China’s Passenger Elevators To Upgrade Technology

China’s مصعد الركاب industry has developed rapidly, forming a formal industry system, and the materials are changing with each passing day. Nowadays, the passenger elevator products, technical grades and sales services of the enterprises have been greatly improved, and they have considerable strength and can satisfy the main body of our country. The needs of commercial housing. However, according to survey statistics, the number of passenger elevators put into operation in recent years has increased rapidly. The society is also concerned about the energy consumption of passenger elevators. As we all know, the power consumption of passenger elevators accounts for 17% to 25% of the total electricity consumption of these high-rise buildings, second only to the electricity consumption of air conditioners, higher than the electricity consumption of lighting and water supply. However, the energy-saving problem of passenger elevators has long been ignored by society.

The humanized design is the most important consideration for the manufacturers who choose the elevators for sightseeing passengers. The sightseeing passenger elevators are installed in the villas and homes for the convenience of the elderly and users. If the selected sightseeing passenger elevator cannot consider some wheelchairs that may need to be transported for a certain period of time, then the passenger elevator will be unmanned.

The proportion of energy-saving passenger elevators in China is relatively small, and the design, manufacturing, testing, and supervision of passenger elevator energy conservation are still weak. According to relevant data, as of the end of 2011, there were approximately 1.5 million passenger elevators in use nationwide. Among them, about one-third of passenger elevators are old high-energy passenger elevators such as AC two-speed, AC voltage regulation, and less than 5% of passenger elevators that use more than 30% of permanent magnet synchronous drag technology. Less than 0.5% of passenger elevators can be used for energy regeneration with brake power feedback technology.

China’s energy-saving passenger elevator technology has reached the international advanced level in some aspects, but on the other hand, China’s passenger elevator energy-saving work is far from the developed countries, mainly reflected in the low penetration rate of energy-saving passenger elevators, passenger elevators. Energy-saving work started late and the foundation was weak. The community’s awareness of passenger elevator energy conservation was not strong. Therefore, it is imperative to promote the energy-saving work of passenger elevators in China.

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