Features of a Tub Shower Combo

Being able to clean oneself is a thing that often gets taken for granted. To those who are able-bodied, it’s so simple to just stand under the water or sit on the tub floor. But, the elderly and disabled don’t experience that same ease in a regular tub. Standing up for as long as it takes to shower and getting on and off the tub floor can be at best somewhat dangerous and at worst impossible. A walk in tub with shower has multiple features that make bathing and showering easier for the elderly and disabled.


Lowering yourself onto the floor can be difficult when your body doesn’t move the way it used to. Getting back up can be even more difficult. While that’s hard, slipping is easy. A walk-in tub shower combo will have a seat for you to use that’s at the height of a regular chair. You can also sit down to take a shower if you want to. Some shower seats fold up while others cannot. But, even if the seat doesn’t fold up, there’s still enough room for someone to shower standing up.

Wall and Step

Since the seat is so high, the tub needs a high wall to contain the water you’ll need for a bath. So, there’s a door built into the wall so you can get in and out easily. The step underneath the door that leads into the shower is much shorter than that of a regular tub, so there’s no struggle to get in and out if you can’t lift your legs very high.

Slip Prevention

One peril of bathrooms when you have mobility issues is falling. Tiles and water don’t mix well, especially when someone with mobility issues is part of the equation. To lessen the risk of a fall, the tub shower combo has anti-slip floors. There’s also a towel bar on the door of the tub so you can dry off before your feet ever touch the tile. This helps lessen the risk of a fall even after your bath is over.

The ability to bathe alone is something most people don’t think about losing. But, age and disability can cost you the ability to use a regular tub or shower alone. A walk in tub with shower can help give you back your agency by giving you a tub that’s easily accessible and designed for safety and ease of use. Bathing shouldn’t only be for the able-bodied.

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