Why buying an Air Purifier might be the best New Year’s gift for you and your family

The recent reports and Statistics regarding the air quality and pollution levels in most of the major cities of India especially the NCR region has raised the eyebrows of millions of people in astonishment. One can deal with water pollution by installing water filters but how can one deal with air pollution? Air is an ever-pervading medium in our environment that is responsible for the life of each and every organism on earth. Therefore one cannot avoid exposure to air and falls an indirect victim to the air pollution. Though one just can’t altogether avoid getting exposed to air, the modern precautionary measures to deal with the air pollution comprise of good quality masks, air purifiers, and fresh air cans. The culture of using the mask and fresh air cans is very popular in the Western world where the air pollution levels are very high. The people in the western world have also been using air purifiers since decades, and with the current pollution levels and poor air quality, a number of people in India are also buying high-quality air purifiers to at least keep the air in their homes free of all pollutants.

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Air Purifiers – What and How:

  • An air purifier is also known as air cleaner and is used to remove the pollutants ascertain contaminants from the air in a confined place, like a room and a house.
  • The air purifiers are generally used in the hospitals where the patient suffering from certain allergies and asthma are admitted.
  • Also useful in reducing and dealing with the second-hand tobacco smoke, the air purifiers are now becoming a must-have appliance in everyone’s homes.
  • The general air pollutants that can be removed with the help of an air purifier comprise of dust, pollen, mold spores, dust mite feces and various other allergens.
  • Apart from these, the air purifiers can be installed in the rooms of people suffering from allergies that are worsened by the airborne particles. Air purifiers have become one of the most trending home appliances to be installed because they can easily and quickly clear the suspended particles and allergens from the air, effectively deal with the odor, smoke, dust and pet dander.
  • You can buy the air purifiers from various brands online and make the purchase easy on your pockets by using the Croma offers.

Benefits of using the Air Purifiers:

  • The air purifiers are some of the best mechanisms to filter the dust particles, moulds and pollen in the air. They can also effectively remove all kind of contaminants that stay in a suspended form in the air. Thus, an air purifier makes the air around you completely pure and safe for breathing and free of all kind of suspended pollutants.
  • If you have a pet at home, then it is a well-known fact that your home reeks of their characteristic smell. To keep your home smelling good all the time irrespective of having a pet around all you have to do is install some good quality air purifier.
  • If you have a case of seasonal allergies will having an air purifier at your home will surely make every season easy on your allergy.

If you want to make your purchase of an air purifier pocket-friendly, then don’t forget to use the latest offers and coupons.

5 Amazing Things That You Can Buy From Shopclues

Shopclues has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years because it is quite reliable and has a ton of products available on it. It also has great customer service. To have such a successful platform you must provide users with quality products and this website does it perfectly. With so many choices a user is bound to get confused in deciding what to buy. Well, we are here to make your task easier.

Here are 5 things that you can buy from Shopclues:

1) Watches

Watches are something that never tends to go out of style and you can never have too many of them. There are tons of options to choose from and it would be easy to compare watches on the website. You also have the option to select the price range and even the brands of watches you want to get. This saves a lot of time and would help you to make a better choice.

2) Mobile Phones

You should always buy this item from an online store rather than from a local store. This is because the physical stores might not have all the models available and then you would be making a choice from that limited products. However, you can easily get all the models online and in different variants. Also, it is easy to compare products online.

3) Shoes

People are reluctant to buy clothing items or footwear because they fear whether it would fit them or not. Well don’t worry, there are size charts available just for this and even then if you have ordered the wrong size, you can get a refund or replacement for the product. There are many different types of shoes available on Shopclues like Dress shoes, sports shoes, sneakers etc. Make sure to explore Shopclues offers to get yourself a discount on products.

4) Headphones

Technology is something that people are very comfortable buying online. The thing with headphones is that there are so many different kinds of headphones and from so many different brands.

These come in a very different price range from about Rs. 500 you can buy headphones till Rs. 2 Lakhs or so and this is just an estimate. The sound quality, build quality and the mic are the few things that you should give importance to while buying a headphone.

5) Wallets

Wallets are very important for men, they are not just a thing to flaunt in front of others, It’s an item that holds all the valuable stuff. You can put in cash, debit cards, credit cards or something important that you don’t want to lose. It is crucial to invest in a good quality wallet so that it can last you long.

Do not buy wallets that are huge in size and won’t even fit in your pocket, always try to buy something that you can carry easily anywhere.

Today with the advancement of technology we can buy anything from the internet with a single click. Shopping is made so easy that you don’t even have to leave your home for it. There are many platforms that give you this service, one of which is Shopclues. You can also use Shopclues offers while buying stuff to get yourself some amazing Deals. The above-compiled list is the five items that you can buy from Shopclues. There are many other items that you can also get from this platform but these are just the best to buy.

6 Tips to Choose the Best Headphones

With so many options available in the market choosing the best headphone can be very challenging. The thing that you should ask yourself is what actually do you want in the headphone? Is the sound quality or volume? Well, there are tons of headphones on the market that will serve your purpose. Also, there are different kinds of headphones, the classic wired ones or the new wireless ones. You can buy these different kinds of headphones from Croma. Don’t forget to use Croma coupons to get some spectacular discount on products.

But in the end, all that matters is the experience. You buy headphones so that you can enjoy your songs with the best sound structure and quality you want. But while making a decision you are bound to get confused because there are so many options available in the market. This blog is here to help you.

Here are some tips to choose the best headphone for an amazing music experience:

Croma Coupons for Headphones

1) When would you use the headphones?

It is a very essential question that you should ask yourself. If you are just going to use them at your home or college then you can go for a wired headphone. Wireless headphones would be better if you are looking to use them in the gym or while running. It won’t cause the wires to cluster together and create a mess and you can do physical activities with ease.

2) Comfort

Comfort must be a huge faction in the decision of selecting the best headphones. It is essential for your headphone to be comfortable so that you can use it for a long duration. An uncomfortable headphone might give you amazing sound quality but there is no but if it is not comfortable to wear they you won’t be able to use it repeatedly and eventually just stop using it.

3) Don’t focus on the brand

It is not necessary that big brands always provide good headphones; they have some models that are good and some that are not. They usually also cost a lot. There are tons of smaller companies that can give you good quality products at a very reasonable cost and you should try them.

Many people just try to avoid these small companies because they think the product is not genuine or not of good quality. This is not the case, without giving a chance to these small companies it would be unfair to say so. There are some very good small companies that are making some amazing products.

4) Noise canceling feature

This feature is present only in high-end products. If you are low on budget then you should think twice before purchasing a product with this feature. You may have to compromise on the quality of sound which is not all recommended.

If you do have the budget and you are in need of noise-canceling feature then you can check out Croma store. They have a variety of headphones from different brands. Make sure to use Croma coupons, to get yourself some amazing deals and offers.

5) Test them out before buying it

Don’t just rely on reviews or your friend’s advice, each person has a different opinion and a different taste. You should always try a product at least once before buying it. It is possible that the product that you were thinking of getting does not suit you or you just don’t like it. Most stores have demo pieces available for testing.

6) You get what you pay for

This is an obvious one but many people just don’t get it. You would not get an Rs. 3000 product if you only pay Rs. 500. Do not expect such thing but rather what you should aim is to get the best product in that price range. We would suggest that you should save some money and then invest in a quality pair that would last you for a long time and give amazing sound quality.

The above-compiled list is a set of the six important tips to choose the best headphone for amazing music experience. Some people are very passionate about music and it is important that they should buy a device which can give good quality output. They just need to select the right and the best product from the market, fitting in their budget.


Tips to Buy Designer T-shirts Online

T-shirts are not just an essential piece of apparel, but they are the best thing you can wear casually. Fabric and right fitting play a significant role when you buy a casual designer tee. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the perfect fitting t-shirt either. These are a few important things to consider buying a designer t-shirt online.

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Know your measurements and body type

Many people buy their t-shirts in small, medium or large sizes. But our bodies come in all different shapes and sizes so don’t be surprised if standard sizes don’t fit you that well. So before buying a t-shirt for yourself, it’s good to walk into a store and learn a general sense of your body type. You can also check your measurements at homes such as your neck size and arm length and even chest and waist size.

Check if the t-shirt fit your body perfectly?

Generally speaking, the right t-shirt will be nicely fitted to your body with little extra material. The goal of the fitting should be no excess fabric that billows or bunches up to make you look like you are wearing a parachute.

If we talk about specific fitting, you should know that the shoulder of t-shirt seams hug your shoulders and just stops at its end. Make sure the sleeves are comfortable and not too short or long.

Fabrics (whatever works best for you)

Depending on your style, and even the time of year can make a big impact on the type of fabric that you will go for. For instance, you cannot wear a heavy textile material in the middle of summer. You will need a lighter and smoother fabric t-shirt. There are also many types of fabric from twill to Oxford, cotton to polyester and silk to nylon.

Don’t miss considering the quality

If you buy a designer t-shirt, make sure to check the print. Generally, prints fade away on one or two wash or at the time of ironing. The most important thing is just because an item says 100% cotton; it doesn’t necessarily mean it is of good quality. Not all the kinds of cotton are created equally. The tighter the weave is, the longer that garment will last and most of all, the density of fabric also matters.

At last, don’t forget to buy what works best for you, the fabric you are most comfortable in.

You can get the best fabric designer t-shirts through Bewakoof at very affordable prices. Use Bewakoof coupons and enjoy some best deals on your order.

Make sure to try it on

This can be the simplest thing but it helps a lot.  Because it is impossible to know how something is going to look on you until and unless you try it on. Moreover, you need to know the proper measurement of the t-shirt you are going to buy. Don’t ever invest in the stuff which is not true to your size.


Top Gifts you can Buy from Ferns and Petals

A birthday comes once in a year. To make it exciting and special, surprise your loved one with lots of love and care. Even if you aren’t able to meet them on their birthday, send your love through gifts online at very affordable prices.

Ferns & Petals has made it simple. You can get your gifts delivered on the same day. Below is are the different type of birthday gifts available online on their website at affordable rates.

Delicious Cake

Make birthday celebrations more fantastic by getting delicious cakes for your loved one. You can have a different category for girls and boys with different flavors like butterscotch, red velvet, special chocolate cake, crimson love cake, crunchy Choco cake, walnut truffle and so on. Some of the best are:

  • Designer Cakes
  • Five-star cakes
  • Photo Cakes
  • Premium cakes

You can use Ferns and Petals coupon to get the most delicious cake of your choice at a very affordable price.


Flowers are the most beautiful gift to be gifted on any beautiful occasion. There are different types of flowers available which you can choose from and some of them are:

  • Orchid arrangements- the most colourful and fragmented flowers. These are available in different options:
    1. Impressive orchid bouquet
    2. Blue orchid with a vase
    3. Splendid purple orchid
    4. Heart shaped orchid
    5. Rose and orchid in a vase

2) Exotic flowers

3) Carnations

4) Roses

5) Mixed flower arrangement


Get quick and best service when it comes to the decoration part, especially for a birthday surprise. FNP provides you easy, fast and amazing service. You can get a variety of options.

Cosmetic & Spa

We cannot hide the fact that we love to collect different cosmetic product. No matter if it’s a girl or a boy, each and everyone loves to use fascinating cosmetic. Here you can get hampers and combos of different beauty product at a very affordable price. This category includes:

  • My fair lady hamper
  • Aromatic paper rose soaps
  • Park Avenue hamper
  • Relaxing soap hamper
  • The man company charcoal set
  • My glam eyes and nails product
  • Rejuvenating hampers for moms
  • Premium gift hamper for men
  • Mothers delight

This can be the most amazing and luxurious gifts for your special ones.

Gift Basket:

This is the best gift category and is loved by so many people. It includes gift basket which contains different food items and chocolates. Moreover, this can be the best gift to choose for a foodie. Some of the items that you can get in gift basket are:

  • Loaded with chocolates
  • Nutritional hamper
  • Teddy and chocolate basket
  • Sweet hamper
  • Ferrero chocolate hamper
  • Non-stop chit chat basket
  • Sensational treat gift basket

 Now choosing gifts has become much easy with Ferns & Petals at very affordable rates. Go check their website to know more and amaze your mains by precious gifts.

TNEB Online Bill Payment: Easy, Instant and Secure

The way we pay our bills has changed drastically in the past few years. In the era of smartphones and high-speed internet, you can carry out all of your bill payments and E-Recharges with the help of online portals. TNEB is a well-known name for residents of Tamil Nadu as it is a state-owned electricity board. This article will tell you how TNEB bill payment has become easier and more convenient than ever.

Choose online platforms

Tamil Nadu government has made sure that the residents are able to make their electricity Bill Payments without leaving their homes. There are a number of online platforms that lets you carry out the transaction within a couple of minutes. This way, you don’t need to waste your crucial time standing in long queues.

All you need to do is choose a trusted platform like TalkCharge so as to make your TNEB online bill payment. Going for a traditional method for paying your monthly electricity bill seems unwise when you can choose a smarter way.

Your security is ensured by online bill payment platforms

Worrying about the security of your data as you carry out online bill payments is quite common. However, you need to be assured because these online platforms make sure that the transactions are done in an encrypted manner, your bank details and private information can’t reach the hands of intruders. These platforms have to follow strict rules made by the government so as to ensure that user security is not hindered.

Online payment is the most affordable for you

This is perhaps the best part about online bill payments that you can never experience with the conventional method. You can make your bill payments affordable with the help of various cashback offers provided by online portals. This cashback is added back to your E-Wallet and can be redeemed while making future E-Recharges and Bill Payments. It is advised to choose the methods that let you save some bucks along with introducing ease in your life.

This is only going to be possible with the help of online platforms for the purpose of Bill Payments.

Realise the need of convenience, ease, and affordability in your life and choose the methods that provide these. Always go for online Bill Payment if you want to make your life a whole lot easier. There’s hardly any point in choosing the traditional methods when the online platforms can give you a better experience.

Things to Consider before Buying Electronic Products

Buying the perfect electronic gadget from a sea of brand-new technical gadgets can be a tricky job. A little planning, in this case, can not only save your time, but it can also save your money. Furthermore, it will help you buy the best gadgets depending on your needs. Here are some quick tips and tricks that you should consider before buying an electronic gadget either online or offline.

Check the Calendar

If buying your preferred electronic gadget is not an absolute necessity, then you should definitely wait for the festive seasons to arrive. Festive occasions often come with low prices for electronic gadgets. You can avail the best deals on such events using Croma coupons.

Croma Coupons

Online shopping has some perks as compared to offline shopping. One of them is that you tend to get better deals and discounts when you are shopping online.

Compare and Check Reviews

Never get attracted to those alluring ads which the websites provide on a daily basis. Before you decide to purchase your gadget, make sure to compare and check the customer reviews of the products that have already been purchased. That way you are likely to get a brief idea of what the product is like and how it is going to work.

Beware of Online Scammers

Do not fall into a scam trap while purchasing electronic gadgets. A number of fake dealers and websites exist over the internet, and all you need to do is check for the website’s authenticity. Not every dealer will provide you with an authentic product. Therefore, you need to do a rough survey of the website and go through it thoroughly so that you do not fall under the trap of scammers.

Check for warranty cards and authority products. Grabbing discounts and offers all the time may lead you to a bigger problem.

Comparison of your Shopping Through App

Make sure that you constantly point to the apps that present descriptive information and not only the retailing information. This step will help you save money in case you get better deals online. Thus, the sole purpose of comparison shopping is letting you know the actual price of a product and saving your surplus money.


Check that the product is not tampered or opened previously. You should get a product intact in a box that is sealed and covered. It should seem a product purchased right from the store.

Make sure to check the serial number of the product. It will help you understand whether the product is authentic or not. In case of offline shopping, you can check it right at the counter itself. But, in the case of online shopping, make sure to keep the delivery representative waiting while you go through the entire packaging of the product.

These are tips for shopping an electronic gadget online or offline. Make sure to keep these tips in mind before going for an electronic shopping spree.

Amazing 5 Places to Visit in Northeast India

North-east India resembles a world with no bonds. Its culture changes every ten kilometers. The scenery and view are just amazing. You can spend countless hours and you will never wish to go back. North-east India has picked up a great deal of consideration among the explorers because of its unexplored land and its perfect beauty. It has become easy to book your holiday in the wonderful northeastern world because of sites like Akbar travels. Using Akbar Travels couponsyou can get an extra discount on your bookings.

Here are top 5 places to visit in Northeast India:

 1) Pelling, Sikkim

Pelling offers an all-encompassing perspective of the mountains like Kangchenjunga, Rathong, Frey, Kabru North, and others. You can visit the town, meet individuals of various societies, relish scrumptious Tibetan and Nepalese cooking styles and appreciate the picturesque excellence. There are some entrancing spots that you can visit in Pelling like Sing shore Suspension Bridge. This is the second most noteworthy canyon in Asia and the most elevated in Sikkim.

2) Guwahati, Assam

The biggest city in the Northeast and the passage to the seven sisters, Guwahati is a super city continually blossoming with festivities. It is an astonishing spot in the event that you need to tour the multicultural presentations of Assam. Some of the must-visit spots in Guwahati are Kamakhya Temple, Fancy Bazar, Assam State Zoo, Regional Science Center, and Accoland. You can likewise take up Boat visit to the island of Brahmaputra, where the celebrated Umananda Temple is located.

3) Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong is an entrancing town that has quickly developed into a cutting-edge place. It has social occasions and music celebrations throughout the entire year. This is a perfect vacation spot for your family to have some quiet time. Aside from this, spots to visit in Shillong incorporate Golf Course, Shillong Peak, and Elephant Falls. You can likewise visit adjacent spots from Shillong like David Scott Trail, Lumpongdeng Island.

4) Bishnupur, Manipur

Bishnupur is one of those places that have everything. It is a sublime land which is spotted with earthenware sanctuaries. This place would keep you and your family involved all through your outing. Situated at a separation of 29 km far from Imphal, the town is home to the moving deer-‘Sangai’ which is found in the southern piece of the Loktak Lake. You can be a part of the dynamic Yaoshang Festival which resembles Holi. Visiting Bishnupur in the long stretch of April, you could observe the much famous Cheiraoba Festival, which corresponds with the Meitei New Year.

 5) Aizawl, Mizoram

Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, is the biggest city in the state. Mizoram is famous for its inconceivably beautiful scenes and cascades and little hillocks with winding trails. Aizawl has a sub-tropical atmosphere that attracts guests from all over. One can visit locales like Durtlang Hills, Solomon’s Temple, Tamdil Lake, Burra Bazar, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, and Paikhai.

If you are looking to have quality time with your family in the beautiful hills these places are perfect for you. This visit will give you an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. North India is praised for the mountains, tea estate, and beautiful sceneries around us and so on. No one can really express the beauty of North India in words, you should definitely visit is and see for yourself. Another site that can help you make the booking process easy is Happyeasygo. You can get some amazing deals by applying Happyeasygo coupons.



Things to Keep In Mind While Selling Your Old Laptop

Is your laptop getting too old and does not work the way you want to? Or you just want to upgrade to a newer and better technology? Don’t sell your old laptop just yet. There are some things you need to keep in mind before you sell your old device at Cashify.

Create a safe Backup

Many people make this mistake quite often. You should always create a backup in a hard drive or another device so that you don’t lose all your important data. Ignoring this crucial thing can cause huge losses for people.

Format your Laptop

This is a very important step as your information is very valuable and no other person should have access to it. The information on the device may be private and some other person might use it against you. Many people just pass on the device without formatting it and regret it later.

Sell your Laptop Wisely

There are many physical stores that would surely buy your laptop but they will try to rip you off. Stores like these give you a very little amount for your laptop and you should prefer selling it online. Sell your laptop only on trusted platforms like Cashify. This is a spectacular website with a wide variety of electronic items. You can Use Cashify Coupon Code and avail the benefit of various deals and offers.

Clean your laptop before selling it

This is quite an obvious one but is overlooked by many. Before selling something it is important to make it look presentable. Laptop cleaning kits are a good option that you should consider. Do not leave any dirty marks on the screen.

De-authorize software

If you have bought any software on your old laptop that is still authorized then you need to straightaway de-authorize it. The software is not cheap. Software makers are very particular about customers paying for every service they use. If you try to install your software on the new laptop without de-authorizing it from the old own you might not be able it use it. You should make a list of all the software you have bought and then one by one carry on with this process.

After buying a new laptop people either discard or sell the old one. This is a very common practice. But the point is where do you sell these devices?. Cashify is a great platform for selling old electronic products. You can also use Cashify Offers to get yourself some additional benefits. But before selling your laptop make sure you go through the above-compiled list so save yourself a lot of hassle.

Choose the Right Shoes for the Right Occasion

It is believed that your shoes reveal more about you than your face. It’s not only the type of shoes you wear that matters; it’s also about how you carry them. In today’s world where even shoes have so many different categories, it’s important for you to choose the right pair for the right occasion. The selection of the perfect pair of shoes is dependent on many different factors like the occasion, your attire, the weather, etc. Fortunately, companies like Bata, offer a huge range of products that include all the different types of footwear.  However, there are a certain set of rules that one can follow in order to make a perfect choice.

Formal occasions demand a formal pair

If and whenever you have to go to a formal event, be it an office party with the clients or an interview for a job, it’s important to make a good first impression. A shining pair of black/brown leather shoes preceded by business formals will never fail you. Business professionals have a very keen and they tend to notice even the very minute details. The right pair of leather formals can put you next in line for a promotion.

Be comfortable around your friends

Your friends and family tend to care less about what kind of shoes you wear when you are around them. They are interested in what you have to say and what they want you to hear. It is very important for people to feel comfortable in such environments. If you are not comfortable you won’t be able to give your 100% to the conversation. So the perfect pair of shoes in such situations is the one that you like the best. It can be a pair of sports shoes, sneakers, loafers or even floaters. If they are comfortable they are perfect.

Do not treat Casual shoes casually

It’s one thing to hang out with friends and family at home or at a usual spot, it’s completely different if you are going out to a lounge, club or any other social gathering. In most cases, people tend to wear smart casuals when going out. It is important to pair them with a smart pair of casual shoes. They give your attire a touch of personality and can also help improve your confidence. Loafers, sneakers, boots, etc. are some examples of casual shoes for you to choose from.

It won’t be considered an exaggeration if one said that your shoes are a reflection of your personality. How you maintain your shoes, their condition, if they are polished or not and are you wearing the right pair at the right occasions, these are a few observations that can reveal a lot about you in a span of seconds. You can find the perfect pair of footwear at Bata. Bata Offers a lot of discounts to their customers and you could be one to take advantage of them and get your perfect pair at a reasonable price.