He’s a man-sized Eldorado, Hooved a doo
and who could blame him. Where we going?
What’s the ticket? Just the mention of Berlin makes me sexy
and tired of thinking about drinking
for thinking of drinking while thinking
about drinking and thinking about drinking
It’s a man-sized inside

Look in here it’s all hardwood.
What’s that smell? Smells like coffee
If you regret it please say something,
I’ve got no genius for evil that makes me common
and tired of loving, recovering, loving, recoveringlovingrecovering
recovering. It’s a man-sized inside.

He’s a man sized – Eldorado, whoopty-do
if you can’t take it. Where he’s going?
What’s that ticking?
Just the mention of Berlin makes me sexy
and tired of thinkingaboutdrinkingforthinking
Tired of lovingrecoveringlovingrecoveringlovingrecoveringloving
It’s a man-sized inside. It’s a man-sized inside.

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