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free HAND OF GOD: LEGEND game downloadLegend Hand of God is a single player, 3D fantasy action role-playing game that combines the stunning gameplay elements of Diablo 2 and Sacred with a custom tailored next generation technology and an exciting storyline written by the famous US author Susan O’Connor (Act of War, Dungeon Siege 2, Star Wars Galaxies) in a new fantasy scenario.
The beautiful world of Aris is being devastated by the Demon hordes that come rushing through the demon gate. Targon, last survivor of the Order of the Eternal Flame, sworn to protect the demon gate and keep it sealed, sets out on his epic quest to re-establish the order of things and forever seal the gate to evil.
Hardware Requirements
P4, 256 mb RAM, 256 mb VGA,directx 9b or greater.

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Installation note:
1. Download all parts ( 48 parts)
2. extract with the help of winrar using password
3. burn iso image with demontools
4. install game and enjoy
5. crack is inside the iso image
” Trouble downloading or missing password read out our brief Tutorial

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