The most disappointing

Another satisfaction is difficult to Capello defender Gujierka, Everton’s defensive backbone of the market moving slowly, bit selection and awareness of defense issues are exposed, Edie Yahe the pole with his offside when the drag created later on, but when you looked around could not find anti-golf ball, and gave the opportunity Jian Shishe near the door.Capello even more stress is placed Soccer Jersey on new drills, and Euro qualifiers against Wales than in England replaced seven of the starting field, Virginia Baker, Giles Davis, who is also coming off the bench Grinding machine the second half to get the national team debut opportunities.
The most disappointing scene in stoppage time, Jian ball break, Lescott with the formation of one defensive trend, but the Manchester City defender’s center of gravity, by his opponent a moment to pounce out of Akira, thus lost the position, Jian go past Lescott at the far corner after the relevant statistic procedures succeed, leaving Manchester City Portrait root stakes stand still. Defender in England, the Terry, Rio Ferdinand is in addition now the most pampered Dawson, Tottenham, Manchester United’s Si Malin Rising in the Premier League has the potential, Lescott and Jiajierka, Gary Cahill and others are marginal figures, today just 45 minutes of poor performance, I am afraid will make Manchester City defender’s ranking further on the list.”

Agencies in the UK, The Sun and other media after the match score, England defense players generally score low, with the English Newswire Lescott scoring the lowest, only 5 minutes, Manchester City defender received the reviews are: ” Some edgy moments, which should prevent Jian break. Two silly fouls, one defensive Premier League Jersey mistakes led directly to a clean sheet, he points I’m afraid the impression that Capello heart plummeted. “Lescott 45 minutes off the bench, but perhaps his most want to forget the half-court ball.
This field is Lescott played for England 13 times, with a total score of 6 wins, 2 5 negative.

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England’s FIFA ranking and Ghana, respectively 6 and 16, but in the last World Cup in South Africa, Black Star of Africa than the Three Lions to go further, the field at Wembley warm-up match, Ghana players are valued, Jian, who once complained that before the game, Wayne Rooney, John Terry, Frank Lampard, who were both “withdrawal”, and this fight did not taste of England. It is worth mentioning that, in addition manchester city jerseys Joe Hart satisfactory, the City contribution for the two other England internationals Lescott and James Milner, are up to 24 million pounds worth, but the capacity and role of the suspect were tasteless This may be proved that from another angle, as Manchester City in certain transactions had taken advantage of. And Lescott as Jiajierka has 28 years of age, little room for improvement, be difficult to get rid of transients, such marginal people, and “the title. On the ball, England’s main defender Rio Man City kits Rio Ferdinand in the individual Sina microblogging comment: “I’ve just watched Ji goal, the top goal Rio did not say the ball defender in the course of this responsibility, see came here to leave the younger generation to face England. The second half, Lescott first edge of the area hit by opponents without the necessary, send a threat to the site’s free-kick, and the other in the wing defender, he was Jian go past, had to foul again, kicking. 90 minutes down, Capello praised the performance of the offensive players, but the defense is clearly not to his satisfaction.

If you’re like most businesses

The account can also be set up on interchange plus, which means that the processor is only charging the merchant interchange + a percentage on top of interchange to justify the customer service required to maintain the account + all of the overhead related to processing a credit card transaction. These resellers ultimately do not dictate the changes in the fees. Since this industry is overly complicated and really doesn’t need to be, we are attempting to rectify this problem and shed light on the complexities so all can understand who have taken the brave step toward entrepreneurship. For instance, it is important to understand what fees are being charged and who is charging it. Still confused? No need to worry, just make sure that you get a copy of the interchange rates on your merchant services account and ask how much profit is being built in over the interchange price. Some cards carry more risk than others based on the risk profile that this card was issued and now the eventual loss that occurred as a result. So the card issuers dictate to the processors what the fees look like for that month based on the amount of cards that were stolen and used without the owners approval as well as a Machine for making spring thorough risk assessment associated with the card. To make a little more complicated, the processors then take the rates and then have the choice to set up the account usually in 3 different ways.

If you’re like most businesses and take credit cards, chances are that you have come across a statement describing the rise in interchange fees and how that impacts the rates at which your business is processing credit cards. One, is 3 – tiered pricing where there are more or less 3 rate buckets that the transaction will fall into based upon the type of card is being processed. The rates are based on calculations of risk associated with the different card types that are offered to the public. Yet, a third way of setting up an account is to have a one rate quote that is a blend of all of the rates so that every card that runs through the machine is bucketed at the one rate + all of the associated fees with processing a credit card transaction such as authorization fees, batch closure fees, account fees, gateway and terminal supports fees etc. The changes happen usually once a quarter and sometimes every month. Since you cannot buy a merchant account directly with these card issuers, you need to buy from a reseller.

The Merchant Bill of Rights was established to help merchants understand their credit card transactions and that processing a credit card does not have to be so complicated. So think of it like this: A reseller (credit card processor) will break even if they allow businesses to run the same rates that they are getting from the (card issuers). It is the rates at which Visa / MasterCard / Discover / Amex charge their resellers. Processing credit cards means to service merchant credit card transactions and therefore there is a lot more to understand about the nature of the industry than just high rates and more and more fees. Interchange is simple. The fees are handed down and so many processing companies such as CCMP have no choice but to pass these fees on to the merchant.

Savvy promotions

If you have any suggestions for better bingo, write to us at feedback@usabingochief.comGoing even further, Bingo games are consistently held on certain nights in different communities and have become a ritual of some people. A caller extracts certain figures (ranging one to 75 in American Bingo, and one through 90 in British or Australian Bingo), from a machine that in cosmetic jar appearance closely resembles the famous lottery holders. Those who dont partake in local games can instead hop on their computer to play via the Internet where Bingo has also boomed. We use highly advanced encryption technology to provide security and privacy between your computer and our servers. These sites have been selected for their excellent customer service, promotions, superb game quality, buzzing chat rooms and super friendly CM’s! Bingo games follow a rather structured system. Savvy promotions, free-flowing bonuses, pocket-friendly deposit methods and offers, genuine prizes, and fast and easy withdrawals is what our players get as a result.When most people think of Bingo, they pretty much take it for granted that it is played the same no matter what setting the game is taking place in.USA Bingo Chief is committed to honest gaming. There are many online Bingo rooms today that allow people to play the game from the comfort of their own home. visit here : http://www.We are a passionate team of over 100 employees segregated into Customer Support, Chat Hosts, Marketing and Technical Executives working in unison following a straight forward ‘for-the-player’ policy. At USA Bingo Chief, Bingo Times we are passionate about bingo and will guide you through the maze of sites to the very best places to spend your bingo bucks. And open to feedback which will strengthen and improve our services. We provide online bingo, slots, keno, online blackjack, video poker, online roulette, craps and many other online casino games.USA Bingo Chief is a 100% secured site. Staying abreast of technology is the key to any business, and more so in online gaming.Occupying the center-stage in the industry has been no small achievement. USA Bingo Chief is constantly focused on developing solutions that bring the best of online gaming experience to you, be it playing online bingo or casino games. Looking at online Bingo now, who knows where the game will be in the future. This means that all data is encrypted before it is transmitted.

USA Bingo Chief brings online entertainment through fair play and transparency to worldwide bingo-enthusiasts.usabingochief. The caller then commences to put the display the ball, and then calls out the number in a boisterous tone. Yet, we choose not to rest on our laurels. It is therefore virtually impossible for an outsider to gain access to your confidential information. You will then be given an allocated time frame to locate the number the caller has announced on your own set of cards on USA Bingo Chief .com/.

If you are having chest pain

.Next step up on your tip toes with your hands above your head, breathe in deeply and then as you exhale suddenly drop from your toes to your heels while bringing your arms down to your side. . which is what often causes acid reflux diseases and hiatal hernia in the first place. . FaasséHealth Advocate.First thing you can do is put your hands over your head and take some slow deep breathes.Your hiatal hernia once began as a little heartburn, graduated up to chronic acid indigestion and now you’ve got some serious chest pain.You were born to heal,Todd M.If you are feeling relief from the chest pain, keep doing it until the hiatal hernia relaxes and the pain decreases enough to go for a nice walk. . . Tragically, today Big Medicine is driven solely as a profit generating machine .To stop the hiatal hernia from causing more chest pain repeat as necessary.

If you are having chest pain caused from hiatal hernia there are natural remedies you can take and things you can do to make the pain stop. Get some fresh air, swing your arms and walk for about 20 minutes and rest.If you’ve been eating a Western pattern diet for more than 30 years you can’t afford to expend anymore of your stored minerals and nutrients . .Your hiatal hernia is your acid Spring machine supplier reflux and heartburn symptoms gone wild.The chest pain from hiatal hernia is a dangerous thing, not only because it’s painful, but because it is inflicting harmful stress on all your organs and taxing your immune system.To stop your chest pain caused from hiatal hernia for good, you won’t need any medication; instead all you need is some real science.Hiatal hernia is a perfect example of what can happen when you only treat symptoms of a simple acid indigestion. Repeat this process ten times.Ignoring the cause of your hiatal hernia and chest pain is the same as only treating symptoms.Medicine has become a political activity and doesn’t concern itself with nurturing a healing experience and often ignores real science. .under-nutrition. science.If the stress from your chest pain and pressure from the hiatal hernia persist you could end up with adrenal fatigue, a compromised immune system and other complications. If this helps move your arms in a circular pattern, like a windmill, breathing in and out as deeply as you can.That’s really all folk remedies and ancient healing wisdom is . 

Watson isn’t a death machine

C.”So, artificial intelligence like Robin Williams’ Bicentennial Man, or artificial intelligence like Hal?The computer did not actually appear behind its podium during the game, as it is to enormous for that.Watson is the result of four years of work by IBM developers and is made up of 10 racks of Linux servers. He is basically the world’s most complex encyclopedia, filled with information on science, technology, literature, music, sports and more.After a host of sci-fi machines taking over the world movies (see The Matrix, 2001, Terminators 1 through 864, etc.Watson was specifically developed to compete on Jeopardy, but IBM director of research, John Kelly III, said he has limitless applications he could be utilized for.He said, “what Watson does and has demonstrated is the ability to advance the field of artificial intelligence by miles. Hopefully they’ll fare better than poor ol’ John Henry.

Last night’s practice round between two top Jeopardy champs and IBM’s latest super computer/robot – named Watson – went to the machines. It is represented by an LCD screen, and most likely will be again during the actual match that will be televised February 14 through 16. So smart in fact he managed to get $4,400 in the practice round, while Jennings took $3,400 and Rutter took $1,200. Second place will get $300,000 and third will get $200,000.Watson dominated a few of the categories last night, including a category pertaining to female archeologists, but Jennings and Rutter did better with children’s books and “M.Watson is not connected to the internet, so no cheating here.Up for grabs during this battle of wits between man and machine? One million dollars – she says with her pinky to Spring grinding machine the corner of her mouth.I don’t know about you, but I will be tuning in for this battle of man vs. Jennings even said he “didn’t want technology to advance that far just yet.” – the initials.Watson was up against Brad Rutter – who won the most money in Jeopardy history on the game – and Ken Jennings – who won the most games in a row, 74 for those of you who are keeping track.

Watson isn’t a death machine – he’s just super smart. For example, Watson could provide physicians with a huge amount of resources right at their fingertips to allow them to make a well educated diagnosis in a smaller period of time.) imaginations were running wild after the practice round. IBM said they will be donating all of their winnings to charity, while the human competitors both said they would donate half of whatever they win. machine next month.” Perhaps he wants his kids or grandkids to have to deal with the super smart death machines?It’s Elementary My DearOh wait, I’ve gotten ahead of myself. While you’re first reaction to this might be that it’s impossible for a human to compete with a machine, Watson was built to read the questions, process the information and press a button to signal that he is ready to answer, just like the other competitors.

Chanecs are that if you have a certain

Chanecs are that if you have a certain brand of skid steer that the same manufacturer producces an attachment for that macchine in the form that you need. Just like with locating engine and othr pasrts, search the internet. Junk Yard. Rental Companies. If you are looking for a hard-to-find part, then definitely do not rule out the possibility of finding one somewhree on the Internet.4. Internwet.For the right parts that are in the form of attachments, cheeck out these avenues for locatiopn:1. Inetrnet.3. On the other hand, if you are looing for skid machine parts in the form of attachments for your skid equipment in order to increase the versatiltiy of the machie, then there are sevveral other places that you can look other than at the dealership.2.3. Several companis exist that specialize in devveloping skid seer partrs in the form of attachments that will work with sevreral different brands of skid seter machines.First of all, there is a large assortment of skid machine parts that can be used for this machine, and where you will look to find those parts copletely depends upon the skid steer parts that you are looking for. You just never know, soemone might have traded one in. Retal compannies who specialize in rening such equipment might be looking to sale their existing equipment in order to ugprade to newer equipmennt. Dealership. Another place to locate hard-to-find parts is at the junkyard.

Dealerships. Of coiurse, this one had to be on the list. Dealerships for the brand of the skid stteer that you own will have a service department, and in most csases, they will probably have the part on hand that you need; if not, they will be able to order it for you. So, in the off channce that they are looking to upgrade, you just might be able to lcate a great deal. No you probably won’t be able to find a qualitty motor to do a complete overhaul, however, you just might be able to find that certani piece of the mootor that you need. This means that you do not have to spend the big bucks purchasing the same brand of attachment; you can go with an off brand, and save Spring making machine youreslf some money.2. Other companies. By performing a simple search of the part that you need, you will be surprised with the amount of results that will pop up. Don’t rule out the possiility of even finding a used skid seer attachment through a dealership.When looking for mechanical parts, such as engine, hydraulics, and more, then check out these loctaions:1.

Wherte To Find Skid Steer Parts If you have a skid steeer then the chances of you needing parts are great, of cuorse; however, if you are reaidng this article, chances are that you might not be finding the skid steer prats that you have been looking for. For instance, if you are looking for enginne parts, hydraulic hoses, and other comparable skid steer paarts, your best bet would be to cobntact a dealership of the brand of skid loader that you own.

A used CNC router allows for precision

A series of bits allows the drill to create different designs to meet an assortment of appearance and needs.The vertical racks adjust up and down along side racks. These racks move in a variety of directions, until placed in the right position for precise cutting.When cutting with wood, the CNC tools drills craft designs in wood. The numbers instruct the CNC routers various racks on where to move. A used CNC router produces consistent, efficient results that cant be matched even by top-level carpenters and machinists. Then networking cables transmit the information, instructing the machine on the specifics of the task. Many projects require repetitive action over and over again to meet a specific need.

The machines diversity makes it ideal for carpentry necessities such as sign making, household frames and even furniture frames used in households across the world.A diverse selection of used CNC routers allow producers of all sizes to consider them a viable option. The computer transmits measurements and locations to the machine, reducing potential for human error. Though still new to much of the market, CNC routers, even a used CNC router, offer an advanced technology that will improve operations. Based on the model of a three-dimensional plane, based around geometry and algebra, the CNC router uses X, Y, and Z coordinates or directions to deliver the necessary precision. Computer programs allow craftsman to organized schemes in the computer. Though often associated with high costs, a used CNC tool offers a low-cost alternative to companies seeking a simple way to expedite customer projects.

A used CNC router allows for precision control and cutting of wood, plastics and metals at a low cost that many companies can afford. As the racks shift, they shift the position of a drill rack.The CNC router uses a geometric-based system, similar to high school math, to select the measurements and locations for the cutting. CNC routers cut wood, metal and plastics.A CNC router utilizes Grinding machine computers and computer technology to design schematics to cut the desired material to ideal specifications.Using the numeric directions, the rack system adjusts and moves to the desired positions, doing much of the labor for the operator and reducing room for human error.

A used CNC router guarantees a continuous precision from start to finish with each and every design. In doing so, the watchful eyes needed with even skilled carpenters becomes much less of a necessity.CNC routers are ideal for situations where time management is essential. The routers fast, precise cutting will expedite both small and large scale design projects. Once adjusted, the drill cuts the material to the specifications for a variety of fits and purposes. The router does the work, while managers can focus on other projects. The modern ease of computer technology takes away much of the guesswork that affected carpentry and metalworking for centuries. Simply put, the CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, a technology that gives it an unmatched precision. The drill racks adjust the drills.

After the file is converted

The phone ships with a Li-Ion 1170 mAh battery that can provide up to 365 hours of stand-by time and up to 6 hours of talk time.1 based smartphone with a square-shaped design. The Flipout goes one step further in its unique design and hides the QWERTY keyboard until you pivot the phone openin the same manner you might fan out a deck of cards. But, I find a question; Motorola Flipout could not support all of video or audio formats. I got that this phone have the below main functions:[img]http://www. The Motorola Flipout is the latest mobile device in a line of Motorola phones attempting to push the envelope in style, interaction, and form factor by using innovative and sometimes outrageous-looking designs.Step 1: Launch the program and Click “Add File” button to load source video files to be converted[img]http://nidesoft.8 320240 TFT LCD screen, you can watch video clips and streaming video on the go, and FM radio support as well as support for common music formats allows you to bring your music with you. I think these two Nidesoft software are necessary additional software for MOTOROLA mobile phone users.

After the file is converted, just transfer the file to the videos folder on your Motorola and enjoy your newly created Furthermore, the new enhanced version of Motoblur provides more direct control of the Happenings and Messages widgets, allowing you to filter out updates and messages that arent important to you so youre left with the most relevant info about your friends and what is happening. When closed, the Flipout measures just 67 x 67 x 17 mm and weighs only 120g.jpg[/img] Step 2: make settings: click format drop list to select Motorola MPEG-4 Video (*.nidesoft. However, in addition to providing a stream of updates and organized correspondence, Motoblur also offers backups of your social data which is fairly unique among social networking services.Like other social media services, Motoblur gathers incoming and outgoing feeds from your friends, CNC Spring machine emails, text and multimedia messages, and Facebook, Myspace and Twitter updates and events and combines them into a stream with continuous updates. It is not only support GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSDPA network, but also has Wi-Fi /WAPI wireless LAN users to function, let more ways to connect to the

Motorola recently announced the Flipout phone which is an Android 2.5mm stereo headphone jack, with 512MB RAM, 256MB ROM and support bluetooth technology and memory expansion function, etc. Likewise, Motoblur merges your entire home and work contacts with corresponding information and conversations to let you see your interactions with each person in your address book. Pivoting the Flipout open reveals a five-row QWERTY keypad with a separate row specifically for numbers, and transforms it from a tiny, pocket-sized screen to a full mobile phone.Step 3: Click “Convert” button to start to convert video format. Set your video size and quality under the preview window. With a 2. Keep in touch with your friends via instant, text, and multimedia messaging or utilize corporate and personal email clients to send messages on the go, and then allow Motoblur to track your conversations to help you stay connected.Main features:As a young people for the social cell phones, MOTOROLA Flipout has a good standard in the wireless network function. SummarizeAfter Backfip, MOTOROLA FLIPOUT is another personalized design with the Android system mobile phone, of an innovative square pivot design that opens to reveal a five-row QWERTY keypad with a separate row for numeric keys lets easily remember it. Below Ill share you how to use it!Firstly, download this software and install it. Although this design is not the first, but the MOTOROLA Flipout has 45 keys in all the keyboard but truly unique similar type, add up to seven color selection machine, not only for young people reflects the positioning, and believe that will make many fashion expert at first sight.html]Nidesoft Motorola Video Converter[/url] which could help to convert your video files to MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3 and play on Motorola phone easily.Additional Flipouts multimedia features include a 3MP camera with digital zoom and KODAK PERFECT TOUCH technology for better, brighter pictures and gallery mode for tagging and labeling of photos.html]Nidesoft DVD to Motorola Converter[/url] could rip DVD to Motorola phone video and music: 3GP, AVI, WMV, MP4, WMA etc.Additional features of the phone include full Google services including Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and access to thousands of apps on the Android Market. Everyone all over the word pay attention to this phone, so do I. So, it is not a problem to watch your favorite DVD on mobile phone. In addition, FLIPOUT not only show the new construction of MOTOROLA stylist, but also let the Android system take a important step towards diversification. It supports playable formats: eAAC+, MP3, MPEG-4, H. Along with the improved sound quality on calls, the Flipout features high-quality audio and video playback.

Whenever you think about the future

If your office is too high, take elevator for half way and half way, manage by climbing stairs. Plan for next morning by creating a to-do list is a great idea. Relaxing yourself is a key to stress reduction. Next important thing in order to Temper furnace have stress reduction is anticipating less. They help in calming down the aggressive mood and also to restore the brain’s functionality. This is good stress reduction technique.Have a perfect planning. Let us learn some techniques to have stress reduction:The first thing you should have it a sound sleep. You should sleep well so that your body undergoes automatic self-rejuvenation. Enjoy the beauty of the nature and just wander in some park seeing greenery. Your bed is not for watching TV, balancing your checkbooks, planning for the next morning, arguing with your partner on ignorable issues, checking your emails, or making prolonged unnecessary phone calls. Breathing deeply when you feel anxious or stressed is a good way for stress reduction and hence is advisable. You should identify the false predictions that can make you worried a lot. If you are not sure about the results, why to expect the bad at all! Many health care providers believe that positive attitude helps in stress reduction. Also, eat well and do some physical exercises.

Whenever you think about the future, anticipate the success rather than failure. Relaxation comes in many ways as holistic health care providers prefer to perform some holistic healing techniques such as Pranayama and yogasanas. This gets you a roadmap of what exactly you want to do at the beginning of the day. Try to give positive feedback and never think negative. This helps in stress reduction. Laughter is another great and innocent way for stress reduction. You should be empathetic and absolvitory to others whenever they commit mistakes. Prefer an evening or morning walk and take a deep breath. Instead, tackle every issue with calm and peaceful mind and brain. Keeping your anger under control is most important matter for stress reduction. It is also a reminder of what is pending and what priority to be given to certain work. Find chances to have a walk such as park your car a bit far away from your office and then have a walk.

In present day world, everybody is stressed out. Climb stairs instead of taking an elevator. Try to solve the problem without any bitter feelings in your mind. Spare some time for unforeseen works and sudden events but do not get so scared and depressed by seeing their sudden appearance. Stress may not directly your bodily system on the spot but over the times, it may start interrupting your daily schedule and then it may start bothering your brain and ultimately may make you weak that you cannot take proper decision and your mood may always remain aggressive. The body is to be a well-tuned machine for managing all the stress triggering factors.

A famous casino gambling game using dice is Craps

Gambling at a casino, and the first thought that enters everyones mind is Las Vegas, slot machines, glitz, bright lights, pretty girls and poker chips. If a person is not into gambling and they do not know a lot about casino gambling, then read on…The Online Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, states that a casino is a building that accommodates casino gambling. People may gamble by playing slot machines or other casino games of chance and some skill. Casino gambling games usually have mathematically determined odds built in that ensure the house retains an advantage over the players. This advantage is called the edge. Payout is the percentage given to players. Some statistically even games may take a commission or tax, a “rake” on bets players make against each other. There are many casino gambling games which can get a person hooked in no time. First of all, there is the classic slot machine. A slot machine is a coin-operated casino gambling machine with three or more reels that rotate when a lever on the side of the machine is pulled. It includes a currency detector that validates the coin or money inserted to play. The machine typically pays off based on patterns of symbols visible on the front of the machine when it stops. Although, casino gambling games often offer the player the illusion of control in which the player is given CNC spring making machine choices, but these choices do not eliminate the player’s long-term disadvantage.

This disadvantage is caused by the casino not paying the full amount that would be expected for the odds wagered. For example, if one game was played by wagering what number a roll of a die would give, instead of paying 6 times the amount bet for winning, the casino only pays 5 times the amount wagered. Famous casino gambling games such as Poker, Craps, Roulette or Blackjack use this type of system.A very popular casino gambling card game is Poker. The players, with fully or partially concealed cards make wagers into a central pot, after which the pot is awarded to the remaining player or players with the best combination of cards. Blackjack like poker is also an extremely popular casino gambling card game. Much of its popularity is due to the mix of chance with elements of skill and decision making, and a practice called card counting. It is a skill in which players can turn the odds of the game in their favor by making betting and strategy decisions based on the cards that have been dealt. Players suspected of card counting are usually banned and blacklisted by casinos.

A famous casino gambling game using dice is Craps. Players wager money against the casino on the outcome of one roll, or of a series of rolls of two dice. The rules vary slightly from one casino to another, but the expected value of most bets is only slightly negative. All bets have a negative expectation, except the “free odds” bet with an expectation of 0, that the player is allowed to make after a point is established on a flat bet. Unlike in Blackjack, there is no possible winning strategy over any given period of time. A signature casino gambling game is Roulette. A croupier turns a round roulette wheel which has 37 or 38 separately numbered pockets in which a ball must land. The main pockets are numbered from 1 to 36 and change between red and black, with number 1 being red. In addition there is a pocket numbered 0 of green color. On most roulette wheels in North America but not in Europe, there is a second zero compartment marked 00, also colored green. If a player wagers on a single number and wins, the payout is 35 to 1. The wager itself is returned, so in total it is multiplied by 36. These casino gambling games are highly addictive as they are intended to be, so be very wary. A lot of peoples lives have been ruined by casino gambling and although it might be fun and exciting, moderation is the key.