Dr. David Greene Arizona Tells Home Safety Tips for Arthritis Sufferers | R3 Stem Cell

Millions of U.S. citizens have Arthritis that causes stiff and painful joints.  This decline in our functioning is often a leading factor of falls in the elderly. Dr. David Greene, a retired Orthopedic and Founder of R3 Stem Cell, a regenerative medicine company in Arizona, shared Home Safety tips for People living with Arthritis to make their life easy.
Stairs Protection: Most of the individuals have problems with stairs, and that is the place where most people falls. Following Tips from David Greene MD could help you with safety:
1.  Secure all railing to the wall
2.  Place light switches at the beginning and end of stairs
3.  Non. Skid Plates on Each Step are necessary
4.  Reflective markers on the first and last step would help to know where it starts and end
Bathroom: After Stairs, Bathroom is the second place where individuals fall, and one with Arthritis have more chances, and a few necessary changes in your bathroom could prevent your falls.
1.  Non-Skid Strips on the Tub and Shower
2.  A Bath-Mat with Non-Skid Bottom
3.  Grab Bars to Toilet, Shower, and Tub
4.  A Lock that is accessible from both sides in case of emergency
General Tips: Above we have discussed the prone areas with more chances of falls, but there are more changes you can make to a home to prevent falls, recommend David Greene Orthopedic.
1.  Secure the Steps and Railing at all Entryways
2.  A Phone in each room is necessary in case of emergency
3.  Be careful of Pets
4.  Remove any furniture or decorative pieces that could pose a risk for falls
These are essential Tips from Dr. David Greene Arizona, could help you a lot in condition of Arthritis and will make your life easier. Falls are normal when your joints are stiffed. In case of any queries or help, feel free to drop in the comment box, and we will write you back ASAP.

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