What Are The Requirements For Passenger Elevator Installation?

1) The civil structure and layout of the interior of the machine room and the hoistway must meet the requirements of the civil construction plan of the passenger elevator
2) Introduction of professional passenger elevator installation The main power switch must meet the following requirements:
a, the main power switch should be able to cut off the maximum current of the passenger elevator under normal use
b, passenger elevator switch should be able to easily access from the entrance of the machine room

3) The hoistway installed by professional مصعد الركاب must meet the following requirements:
a. When there is space available under the bottom of the pit and there is no safety gear device on the counterweight (or counterweight), the counterweight buffer must be installed (or must be below the balance re-running area) Extends to a solid pile pier on a solid floor.
b. Professional passenger elevator installer states that before the passenger elevator is installed, all the reserved holes of the landing door must be provided with a safety protection enclosure with a height of not less than 1.2m, and sufficient strength should be ensured.
c. When the distance between adjacent two-story door sills is greater than 11m, a hoistway safety door must be provided. The hoistway safety door is strictly prohibited from opening into the hoistway, and an electrical safety device for the passenger elevator to operate when the safety door is closed must be installed.
(4) Before the machine room is handed over to the passenger elevator contractor:
a. There should be fixed electrical lighting in the equipment room, and the illumination on the floor surface should not be less than 200lx.
b. The room should be ventilated, and the stale air drawn from other parts of the building should not be discharged into the machine room.
c. Passenger elevator assembly personnel should be able to easily enter the machine room or pulley room without temporarily using other auxiliary facilities.
d. During the construction process, if it is necessary to check the open position of the trapdoor, in order to prevent the person from falling, a guardrail should be placed around it.
e. There should be good anti-seepage and water leakage protection in the equipment room.

5) Provide the access and handling space required for the equipment to enter according to the requirements of the passenger elevator contractor.

6) Since the passenger elevator installation is a kind of aerial work, in order to facilitate the installation work of the installer in the hoistway, the general contractor should cooperate with the passenger elevator installation to build the scaffold in the appropriate part.

7) The hoistway shall be dedicated to the passenger elevator, and equipment and cables not related to the passenger elevator shall not be installed in the hoistway.

8) There should be good anti-seepage and anti-leakage protection in the pit, and there should be no water in the pit.

9) Each floor should have a horizontal reference mark.

10) Be sure to do the safety protection of the passenger elevator before the passenger elevator is installed.

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