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FREE SYSTEM SHOCK 2 GAME DOWNLOADIn System Shock, the story was a very big part of the game, and this has followed into the sequel, as it has a story in a time when action games build more on action and less on the “epic” experience of a game.It may be a bit predictable at some times, but it is still something that I would like to see more developers creating; something you can actually understand, follow and find exciting at a time.So what is the bottom line for this game, then? It is simple. A great game with many refreshing news to the action genre (a genre that does need refreshing games such as this) and also, what many other games lacks: A great story that makes you tremble with excitement.

Hardware Requirements
200Mhz Pentium, 32 Megs of RAM, 4 MB D3D hardware accelerator, about 250 Megs of hard-drive space, 4x CD-ROM. Recommended: 266Mhz P2, 64 Megs of RAM, 8 MB D3D hardware accelerator, about 250 Megs of hard-drive space, 8x CD-ROM.
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