free HAPPY FREE TREE FRIENDS FALSE ALARM game downloadNow taking the spotlight with its very own interactive game, Happy Tree Friends False Alarm features the furry woodland creatures in a host of dismembering and ill-fated calamities. Playing unlike any other action title on the market with its physics-based reactive environment, Happy Tree Friends False Alarm is an action-puzzle game that enables players to control one of three characters; Flippy, the emotionally tattered war-torn bear; Lumpy, the dim-witted blue moose; and Handy, an amputee beaver carpenter always eager to lend a helping limb. Using resources such as concrete, ice, gasoline, and nitroglycerin to augment the dynamic 3D environments, your goal is to save the Happy Tree Friends from hilarious disaster situations and their own bad luck. Play in 10 diverse levels designed exclusively for the Happy Tree Friends False Alarm game including mine shafts, candy factories and a museum, all of which are filled with outrageous outcomes and plenty of accidental mayhem!
Hardware Requirements
PIII, 64mb VGAm 128mb Ram

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