What to Consider Before Choosing a DTH Service Operator?

The festive season is about to come and electronic items like smartphones and TVs would be sold in the biggest quantity. 32, 43, 49, and 55 inches LED TVs would be largely preferred by the Indian customers. And a question arises after purchasing a TV – who would be your DTH Service Provider? Choosing the right operator, channels, and plans are the most confusing things that come in front before making choice for a DTH Service Operator. But don’t worry!! We make it a bit easy for you. You must prefer following things before choosing your DTH operator:


Figure out what type of person you are? For example, you take interest in watching sports; then you must prefer a plan that is consisting of most of the Sports & News Channels. Secondly, you should check out; how my channels are free, regional channels are included or not, and how many interactive and HD channels are included. Conclusively, you can go for limited channels package if it is consisting of all important channels you would like to see.


Before choosing a plan, you must check the channels inside that are relevant to you. Secondly, look out for extra amount you have to pay for sports/lifestyle packages. And most importantly, you should keep in mind that how easily you can switch over the plans. You can check online for all Online DTH recharges. For example, if you are looking for Videocon Online D2H Recharge – you must type Videocon D2H Recharge.

And always keep in mind that Basic packages do not include Sports, Movies, Lifestyle, and HD Channels.

Installation Charges

Installation charges must be clarified in advance at the time of booking or purchasing a connection. Otherwise, technicians may

ask for the different and excess amounts at the time of installation. Or if they are not mentioned at the time of booking, you may have to pay extra for installation.

Normal or HD?

It makes a perfect sense to go for HD connection or HD set-top-box if you already have HD Ready or Full HD television. Though you have to pay more the picture quality would be completely different from the normal one; like it’s crystal clear. But if you are tight with your budget or you are having old CRT TV, you can go for normal picture quality plans.

Should you go for DVR?

A DVR or Digital Video Recorder offers an ultimate convenient feature over the standard TV Set-Top-Box and that is; Play and Pause. Yes, you can pause your live TV if you get an urgent call from someone. And you can watch it later with its ‘live recording feature’.  Suppose two important programs are being aired at the same time on different channels. You can record one of them and watch it later. You also get this feature with your Videocon D2H online recharge via TalkCharge.com.

Videocon D2H Recharge

Keep all these things in your mind and you would get the best DTH connection with the best plan at your home. You can go to TalkCharge.com, recharge your Videocon D2H, and get a guaranteed cashback in your TalkCharge Wallet.

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