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Gene Troopers puts the player into the heart of a science fiction universe, which is entangled in the greatest conflict it ever witnessed. A terrifying elite battle force named Gene Troopers (GT) sets out to mercilessly fulfil its task: to find, gather and secure life forms. Genetic material is the new strategic resource. Gene transformation technology changes suitable individuals into loyal and powerful GT units. In this 1st-person-shooter, the player will explore amazing new worlds, develop his character into a stealth or battle professional, control supernatural powers, make friends with powerful characters and lead them into battle against the forces of evil.

Hardware Requirements
Pentium 4, 256mb Ram, 128mb VGA, directx 9c.

Game Download Links

Installations Notes:

1. Unpack Release

2. Mount/Burn Image

3. Install Game

4. Game Fix located in the SKIDROW dir on the DVD

5. Copy the game fix content from the SKIDROW dir and overwrite

6. Play the game

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