Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Ethiopian Music

Old Ethiopian music is still popular with many people inside and outside Ethiopia. It gave birth to so many talented Ethiopian artists. You can hear their songs in many popular establishments, from hotels to travel places to museums.

Ethiopian music has come a long way, from the era of rudimentary instruments to the modern age. Ethiopian music comes in different varieties. In addition to the traditional varieties, we find Ethio-jazz, hip-hop, soul, etc. Ethiopian music is dominated by Amharic music, which has its roots in Amhara region and the capital, Addis Ababa. Amharic is the most commonly-used language in Ethiopia and the official national language.

When we talk about Ethio-Jazz, there are many artists who left their mark among Ethiopians. The following five artists are some of our favorite ones who rocked the chart for decades.

Mulatu Astatke

Ethio-jazz is one of the most beloved music in all of Ethiopia. You can hear it in café’s, restaurants, hotels, services places, etc. Mulatu is the grand-dad of Ethio-jazz and a genuine pioneer in the development of this music. Born in the western Ethiopian city of Jimma, Mulatu was musically trained in London, New York City, and Boston where he combined his jazz and Latin music interests with traditional Ethiopian music. This melody wound up celebrated after it was matched up to a motion picture during the ’90s called ‘Broken Flowers’. From that point forward, Ethio-jazz has gradually re-appeared as a mainstream sort throughout the world. Always please to listen, it is a great entertainment in evening hours after work or weekends.

Mahmoud Ahmed 

Mahmoud Ahmed is an Ethiopian singer from the Gurage ethnic group. He gained great popularity in Ethiopia in the 1970s. He also rose to international fame with African music fans in Europe and the Americas. Mahmood Ahmed is the Frank Sinatra of Ethiopia. Mahmoud Ahmed sings Tizeta (love melodies) like nobody else. A singer who is passionate about his first love music and is the personal favorite among many Ethiopians. Mahmoud Ahmed is still going strong, even at his advanced age. You can see him swinging in key celebrations and events in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Tesfa-Maryam Kidane 

The Ethiopian saxophonist Tèsfa-Maryam Kidané was one of the most remarkable stylists of his generation. Between 1965 and 1972, he emerged as a brilliant, inspired player. He was influenced by the American radio programs broadcast from the US base in Asmara. Today he still works there, mainly in the clubs of Ethiopian and Eritrean diasporas. Heywete is at present our own favorite. It truly feels like the soundtrack of an urgent time. It is a timeless piece that is still being enjoyed by many inside Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

Dexter Story

Producer Dexter Story had a life-affirming experience when he went to Lalibela, Ethiopia, from his home in Los Angeles. Inspired by the sounds of Ethio-jazz and East African soul and folk music, the multi-instrumentalist recorded his latest 12-song album called Wondem, inspired by his love for Ethiopian music.

The creation of the album led Story to immerse himself completely in the country’s history and culture. He documented this experience on his cellphone, crafting the footage into colorful videos to accompany two of the album’s singles.

Dexter has taken the tremendous Ethio-jazz tunes and deciphered them into English with a cutting-edge soul/jazz turn, extremely particular.

Bezunesh Bekele 

Some portion of what we adore about Ethiopian music is the shared vitality that is aroused from the tunes and penetrating applauds. We cherish Aha Gedawo melody as it is a work of art and Bizunesh Bekele’s variant is so pleasant unlike any other. She has the most unique voice of the land, and for so long she has been the queen of Ethio-jazz.

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The Best Ethiopian Rappers That You Should Know About

When you talk about Ethiopian Rap/Hip Hop, these are some names who have given us its actual importance.

To be a true musician, particularly in Ethiopia, is a difficult feat to attempt.

Love of delivering only the best works is the sign of a genuinely amazing Ethiopian and Eritrean music.

Skat Nati

At the point when Skat Nati shock dropped his new single “Sira” (which means “work”) joined by a video shot in a best in the class region of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, many were left wondering where he originated from.

While Ethiopian rap had been a thing for a hot moment, this was the absolute first time we were acquainted with an appropriate Amharic device tune consolidating inconspicuous, conventional songs. Obviously, the theme before long turned into a moment hit both in Ethiopia and among the diaspora world, with the video assembling more than 600,000 YouTube views in only a couple of months.

Ras Nebyu

Washington D.C. has the most significant grouping of Ethiopians living outside of Ethiopia, with the diaspora now an essential piece of the neighbourhood culture (go for a walk down U Street and you’ll see). So, it shouldn’t come as an unexpected that many exceptional Ethiopian rappers hail from the region.


Okay, Aminé may not require a legitimate presentation. The Portland, Oregon rapper rose to acclaim after his single “Caroline” hit the diagrams in 2016, and he’s been executing it from that point onward.

Siimba Liives Long

Siimba Liives Long was conceived in New York, experienced childhood in Addis Ababa, and after that came back to Brooklyn. In 2015, Siimba dropped visuals for his single “Cocaine Bimbie,” coming back to Ethiopia to shoot the video, in which he can be seen singing with wild lions and honestly behaving recklessly.

Lola Monroe

Fershgenet Melaku, otherwise known as Lola Monroe, was conceived in Addis Ababa and brought up in Washington D. C’s. Garfield Terrace. Does she look like any of the common girls? That may be on the grounds that she previously was a video model under the moniker of Angel Lola Luv (back when being a “video lady” was a genuine vocation), and featured in numerous recordings we as a whole know and love, for example, Kanye West’s “Great Life” including T-Pain.

One Take Drew

In the same way, like other best in class Ethiopian-American specialists, OneTakeDrew is a rapper out of the DMV zone. Situated in Alexandria, VA, Drew started paying attention to rap a couple of years back, after his remix of Wale’s “Aspiration.” Since, at that point, numerous different remixes pursued and Drew wound up opening for Erykah Badu, Ab-Soul, and Stalley. In 2016, he discharged his first tape Ventilation, which landed him on Joe Budden’s digital broadcast.

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Learn To Play Eritrean Music – Today!

Everyone loves music. Music is everywhere, it pervades our world. Everyone knows music has power and importance. Music is powerful, deep and rewarding. In fact, it is the key to unlock the influence and emotions of our moods, and it promotes physical and mental well-being.

But have you ever stopped to consider why?

What is about music that gives it so much power and importance?

Here are the top reasons:

  • Music is a universal language
  • Music inspires emotion in a healthy way
  • Music enhances learning
  • Music creates ambiance
  • Music is spiritual
  • Music sparks the imagination
  • Music is a simple pleasure

Moreover, Music is not just a set of sounds and rhythms. It also influences the brain in a much deeper way than any other human experience. We listen to music everywhere and anywhere, every time and anytime. Nowadays, we have a huge number of options to choose from to listen to our music.

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The Significant Job Responsibilities Of A Typical Ethiopian Reporter

As in the rest of the world, the Ethiopian News Reporter collects and analyzes information of interest, including crime, government and breaking news, and broadcasts it to the public through newspapers, television, radio and the Internet. He/ She gathers information, writes coverage, conducts interviews, reports on-air and off-air, and edits broadcasts. These reporters especially cover important fields such as education, social affair or politics, and may work independently or with a team of other reporters, typically under the direction of an editor or a producer.

To accomplish their primary goal of broadcasting current and the right info to their readers, News Reporters perform many tasks. Here are the significant duties and responsibilities of an Ethiopian News Reporter:

Gather and Write Latest Amharic News

News Reporters collect info on allotted topics to report correct and timely news. They discuss with sources, follow-up on leads, and do research to be as well-informed as possible.

Report On-Air

While broadcasting, news stories are either recorded within a particular news studio or outside where the things unfold, depending on the story. News readers usually read from a script, but also must be knowledgeable about the topic that they are reporting on.

Conduct Interviews

A key element of a News Reporter’s job is to conduct interviews. These could also be broadcast live, or pre-recorded. Then Before reporting a story, they should have done analysis ahead and be ready to raise pointed and fascinating questions to the interview subject.

Generate Stories

News Reporters are entrusted with generating new and fascinating news stories to present to the public. They must always be looking for relevant, unique and burning topics to bring to the public, and investigating interesting new angles of stories that have already been covered.

News Reporters often possess excellent interpersonal skills and strong ethics. In addition to those general skills and traits, employers are seeking News Reporter candidates with the following skills.

  • Good writing skills, and capability to convey information in a clear, concise and conversational manner
  • Best live reporting skills and pleasing on-camera presentation skills
  • Professionally flexible to work round the clock, including nights and weekends
  • Ability to interact professionally and build relationships with sources
  • Skills to shoot and edit digital video
  • Very good research skills for navigating across various online search engines
  • Better understanding of Associated Press style
  • Experience in anchoring
  • Prior experience in social media
  • Multimedia expertise
  • Bilingual in English and Amharic

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