More And More People Install Small Indoor Elevators

People living in buildings have elevators on the upper and lower floors, which is very convenient. But even duplexes, villas and self-built houses can be more than just stairs in the house. Too many people now install مصعد داخلي صغير! Practical does not occupy land, the house doubles, the real fire!

This small indoor elevator is a small, inorganic room and an indoor elevator without a pit. Unlike traditional small elevators, there is no need to build a well. The screw elevator mainly moves up and down through a belt or a speed reducer to drive the elevator to operate. Not only is the installation simple, but the maintenance costs are also low. Two or more floor units can be installed.

Ultra-small elevators with an area of ​​about 1.2*0.9 meters are usually placed in the corner of the room, which can save indoor space and improve the space utilization of the room.

And glass, color, size can be chosen according to their individual needs. On the whole, it can also be matched with the style of the interior, which is more beautiful and advanced.

Its load-bearing capacity is less than 400KG, and it can take 2~3 people at the same time. The small indoor elevator speed does not exceed 0.4m/s, and the safety performance is also stronger. Don’t worry about the elevators in the process of use, power outages and failures, internal automatic dialing and automatic rescue devices, can be more assured.

The small indoor elevator has low noise and low operating energy consumption, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of a refrigerator. It is very environmentally friendly and is very suitable for home installation. If there are elderly people and children who are inconvenient to move at home, they will be able to live more easily without having to climb stairs.

Install a small indoor elevator and experience another high-end lifestyle that not only highlights the unique home improvement charm, but also allows the family to enjoy a better quality of life.v

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