What Are The Requirements For Passenger Elevator Installation?

1) The civil structure and layout of the interior of the machine room and the hoistway must meet the requirements of the civil construction plan of the passenger elevator
2) Introduction of professional passenger elevator installation The main power switch must meet the following requirements:
a, the main power switch should be able to cut off the maximum current of the passenger elevator under normal use
b, passenger elevator switch should be able to easily access from the entrance of the machine room

3) The hoistway installed by professional مصعد الركاب must meet the following requirements:
a. When there is space available under the bottom of the pit and there is no safety gear device on the counterweight (or counterweight), the counterweight buffer must be installed (or must be below the balance re-running area) Extends to a solid pile pier on a solid floor.
b. Professional passenger elevator installer states that before the passenger elevator is installed, all the reserved holes of the landing door must be provided with a safety protection enclosure with a height of not less than 1.2m, and sufficient strength should be ensured.
c. When the distance between adjacent two-story door sills is greater than 11m, a hoistway safety door must be provided. The hoistway safety door is strictly prohibited from opening into the hoistway, and an electrical safety device for the passenger elevator to operate when the safety door is closed must be installed.
(4) Before the machine room is handed over to the passenger elevator contractor:
a. There should be fixed electrical lighting in the equipment room, and the illumination on the floor surface should not be less than 200lx.
b. The room should be ventilated, and the stale air drawn from other parts of the building should not be discharged into the machine room.
c. Passenger elevator assembly personnel should be able to easily enter the machine room or pulley room without temporarily using other auxiliary facilities.
d. During the construction process, if it is necessary to check the open position of the trapdoor, in order to prevent the person from falling, a guardrail should be placed around it.
e. There should be good anti-seepage and water leakage protection in the equipment room.

5) Provide the access and handling space required for the equipment to enter according to the requirements of the passenger elevator contractor.

6) Since the passenger elevator installation is a kind of aerial work, in order to facilitate the installation work of the installer in the hoistway, the general contractor should cooperate with the passenger elevator installation to build the scaffold in the appropriate part.

7) The hoistway shall be dedicated to the passenger elevator, and equipment and cables not related to the passenger elevator shall not be installed in the hoistway.

8) There should be good anti-seepage and anti-leakage protection in the pit, and there should be no water in the pit.

9) Each floor should have a horizontal reference mark.

10) Be sure to do the safety protection of the passenger elevator before the passenger elevator is installed.

Passenger Elevators Can Not Ignore Its Maintenance

The maintenance of the passenger elevator is a very important thing, which is related to the safety of people’s lives, so the maintenance of the elevator is very crucial. During the specified period of مصعد الركاب maintenance, the elevator components that are in operation are inspected, refueled, dust-removed, and the safety device is debugged. Including non-destructive testing and lubrication maintenance of elevator traction wire ropes. The next article will introduce you to the specific maintenance steps of the passenger elevator.

The passenger elevator is one of the heavy transportation equipments that are serviced by people or goods. To be good in service and avoid accidents, it is necessary to carry out the usual and regular maintenance of the elevator.

The passenger elevator is one of the heavy transportation equipments that are serviced by people or goods. To achieve good service and avoid accidents, it is necessary to carry out normal and regular maintenance of the elevator. Maintenance is to check the parts of the elevator during the specified period, to remove dust, etc. To make the elevator operate normally, reduce the failure, avoid accidents, and prolong the use of the passenger elevator, the daily inspection and maintenance work of the elevator is very important, daily Inspection and maintenance are important conditions to ensure the safe operation of the elevator. Daily inspection and maintenance of passenger elevators shall establish daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual inspection and maintenance systems, and shall be carried out by elevator maintenance workers. The maintenance personnel of the elevator shall make a preparatory test of the elevators responsible for maintenance before the daily work, and shall conduct daily inspections of the mechanical and electrical equipment in the equipment room. The details are as follows:

  1. The daily maintenance of the passenger elevator should be carried out by a professional team (issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision).

Second, the installed elevator First elevator manufacturers have a warranty period (usually 1–2 years).

Third, maintenance should implement the “Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations”, “Elevator Supervision and Inspection Regulations”, “Elevator Maintenance Rules” and related national standards, standards and local standards.

  1. In the event of a passenger elevator failure, the maintenance unit must arrive at the site within the specified time (the specific time is different, and the provincial regulations are within 30 minutes).
  2. Maintenance and maintenance of passenger elevators should be scheduled and fixed on schedule. Half-monthly, monthly and annual maintenance, all kinds of maintenance contents are different, but must be done, and must be recorded in detail and signed by both parties.
    It can be seen that the maintenance work of the passenger elevator is very important. Through the above, I hope that it will also help you. If you are interested in the passenger elevator or just need our products, please continue to pay attention to our official website or try Get in touch with us. Thank you for your continued attention and support.

Passenger Elevators Have A Wide Range Of Uses

Nowadays, the use of elevators is becoming more and more extensive, and there are many places in use, such as hospitals, supermarkets, and residential areas. Since the range of passenger elevators is so wide, how do we choose مصعد الركاب?

  1. When selecting, make sure that the hoistway environment and size used by the elevator meet the requirements. If it has not started yet, please design the map or ask the elevator manufacturer to plot. They will give the elevator specifications according to the building area, such as the rated load. , rated ladder speed, etc.
  2. If the hoistway is ready-made, you need to select the brand of the elevator first. Please ask the brand manufacturer or agent technician to measure the hoistway on the spot. Then determine the elevator size according to the size of the hoistway. Finally, the inquiry is made. If the price is right, the purchase contract is signed.

When selecting an elevator, first ask for the quality of the elevator equipment, and then pay attention to the level of installation and commissioning, and then the maintenance and management of the reasonable and timely. Through the above matters, choose a suitable and secure passenger elevator.

Understand The Principle Of Passenger Elevators

Our life has a passenger elevator more convenient, we work, go shopping, go out to play, there are passenger elevators, because the مصعد الركاب allows us to climb higher and more fast, this is the power of the machine, the age of the machine, although we I often take passenger elevators, but some people are more interested in passenger elevators. If you want to know how passenger elevators work, then follow otse elevator company to understand the principle.

1: The composition of the passenger elevator

The passenger elevator is mainly composed of a traction rope, a car phase, a counterweight, a guide wheel, a motor, a speed reducer, a brake and the like. The counterweight is connected to the car by the hoisting rope, and is wound around the guide wheel and the traction sheave respectively. The motor drives the traction sheave through the speed change of the reducer, and the counterweight is achieved by the friction between the traction sheave and the traction rope. The lifting movement of the car to achieve transportation purposes.

2: Brake function of passenger elevator

The brake is released when the motor is running, the passenger elevator is operated, the passenger elevator is de-energized, the car is stopped and lifted, and the stationary state is maintained at the designated layer to ensure the normal intrusion of personnel and goods. This is the importance of the brakes of passenger elevators throughout the passenger elevator.

3: Electrical system of passenger elevator

The electrical system realizes the control of the passenger elevator movement, and at the same time completes the selection, leveling, speed measurement and lighting work. Instruct the calling system to display the direction of movement of the car and the location of the floor at any time. The safety device ensures the safety of the passenger elevator.

What is the principle of a passenger elevator? Understanding the passenger elevator principle We need to understand the passenger elevator composition and the important brakes of the passenger elevator, and also understand the entire electrical system of the passenger elevator, because the various parts work together to make the passenger elevator convenient for our lives.

China’s Passenger Elevators To Upgrade Technology

China’s مصعد الركاب industry has developed rapidly, forming a formal industry system, and the materials are changing with each passing day. Nowadays, the passenger elevator products, technical grades and sales services of the enterprises have been greatly improved, and they have considerable strength and can satisfy the main body of our country. The needs of commercial housing. However, according to survey statistics, the number of passenger elevators put into operation in recent years has increased rapidly. The society is also concerned about the energy consumption of passenger elevators. As we all know, the power consumption of passenger elevators accounts for 17% to 25% of the total electricity consumption of these high-rise buildings, second only to the electricity consumption of air conditioners, higher than the electricity consumption of lighting and water supply. However, the energy-saving problem of passenger elevators has long been ignored by society.

The humanized design is the most important consideration for the manufacturers who choose the elevators for sightseeing passengers. The sightseeing passenger elevators are installed in the villas and homes for the convenience of the elderly and users. If the selected sightseeing passenger elevator cannot consider some wheelchairs that may need to be transported for a certain period of time, then the passenger elevator will be unmanned.

The proportion of energy-saving passenger elevators in China is relatively small, and the design, manufacturing, testing, and supervision of passenger elevator energy conservation are still weak. According to relevant data, as of the end of 2011, there were approximately 1.5 million passenger elevators in use nationwide. Among them, about one-third of passenger elevators are old high-energy passenger elevators such as AC two-speed, AC voltage regulation, and less than 5% of passenger elevators that use more than 30% of permanent magnet synchronous drag technology. Less than 0.5% of passenger elevators can be used for energy regeneration with brake power feedback technology.

China’s energy-saving passenger elevator technology has reached the international advanced level in some aspects, but on the other hand, China’s passenger elevator energy-saving work is far from the developed countries, mainly reflected in the low penetration rate of energy-saving passenger elevators, passenger elevators. Energy-saving work started late and the foundation was weak. The community’s awareness of passenger elevator energy conservation was not strong. Therefore, it is imperative to promote the energy-saving work of passenger elevators in China.

How To Choose A Passenger Elevator With Guaranteed Quality

Nowadays, many people choose some مصعد الركاب, and the choice of these passenger elevators is also very important. If the quality of these passenger elevators is not enough, it is likely to cause the impact of later use. What method should I use when choosing this type of elevator? In fact, when we choose the elevator, the choice of the average person will first consider those products with relatively good brands. In their view, if the brands of these products have advantages, their quality is also very good.
Therefore, if economic factors allow, the products of big brands are often the first choice for many consumers. Passenger elevators are actually very important. Many people in the process of using them are very interested in the quality of such elevators. If the quality of the choices is problematic, the use of affordable consumers will have a greater impact. Therefore, when choosing this type of elevator, we must consider all aspects of the factors, as far as possible to achieve the quality of the elevator is high quality.

Passenger Elevator Accident Emergency

Regardless of the type of elevator, there are always some unexpected accidents during the long-term operation. Of course, مصعد الركاب are no exception. So, what are the reasons for the sudden failure of the passenger elevator in Shandong? How to deal with it in time? In response to these questions, the professional technicians of Fuji Elevator today will explain the details of the elevator accidents and emergency measures.

First, the cause of the passenger elevator accident
1. The topping or bottoming accident is generally caused by the failure of the brake of the van elevator. The brake is a very important part of the elevator. If the brake fails or there is a hidden danger, the elevator will be out of control.

  1. The main reason for the elevator door system accident is that the door lock works frequently and the aging speed is fast, which is easy to cause the door lock mechanical or electrical protection device to be unreliable.
  2. Elevator maintenance and repair units or personnel do not strictly implement the principle of “safety-based, pre-inspection and pre-repair, planned maintenance”.

Second, emergency measures for passenger elevator accidents
1. During the operation of the elevator, the vehicle suddenly stops due to power supply interruption, elevator failure, etc. When the passenger is trapped in the car, it should be rescued through the alarm bell, intercom system, mobile phone or elevator car. Actions to avoid accidents such as “cutting” and “falling in the well”.

  1. In order to rescue the trapped passengers, the vehicle maintenance operation should be carried out by the elevator maintenance personnel or under the guidance of a professional. When the car is being driven, the satin should be slow, especially when the car is moving up under the light load condition, to prevent the car from being thrown due to the counterweight. When the high-speed elevator of the gearless traction machine is used for rolling, the “gradual” type should be adopted to loosen the brake step by step to prevent the elevator from running out of control.
  2. When a fire occurs, it should immediately report to the fire department; press the fire button with the fire function elevator to make the fire elevator enter the fire operation state for the firefighters to use; for the elevator without fire function, the elevator should be driven immediately Go to the first floor and turn off the power or park the elevator on a floor where the fire has not spread.
  3. When an earthquake with a large magnitude and intensity occurs, once the earthquake is detected, the passenger will immediately leave the elevator car. After the earthquake, the elevator maintenance personnel should check and test the elevator, and then resume operation after normal operation.

The contents of the passenger elevator failure and emergency measures will be shared here today. If you have any questions about this, or if you encounter problems that are difficult to handle in the future, you can always call us and our professional technicians will answer you in the first time.

How To Choose Villa Elevator Manufacturers

With the continuous improvement of technology, people will choose to install a villa elevator at home in order to pursue a more perfect quality of life. The فيلا مصعد is correctly defined as a home elevator. It is an elevator installed in a private home for use by a single family member. Then today otse elevator will take everyone to understand!

Humanization is the first problem for villa elevators. The elevators are installed in villas and homes to facilitate the elderly and users. If the selected elevator cannot meet the wheelchair transportation for a certain period of time, the elevator will be unmanned. The size of the wheelchair is 68cm wide and 93cm long, so the elevator car must be larger than 70CM wide and 100cm deep, otherwise the wheelchair cannot be pushed. Perhaps the current use of elevators is only 40 years old, and in the future, they will be old, or there are already elderly people who need to take a wheelchair. There must be no elevators, and people who have a wheelchair seat every day go up and down.

Personalization is based on the architectural characteristics of the building or villa, as well as the identity, temperament and hobbies of the user. It is very important to choose an elevator that matches it. Because the villa itself is rich in its unique personality, and the purchase and the builder use different building structures and styles to reflect the individuality, the elevator must be personalized, otherwise it will reduce the grade of the villa.

Safety and reliability are of course one of the most important factors in choosing an elevator. How to choose a safe and reliable villa elevator is also very important. Households or developers who often use elevators are not familiar enough with elevators, so how to determine the safety and reliability of elevators must be tested by a third party.

Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly villa elevators need to consider noise, environmental protection and pollution, the height of the top floor and the power consumption. At present, the most energy-saving and low-noise elevators are permanent magnet synchronous main elevators, which can be rationally selected by the user. The villa elevator meets the needs of users for high-quality life. On the one hand, it can reach the destination quickly, safely and comfortably. On the other hand, it can also enjoy the fun of technology houses, comfortable houses and healthy houses.

You Do Not Know The Knowledge Of The Villa Elevator

With the continuous improvement of technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, many people choose to install فيلا مصعد at home for their convenience. Basically, in many cities, there will be some high-end villas. As high-end villas, villa elevators will slowly approach. Everyone’s life!

As far as villa decoration is concerned, the elevator can upgrade the hardware grade of the villa, highlighting the noble taste and personality of the villa owner; improving the quality of life of the villa owner, making the indoor transportation of the villa more convenient and more conducive to the owner’s home life; in addition, breaking the original villa The single pattern makes the originally fixed upstairs and downstairs space agile, adding to the indoor vitality and charm.

The villa elevator car decoration is made of home decoration materials. The warm and elegant wooden finishes can complement the decoration style of the home. The design of the elevator doors is also fashionable and beautiful. At first glance, you will think that it is a room door, you will not realize that it is an elevator.

Elevators are part of the barrier-free design, and the elderly and parents with children will like it. The villa space is generally divided into a basement, a first floor, a second floor, or even more layers. From the perspective of functional use, there are elderly people at home or inconvenient at night. At this time, we use elevators, which are ideal, and also improve the quality of life. .

There are a wide variety of villa elevator brands. For consumers, when choosing a villa elevator, you should have an understanding of the villa elevator.

Otse Villa Elevator Ride Comfort

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous development of science and technology, there are many types of فيلا مصعد. There are two types of elevators according to the mode of operation. There are two types of control methods: manual control and automatic control. . The frequency conversion device and the PLC control module can also be added as needed, and a floor call device and a floor device can be added. Then today otse elevator will take everyone to understand!

Most of the currently used on the market is non-weight-receiving. The drive system is placed above the top of the cage to reduce the noise inside the cage and increase the clearance in the cage. At the same time, the transmission is more stable and the vibration of the mechanism is smaller. The redesign simplifies the installation process. The counterweight construction elevator runs more smoothly and is more energy-efficient. However, due to its one-day pulley structure, it will be more troublesome when installing the knot, so the counterweight has gradually withdrawn from the market.

In order to facilitate the control of the construction elevator and its intelligence, the construction elevator can also be installed with a frequency converter, which is energy-saving and steplessly adjustable to run more smoothly and more comfortable to ride.

The construction elevator with the leveling device can make the control more convenient and more accurate to dock on the floor that needs to be docked. The installation floor call device can make the information flow more convenient to use, and also makes management more convenient.