Understand The Principle Of Passenger Elevators

Our life has a passenger elevator more convenient, we work, go shopping, go out to play, there are passenger elevators, because the مصعد الركاب allows us to climb higher and more fast, this is the power of the machine, the age of the machine, although we I often take passenger elevators, but some people are more interested in passenger elevators. If you want to know how passenger elevators work, then follow otse elevator company to understand the principle.

1: The composition of the passenger elevator

The passenger elevator is mainly composed of a traction rope, a car phase, a counterweight, a guide wheel, a motor, a speed reducer, a brake and the like. The counterweight is connected to the car by the hoisting rope, and is wound around the guide wheel and the traction sheave respectively. The motor drives the traction sheave through the speed change of the reducer, and the counterweight is achieved by the friction between the traction sheave and the traction rope. The lifting movement of the car to achieve transportation purposes.

2: Brake function of passenger elevator

The brake is released when the motor is running, the passenger elevator is operated, the passenger elevator is de-energized, the car is stopped and lifted, and the stationary state is maintained at the designated layer to ensure the normal intrusion of personnel and goods. This is the importance of the brakes of passenger elevators throughout the passenger elevator.

3: Electrical system of passenger elevator

The electrical system realizes the control of the passenger elevator movement, and at the same time completes the selection, leveling, speed measurement and lighting work. Instruct the calling system to display the direction of movement of the car and the location of the floor at any time. The safety device ensures the safety of the passenger elevator.

What is the principle of a passenger elevator? Understanding the passenger elevator principle We need to understand the passenger elevator composition and the important brakes of the passenger elevator, and also understand the entire electrical system of the passenger elevator, because the various parts work together to make the passenger elevator convenient for our lives.

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