

Hardware Requirements
Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD 2000+ RAM: 512 MB RAM Video Card: 128 MB Graphics Card Operating System: Windows® XP SP2

Game Requirements

Note: Use Universal Extractor to Install…

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