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Wooden garden sheds have always been a very popular form of storage for the back yard. In more recent times, an ever increasing number of property owners have been buying metal garden sheds as a viable alternative. Whether you opt for the wooden or metal variety they are both still used for things such as storing gardening tools, garden furniture as well as many other items that you simply haven’t got the heart to throw away. So, with similar purposes what inspires individuals to buy the metal variety over that of the visually more pleasing wooden option?

You can not really deny that a wooden garden shed is a considerably more attractive addition to a back yard than the metal equivalent. Metal garden sheds do have a number of advantages over their wooden counterparts and they all relate to the fact that they are made of a more durable material. Unlike wood, steel and aluminium sheds will never develop blisters or cracks on the walls and roofs. Wood is particularly susceptible to these problems especially after harsh, icy winters. Another advantage is that metal will never succumb to termites and other damaging insects. This is a double advantage for you, especially if you are using your shed to store gardening products such as mulch, fertilizer and plant seeds.

For one thing, a metal garden shed will never be attacked by insects, unlike wood, or even wood that has been preserved with a chemical sealant. You can also be safe in the knowledge that pests will have a great deal of trouble entering your shed meaning that the contents inside will remain protected at all times. In terms of practicality, metal sheds also have many good aspects. Aluminium is often the chosen material for certain types of shed as well as many other garden structures. Because of its very light nature it is a very easy material to build with. Both these metals are very strong and therefore sheds constructed out of either of these do not necessarily require a proper China Wall Decorations Suppliers foundation. Metal sheds will also cost you less over time because there is no need to purchase any treatments for the preservation of their exteriors.

On the other hand, wooden sheds need to be given at least one coating of preserver each year to reduce the chances of the structure falling into disrepair. However, there is one major disadvantage of choosing a metal garden shed especially if it is a budget model. As we all know, metal has a tendency to rust after much exposure to Wooden Valentine Decorations Manufacturers the elements. Metal shed manufacturers have already considered this problem so they treat the raw metals with special chemicals to reduce their susceptibility to rusting. Also, as aluminium is a lightweight metal, sheds made from this material can be affected by gusty winds. However, this problem can be eradicated by simply bolting the shed to the ground. When all is said and done, it can be said that a metal garden shed is without doubt the best product for the person who considers durability to be a more important factor than simple physical appearance.

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