Passenger Elevator Accident Emergency

Regardless of the type of elevator, there are always some unexpected accidents during the long-term operation. Of course, مصعد الركاب are no exception. So, what are the reasons for the sudden failure of the passenger elevator in Shandong? How to deal with it in time? In response to these questions, the professional technicians of Fuji Elevator today will explain the details of the elevator accidents and emergency measures.

First, the cause of the passenger elevator accident
1. The topping or bottoming accident is generally caused by the failure of the brake of the van elevator. The brake is a very important part of the elevator. If the brake fails or there is a hidden danger, the elevator will be out of control.

  1. The main reason for the elevator door system accident is that the door lock works frequently and the aging speed is fast, which is easy to cause the door lock mechanical or electrical protection device to be unreliable.
  2. Elevator maintenance and repair units or personnel do not strictly implement the principle of “safety-based, pre-inspection and pre-repair, planned maintenance”.

Second, emergency measures for passenger elevator accidents
1. During the operation of the elevator, the vehicle suddenly stops due to power supply interruption, elevator failure, etc. When the passenger is trapped in the car, it should be rescued through the alarm bell, intercom system, mobile phone or elevator car. Actions to avoid accidents such as “cutting” and “falling in the well”.

  1. In order to rescue the trapped passengers, the vehicle maintenance operation should be carried out by the elevator maintenance personnel or under the guidance of a professional. When the car is being driven, the satin should be slow, especially when the car is moving up under the light load condition, to prevent the car from being thrown due to the counterweight. When the high-speed elevator of the gearless traction machine is used for rolling, the “gradual” type should be adopted to loosen the brake step by step to prevent the elevator from running out of control.
  2. When a fire occurs, it should immediately report to the fire department; press the fire button with the fire function elevator to make the fire elevator enter the fire operation state for the firefighters to use; for the elevator without fire function, the elevator should be driven immediately Go to the first floor and turn off the power or park the elevator on a floor where the fire has not spread.
  3. When an earthquake with a large magnitude and intensity occurs, once the earthquake is detected, the passenger will immediately leave the elevator car. After the earthquake, the elevator maintenance personnel should check and test the elevator, and then resume operation after normal operation.

The contents of the passenger elevator failure and emergency measures will be shared here today. If you have any questions about this, or if you encounter problems that are difficult to handle in the future, you can always call us and our professional technicians will answer you in the first time.

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