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Roller Coaster Tycoon never stops being fun. It’s a lot like SIMCITY, in that you can keep designing death-deflying rides without paying attention to the campaign game. You try to keep your customers happy and turn a profit.

Hardware Requirements
P90MHz, 16Mb RAM, 4XCD, 50MB hard disk, 1MB SVGA card. Rec: (for good game performance): P200MHz, 32Mb RAM, 8XCD, 50MB hard disk, 2MB accelerated SVGA card. Ideal (for ultimate game performance): PII 350MHz, 64Mb RAM, 8xCD, 180MB hard disk, 4MB accelerated SVGA card. All specs Windows 95 compatible Sound Card, DirectX 5.0 (included on CD) and Mouse. Does not need 3D support or accessories.

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