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Millions of U.S. citizens have Arthritis that causes stiff and painful joints.  This decline in our functioning is often a leading factor of falls in the elderly. Dr. David Greene, a retired Orthopedic and Founder of R3 Stem Cell, a regenerative medicine company in Arizona, shared Home Safety tips for People living with Arthritis to make their life easy.
Stairs Protection: Most of the individuals have problems with stairs, and that is the place where most people falls. Following Tips from David Greene MD could help you with safety:
1.  Secure all railing to the wall
2.  Place light switches at the beginning and end of stairs
3.  Non. Skid Plates on Each Step are necessary
4.  Reflective markers on the first and last step would help to know where it starts and end
Bathroom: After Stairs, Bathroom is the second place where individuals fall, and one with Arthritis have more chances, and a few necessary changes in your bathroom could prevent your falls.
1.  Non-Skid Strips on the Tub and Shower
2.  A Bath-Mat with Non-Skid Bottom
3.  Grab Bars to Toilet, Shower, and Tub
4.  A Lock that is accessible from both sides in case of emergency
General Tips: Above we have discussed the prone areas with more chances of falls, but there are more changes you can make to a home to prevent falls, recommend David Greene Orthopedic.
1.  Secure the Steps and Railing at all Entryways
2.  A Phone in each room is necessary in case of emergency
3.  Be careful of Pets
4.  Remove any furniture or decorative pieces that could pose a risk for falls
These are essential Tips from Dr. David Greene Arizona, could help you a lot in condition of Arthritis and will make your life easier. Falls are normal when your joints are stiffed. In case of any queries or help, feel free to drop in the comment box, and we will write you back ASAP.

Dr. David Greene’s Tips to Ease Winters for Arthritis Patients

Arthritis or Joint pain is a common problem in U.S. citizens and its hitting millions of individuals. Arthritis is caused by the reduction of cartilage in joints that results in bone rubbing on the bone, causing friction and eventual swelling and inflammation.
During the winter, joint pains and stiffened muscles are the most common health problem plaguing the lives of older people. There is a 50 percent spike in the number of senior citizens seeking treatment for bone and joint issues during winter. The situation for Arthritis patients gets to worse during winters, and here a few tips from Dr. David Greene can make your days more comfortable.
Wear Warm Clothes: Depending on the weather of your city, wear warm clothes or consider layered dresses and make sure you cover your hands, legs, knees, and all other Arthritis prone areas.
Stay Hydrate: Dehydration can make you sensitive to pain, so stay hydrated and drink water.
Exercise: Exercise will keep you warm and will also improve the symptoms of joint stiffness and muscle weakness. Consider Indoor Exercise to stay active and friendly in winters.
Keep Yourself Warm: While Sleeping or Resting use heating pads or hot water bags to keep yourself warm, said Dr. David Greene Arizona. Heating pads are quite useful in areas where joint become more stiff and painful from cold weather.
Warm Baths: Swimming in a heated pool is an exercise and also soothe your joints and get you relief from the pain.
Supplement: Your diet is not full of nutrition that your body needs, so consider supplements to increase your nutrition intake level and give your body a healthy diet. According to David Greene Orthopedic, Take supplements such as Vitamin D and Increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids as it will reduce the inflammation in your joints.
If you have pain in joints, consider a visit to a specialist such as David Greene MD and proceed with the treatment as prescribed to avoid severe Arthritis pains.

Dr. David Greene Arizona Tells If Stem Cell Therapies for Arthritis is Safe and Effective?

Stem Cell Therapies are growing by time, and it has already got the attention of individuals who are mainly suffering from joint pains. Individuals with interest in Stem Cell Treatment want to know if these therapies are safe and effective. Dr. David Greene, a retired Orthopedic From Arizona and Founder of R3 Stem Cell Company, explained if individuals should go for treatments or not.

He says, most stem cell therapies are using adult stem cells that are harvested from the patient’s body which reduces the chances of an overreaction but may be minor side-effects like pain and swelling could show but those are short term.

According to Dr. David Greene Arizona, Most Stem Cell Therapies for Arthritis are considered safe as they do carry minor side-effects as any other medical procedure, like small risks of infection bit may be increased if:

  • A different type of stem cell is used (e.g., pluripotent stem cells instead of adult stem cells)
  • The stem cells are cultured (taken from the patient and grown in the lab over time)
  • The stem cells are mixed with other chemicals

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of Arthritis, and several individuals who have tried Stem Cell Therapies have experienced a lot of improvement in a matter of days. David Greene MD has treated over 10000 patients with his Stem Cell therapies and get them back to a healthy life.

Individuals treated by David Greene Orthopedic has claimed that it was like a dream comes true as they were handled without any pain and without spending 2-3 months on the bed for recovery. Recoveries were fast then they expected, and now they can do things what they love to do.

R3 Stem Cell is a regenerative company, founded by Doctor David Greene in 2013 and now they have approx 35 associated clinics nationwide, and they have successfully treated over 10000 patients with their therapies which were a life-changing experience for them.

Biography of Dr. David Greene Arizona at R3 Stem Cell

Dr. David Greene is a retired Orthopedic Surgeon and is also the CEO and Founder of R3 Stem Cell, a regenerative medicine company in Scottsdale, Arizona. He had founded this company in 2013 and three R’s stands for Repair, Regenerate and Restore.

Dr. David Greene Arizona is one of the finest Orthopedics Nationwide, and his intentions to serve individuals better has led him to start a company where individuals can be treated better and comfortably. From a few past years, Stem Cell Therapies are rapidly growing and delivering results more than expectations.

Earlier orthopedic Surgeries were the most effective available treatment for Ortho Pain Management, but it took months for recovery, and even surgeries were getting failed in a couple of months or years. After such issues, David Greene Orthopedic took the initiative to make Stem Cell therapies first choice for individuals who are experiencing such problems.

Doctor David Greene has treated over 10000 patients with Stem Cell Therapies with the association of 35+ clinic nationwide and has delivered results out of expectations. None of those experience any side-effects during and after the therapies and they said recovery was fast, in just a couple of days and started living a healthy life.

Earlier available treatments were just like patching a band-aid on the wound, but the condition remains the same below, and Dr. Greene Wanted to provide a real cure that fixes the problem, and this was the leading cause to start R3 Stem Cell.

Along with this profession, he also has a strong background in Digital Marketing, has written a book as well to grow the business faster. He is the explorer of strategies that helps to thrive market and hold a strong reputation. Visit http://www.r3stemcell.com for further information about David Greene MD and His company and feel free to drop your queries in the comment box.