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This game’s single-player campaign features 16 missions. They’re a little more humanitarian than you’re used to — escorting aid packages and destroying weapons caches — but worry not because you still get to bust several caps. The gameplay won’t surprise any of you, though some of the most fun involves the track-shooting portions where you’re riding in a vehicle and firing at moving targets.
You rarely go anywhere without your trusty crew. While it’s possible to give them some commands, I preferred to let them hang back like an entourage. The coolness of barking orders is negated by the fact that your commands inexplicably change even when you’re not hitting the “talk” button. Why did “Hold your fire” show up during a firefight? If I were Fox News, I’d blame those darn liberals.

Minimum Requirements:
Pentium III 500 MHz equivalent, 192MB RAM, Direct X Version 8.1+, Direct 3D video card with 32MB, Windows Compatible soundcard, 4X or Greater CDRom

Recommended Requirements:
Pentium III 1.0 GHz equivalent, 256MB RAM, Direct 3D video card with 64MB,

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