Otse Villa Elevator Safety Performance Is High

For many years, the safety of فيلا مصعد has been highly valued. So how do you check the safety of the villa elevator before installing and using the villa elevator? Many people may not know. Today, the villa elevator manufacturer will bring you the mystery of the elevator factory:

First, the reliability test of the elevator door lock device of the villa

In order to ensure the safety of the elevator door lock device of the villa, in the type test room, each type of elevator door lock device must perform one million lockout experiments. The main function of the door lock is to prevent people from cutting accidents and personnel. A downhole accident.

Second, 10,000 tests to prevent shear accidents

The elevator door of the villa is the entrance and exit of passengers or goods. The elevator door system not only has the function of opening and closing the door, but also provides protection against falling and cutting of the hoistway. Elevator door locks are used to ensure reliable closing and locking of the elevator doors.

When the elevator reaches a certain floor, the door opens, the passenger enters the car, the door automatically closes, and the door lock detects that the door is closed and locked, and the elevator can start running. If the elevator is not completely closed and the elevator is started, a shearing accident is likely to occur.

Third, 10,000 experiments to achieve elevator “zero speed” braking

As the driving force of the villa elevator movement, when the car arrives at the station, the motor speed must be reduced to zero and the main brake must be driven to achieve “zero speed” braking. Once the elevator fails, the drive mainframe will use the brakes (brakes) to force the elevator to stop, so the reliability of the brakes is related to the safety of the elevator user’s life and property.

In short, the villa elevator must undergo 10,000 inspections and can only be installed after this experiment. This proves the quality of the villa elevator. The above is all the sharing of villa elevator manufacturers, I hope that the above sharing can bring you help, want to know more related information, please pay attention to otse home villa elevator!

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