Installation Conditions For Small Indoor Elevators

Installation conditions for small indoor elevators:

  1. Vertically penetrating hoistway space

Depending on the orientation of the device, the elevator can be placed in the middle of the stairs, in the civil engineering hoistway, against the wall, etc., regardless of the orientation of the device, there is a need for a vertical through space. This point is particularly important when cutting the مصعد داخلي صغير in the slab installation. Many time owners and the construction team do not communicate well. It is very simple to see that the holes are cut at the same level on each floor, but the vertical space does not run through. Therefore, such a small indoor elevator cannot be installed, and secondary construction is required, which wastes time and wastes manpower.

2, reserved for the pit

Elevator installations generally require the retention of pits. In addition to being able to be installed in a traditional villa environment, it can also be installed in an environment such as a high-rise duplex building that cannot be dig deep into the pit. The device is convenient and flexible.

3, reserved top level

For safety reasons, perhaps because of the structure of the elevator itself, the elevator installation needs to reserve a top floor height space.

4, determine the power supply orientation and wiring

Small indoor elevators have different power supply orientations due to different structures. If the standard speed is selected, a 220V single-phase three-wire power supply is required, and a three-phase five-wire power supply with a speed requirement of 380V is required.

5, the end of the hard work in the home

As a sophisticated large-scale household appliance, the home elevator requires special attention to prevent dust pollution during installation and daily maintenance. If the elevator is installed before the house decoration, a lot of dust generated in the decoration process will enter the elevator. On the one hand, it is difficult to clean. More importantly, the fine dust enters the interior of the elevator structure, which will affect the normal operation of the elevator and greatly shorten the elevator. The service life. Therefore, the small indoor elevator installation must be carried out after the decoration is completed.

6, fully communicate with manufacturers, installation teams, decorative construction teams

The quality of the device determines the operation and service life of the small indoor elevator. Therefore, it is necessary to fully communicate with the manufacturer, the installation team and the decoration construction team before the installation, and acknowledge all the details and prepare the elevator for the installation.

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