R3 Stem Cell Announces Addition of World-Renowned Exosome Expert Dr. Ian White to Training Course

R3 Stem Cell announces it has added an exosome presentation to its upcoming regenerative training courses. The next course is October 18-19th, 2019, in Las Vegas, with spots still open.

The speaker, Dr. Ian White Ph.D., is a world-renowned expert on exosomes. He completed training at several Ivy League universities, including Cornell, Harvard, and Dartmouth. He currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer at IMAC Regeneration Centers, along with being President of Biofirma, which is a regenerative tissue manufacturing company.

Dr. White regular speaks worldwide on the topic of exosomes, stem cells, and how they participate clinically to help optimize regenerative therapy outcomes. Exosome stem cell therapy is an incredible therapeutic option for patients. However, most providers do not understand the biologics and how to implement them properly.

According to R3 CEO Dr. David GreeneBiography of Dr. David Greene Arizona at R3 Stem Cell, MD, MBA, “Obtaining knowledge on exosomes is important now, as patients are asking about them! Providers need to understand when to use them, how they work, and should have hands-on experience with them. Our training course provides all of that experience.”

R3 Stem Cell is the nation’s leader in regenerative training and provides comprehensive education and hands-on experience for providers to become their local leaders. Along with offering the excellent exosome presentation, R3 will also have exosomes products on hand for attendees to try in a hands-on setting.

Dr. David Greene Arizona, founded R3 in 2013, and now the company has successfully completed over 11000 procedures and has over 35 centers associated nationwide.

Limited spots are still available for the upcoming October 18-19, 2019 training in Las Vegas. R3 is still offering $1000 off for the training, visit https://stemcelltrainingcourse.org/registration/ to sign up or call (844) GET-STEM.

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