Beginner’s Guide to Warframe: Getting to know the game Part-2- Levelling

What is a Warframe?

A Warframe is a suite containing 4 active distinct abilities and passive abilities. Since this is beginners we won’t be discussing the quests as they would ruin the lore for you lot.

For now consider Warframes as a suit of armor you wear around yourselves, giving you special abilities to hack away at your enemies.

There are a total of 21 mission types available in the game and you will be introduced to them as you level up.


Leveling in Warframe is tracked by Mastery points. At the time of writing this article, there are a total of 69 Warframes, 383 warframe weapons, 24 companions, 17 sentinels, 5 archwings, 19 archwing weapons, 23 special weapons that you can build out of different parts(amps, Kitgum, Zaw) and 7 MOAs.

Each of these has its own leveling system which caps at level 30, including your Warframes. You only get mastery points for leveling them the FIRST TIME. they are brought back to level 1 when you forma them, but that’s a topic for another day.

Your experience gets converted into mastery points(for the first time only) and adds up to your total Mastery Ranks. There are a total of 30 mastery ranks so you have your work cut out for you.


Let’s take a deeper look at modding. You can mod anything that gives mastery. This includes weapons, companions, sentinels, archwings and even Warframes.

A mod enhances your stats such as fire rate, shield regeneration speed and much more. There are hundreds of mods each with its rarity. You can upgrade mods to make them more powerful as well.

Each mod has a certain polarity which is determined by its nature. The Serration mod(a staple for any assault rifle) a fully upgraded Serration Mod boosts your weapon’s damage by 150%. It has a Madurai polarity which signifies damage.

Your gear also has certain polarities in their slots. Inserting your mods cost points. If you insert them in like polarity slots it costs half the points. Non-polarized slots don’t affect the cost and inserting mods of a particular polarity in a different slot cost you more points.

It’s quite simple after the first five hours.


Forma is a craftable resource you use to build other premium weapons and also to change the polarity of your mod slots. If you have a Vazarin slot(looks like a D) and have a Madurai mod(looks like a V), you can use a forma to change the polarity of the Vazarin slot into a Madurai.

However, note that using a forma resets the gear to level 1. Usually levels restrict the mod cost capacity, you need to level up to 33 before you can insert back all your mods.


Leveling gears is quite easy. Repeating waves of defensive missions alongside a team is a great wat to farm affinity(XP). You can also run solo mission with a stealth frame such as Loki or Ivara as stealth kills add an affinity modifier to every kill. It’s all hard work and you cannot use platinum ( to buy your way to the top, but you can buy some just to support devs for creating such a wonderful game.

We will talk about more advanced techs and tips that will help you ease into the game. See you next time! Clem!

Final Fantasy XIV

Whether you are a fresh player or just dusting your sword off, these 56546 tips can help you in FFXIV!

  1. Use the hunting log!

The Hunting log is with every player at all times. This books lists out a lot of enemies you can hunt fox XP and their general location. While the log doesn’t provide the exact location but that’s the fun! Hunting them down and then defeating them. Pro tip, you can search up the exact location on YouTube!

  1. Make sure to take at least 30% of enemy health when playing with someone!

In a lot of MMO games players suffer when they are on an adventure with a higher level player. Higher level players than you will deal more damage and therefore leave you with very little mobs to kill and level up. FFXIV implemented a feature where if you deal at least 30% of damage but don’t get the kill you still get XP for assistance! Mob stealing can be very frustrating therefore you should always try to deal as much damage as you can when a random or your friend joins in and starts one hitting everyone!

  1. Make sure to Spirit Bound your gear!

In FFXIV your gear becomes spirit bound after you wear it in combat. You need to get the spirit bound progress to 100% in order to convert it into Materia. Materia can be then used to improve the stats of any item that you have equipped! Make sure you don’t change your gear too often so that you can get it to 100% Spirit Bound!

  1. Buy some Gil HERE!

There are various different types of currencies in FFXIV with the most important being Gil. It is used to buy a huge variety of items that can greatly help you improve your experience with the game. Nobody wants to grind a game for hours just to get a piece of an item! So make sure to buy some for the lowest prices!

Ultimate guide to Escape From Tarkov

Playing internet games is one of the mainstream slants on the planet. Web-based games accompany numerous incredible highlights, and you can appreciate them while settling down anyplace you need. There are many branches of games, yet the area that we will talk about today is one of a kind when contrasted with others. About the turn of the online multiplayer games, how we can overlook the Escape from Tarkov. You can start playing this game if you create EFT Account, or Buy EFT Account from online shop.


Break from Tarkov is extraordinary compared to other game you played, a Russian studio Battlestate Games created this game. This game is set in The anecdotal Norvinsk locale in northwestern Russia that filled in as portal among Russia and Europe. Anyway, this pulls in organizations in Norvinsk locale, and it becomes the focal point of the political outrages.


A half-year later, the circumstance came up that Russian and different gatherings were associated with strife which causes Norvinsk locale fringe fixed. The individuals who caught inside the combat area secluded from the outside world.


In the start of the game, your character chooses any weapon you wanted to bring in to the raid. During play, you can pick up other arms of your opponent’s that you killed, as well as loot from random locations. If you lost you lose everything you brought in or found during the raid. In order to survive, you have to make to an extraction point.


Any loot gathered by the scav can be transferred to the main character while dying as scav has no penalty. Programmers design different characters and guns. It would not be wrong in stating that the organization has added their whole efforts in the development of this game. Graphics are pure awesome that attracts a gamer towards it. Basically, it is the first shooter game, and you can enjoy it with your friends or family members.

Usually a game has single currency, but escape from tarkov currency is quite different from others. Escape from tarkov rouble is the popular currency in the game.



In offline mode, the tactics and the other functions remain the same as multiplayer mode. There is one thing that if you lose in offline mood, you will have the ability to select weapons or gears before entering the game. Also, because of this, you can not bring any item or gear outside the raid. It is also good to play offline mode, but playing in an online way has its grace.



The development of this game started in 2012. Escape from Trakov is a fully purchased game; this game also released on steam which increases the market value of it and which means more players can enjoy this game. There is also downloadable content that you are going to find with the new updates.



To conclude everything, it is best to say that this game is highly recommended and enjoyable. This game is one of the masterpiece of this gaming industry, open world, online and offline features with the exciting story make this game one of the best. Escape from tarkov Roubles currency is quite easy to gather, but you have to give a much time to it.  You will get a tremendous first-person shooting experience, the right graphics, and much more.

Feast of Winter Veil is here!

Christmas time in World of Warcraft means winter breath again this year. While Blizzard has continued to change the world event in normal WoW over the years, fans in WoW Classic still enjoy the original variant of the festivities. We have a few general information about the event for you:


  • The Winter Puff Festival in WoW Classic will take place on January 2nd.
  • You can use WoW Classic gold to buy snowballs from the seasonal retailers of the Kokelwalds. You can also find the frozen water in piles of holiday snow in snow-covered areas of Azeroth (for example in the mountains of Alterac). In addition, you will find snowballs in frozen snow drifts in Alterac Valley, with which you can throw other players back. If you need WoW Classic Gold Visit Online Shop to buy it.
  • You have the option of transforming yourself into an assistant to Altvater Winter using the so-called PX-238 Winter Wonder Shaper. The associated buff lasts 30 minutes and is renewed each time you enter one of the associated machines. You can find the miracle formers at the following locations:


  • At the docks of Beatenbucht in Stranglethorn Vale
  • At the gates of the iron forge
  • Next to the flight master of Orgrimmar

Some important quests

The Winter Puff Festival offers all sorts of quests, which in turn reward you with various items. The quest of grandfather winter is here! get started and start at any NPC of the Smoky Woods in your faction’s capitals. Just talk to Grandfather Winter in Orgrimmar or Ironforge to complete the quest.

Treats for Grandpa Winter

Next, you’ll get the follow-up quest Treats for Grandpa Winter. For this, you have to bring grandfather Winter five gingerbread cookies and a glass of  milk. You can make the gingerbread from holiday spices and a small egg using a cooking recipe that you can buy from the holiday dealers.


In addition, you can accept the quest The Event for the Holidays at Furmund (Horde) or Goli Krumn (Alliance). You can find the respective quest giver near the bank of your respective faction capital. Run to Sagorne Creststrider (Horde) or historian Karnik (Alliance) to complete the quest and receive the follow-up quest: The Winter Puff Festival. Read the book The Winter Puff Festival and then take it to King Magni Bronzebeard in Ironforge or Cairne Bloodhoof in Donnerfels to earn 200 reputation points as a reward.

Stolen Winter Breath Treats

The Stolen Winter Breath Treats quest requires a character at level 30. You can get them from Kaymard Copperpinch (Horde) or Wulmort Jinglepocket (Alliance). To complete the quest, you have to search for the Strange Snowman in a cave in the Alterac Mountains and ask him about the missing treats. Have you spoken to the snowman, you get the follow-up quest “You’re a Mean One…”, for which you defeat the monstrous curmudgeon and retreat the stolen treats.




There are rumours circulating on the Internet about Old School Runescape, and let’s be honest, and let’s just say that not many people are still playing. John Walker has already said that Runescape is a free game, fun but also frustrating. Since when Old School Runescape (also known as OSRS) has been launched, many things have happened on the Internet. Many players started playing and many people left the game. We found some reasons why players like to play Old School Runescape.

It’s good for every great person

This game can offer a comfortable experience and a very good game session. Old School Runescape is a very simple game and it’s not bad.

Why is it a recipe for success?

It is a recipe for success because each player can devote time to what he likes most in the game and OSRS gold is easy to purchase. If you want money, you can do it. If you want to buy expensive items to show off, you can also do it. Even if you are a tryharder and want to get a level 99 skill, do not hesitate to do it. It is important that you do not have to follow a story and you can decide what you want to do.

Investing time will give you satisfaction

The more difficult the game, the more satisfaction you will have when you reach a milestone. I remember when I started the game, I did not have money, but my goal was to create my character as quickly as possible. The game is designed so that you notice what is important and what is not. Personally, I needed money to buy OSRS gold, some basic functions, like potions, props or magic stones, to cast more spells. I tried hard and I had greater satisfaction.

They introduced new updates to the game.

A few months ago, game developers introduced mini-games into the game. One of these mini-games is a diary. Completing these diaries opens the door to incredibly useful utilities and shortcuts, which motivates you to learn skills and carry out missions. They also offer a small but valuable dose of direction; so, if you need a new goal, you can still use your diaries.

Make Gold Playing Old School Runescape

OSRS Gold is the game’s main deal. Old School Runescape can put money in your pockets if you’re curious about how to do it. You are a click away from learning that on this platform. This platform is a very easy-to-use platform where you can trade with the OSRS Gold game currency or in real money! Yes, this platform allows you to sell items or OSRS Gold that you made in Runescape with real money. OSRS Gold for Sale is available at marketplaces.

The best PvP experience you can have

If you dream of a game with complex PvP combats, OSRS will increase your limits and make you want more of this game. This makes it eager to have a better team. If you play with friends, better yet, an awesome part of this game is that you can create or create your own items and add flavor to your game.

Old School Runescape is unique

Playing this game is like restoring an old rusty bike. It may not be fun and will not always give you satisfaction, but you can be sure that OSRS is a game where people spend time and share their joy. It is very rewarding to step back and see how your efforts have been rewarded. This is not the game for everyone, but maybe it can be a game for you. More than 500,000 people play. If you want to start playing, you can buy OSRS Account online. Shop here.

How to play Elder Scrolls Online

There was a time when the gamers were notorious for playing games, but nowadays, gaming is becoming a trend in this world. Many investors have invested in this business, and some of them are also thinking to go for this work.


Science has also found that the brain of a gamer is many times faster than the ordinary person. It means that there are many advantages to playing games. In today’s article, we are going to share a review of a fantastic multiplayer game, Elder scrolls online. All you need to know about this game is available in this content.


Elder Scrolls is one of the most famous online game; it is an MMORPG developed by ZeniMax Online Studio and published by Bethesda Softworks. It initially released for Microsoft Windows and OX S in 2014. This game was in development for several years before its release in 2014. The response of the audience towards this game was good and no doubt, the team improved this game later.


Similar to other MMORPGs, this game initially used a mandatory monthly subscription model until it changes into buy to play model. You can also purchase Elder scrolls Gold and items online, ESO Gold for Sale. In 2015 this game was released for Xbox and Playstation. By 2017 this game has an average 1 million players active each month. More than 10 million people had played this game since the day of its release.


Inside Elder scrolls online:

This game was nonlinear with the mixture of random quests, free-roaming and events. This game does not provide a model for single-player offline play, although the provider stated that there would be plenty of content design to accommodate players who like to play alone.

Players have a choice of six classes to pick from to create their character, and each class give the player different attacks and spells.


This game also offers different characters like vampires and werewolf; they do not only provide you with an option of different races. Each character has different skills, like crafting, blacksmith, etc. You can also earn Elder scrolls online Septim by working in any profession.


Septim is the official Elder scrolls currency that is use in the game. This game includes many more features that you would love to enjoy. In the start, it did not have many features, but later on, the developers brought a lot of changes in it.


Stunning graphics:

Elder Scrolls is one of the coolest game ever. Many elements combine to make it successful, and good graphics are also among them. The graphics of this game are a high definition which makes this game more entertaining and exciting. In 2016 ZeniMax introduced gold edition in this game by which we can play the game with much more quests and availability of many items.


Progress in the game:


Elder scrolls made many changes since the day of its release; these changes made this game much more enjoyable. It includes subscription in the past to play the game, but later this subscription system was eliminated by the team. The features of the game are getting better day by day, and new maps, characters, and items also introduced till now.



To conclude everything, it is best to say that Elder Scrolls is one of the best game you can find online. This game offers the best features with a great story with an open world. It has won many titles and awards. Developers are still working on its updates, and we hope that in future many more features are going to be added in this game. to buy ESO Gold or ESO Items, go here.

Everquest Accounts and Platinum


Getting a good Everquest account is the dream for many players. To get anywhere near to a fully decked out Everquest account will require an immense amount of time and effort to be put online by grinding and doing content. Grinding won’t be enough as a player should have lots of EverQuest Platinum in order to gear out characters and achieve the maximum potential.

Grinding for a maxed out EverQuest is not for everyone. Not everyone can invest immense amounts of hours into the game daily and keep doing the same content over and over. Therefore, many players turn to other avenues of getting EverQuest accounts. Finding EverQuest accounts for sale is one option. There are many marketplaces where other players sell their EverQuest accounts for profit. Buying an EverQuest account is easy as many offers are out there and players are willing to grind it out for others and a small amount of profit.

Introduction of DC Super Heroes DLC Pack to Rocket League

Rocket League offers a marvelous racing gameplay with sports elements by Psyonix, Inc. It is fully loaded with rocket-powered vehicles, and each has unique attributes. Since its releases, lots of prominent Downloadable Content Packs are continuously introducing with Best Rocket League Cars, Items, and more. An expansion pack, released on 02 February 2018, lets you experience the excellent crossover as two classic battle cars from 1989’s Batman and 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises appear to Rocket League. The expansion pack is fully loaded with over twenty customization items that will provide you a beautiful experience and takes your creativity to the next level; however the player can use banners based on superheroes to apply on its vehicle to look unique among others.

What’s new in Super Hero DLC Pack?

DC Super Heroes is a licensed Expansion pack released in 2018 for Rocket League with lots of Rocket League items. Here’s a list we’ve compiled for you to discover what the content DLC pack has included is the following:

  • 2 Battle-Cars
  • 9 Unique Rocket League Decals
  • 4 Wheels Rocket League
  • 2 Rocket Boosts
  • 2 Trails
  • 9 Banners

What is Battle-Cars?

Battle-Cars (also known as Vehicle Bodies) serves as the most primary and vital way of player customization. In short, Rocket League introduces ten standard car bodies, and four of these cars are available to use by default, while other remaining six require a set of completed matches to unlock. These ten standard vehicles are known as default cars and referred as common rarity. DC Super Heroes DLC pack introduce two Battle-Cars, such as:

  • 1989’s Batmobile
  • The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler

Each vehicle has unique attributes, and the player has an option to modify those using lots of bodies to look awesome. The expansion pack increases the possibilities of customization and allows the player to perform it in his way to become the master.

9 Unique Rocket League Decals

Usually, Decals are referred as customization options in Rocket League. Their lots of vehicles are available, and each has its unique set of decals that can be unlocked in a variety of ways. During the customization, decals record the number of saves executed while equipped. Typically, decals can be accessed using Rocket League Crates, via trade-ins, and through player trading. They can also discover with DLC packs or found in the Rocket Pass.

What are Wheels in Rocket League?

Wheels are a type of customization in the Rocket League. Usually, the rest below the car body and approx. Each Rocket League set has unique rim design and tire treads. While moving, wheels are responsible for recording the distance driven while equipped. In the game, mostly wheels can be painted and certified. There are different types of wheels available, including:

  • Rare
  • Common
  • Very Rare
  • Import
  • Exotic
  • Limited

Rocket Boost

Customization option in Rocket League, allowing you to shoot out the back of the battle-car when using the booster. During the gameplay, Rocket League Boost will record the time of boost used while loaded. Players have an option to use modify the flaming coming out from the vehicle in their style using the Rocket Boost and can use to speed up the car to hit a ball and try to score the goal before the opponents to win the match.

Path of Exile Flipping Setup

In Path of Exile flipping PoE currencies can net a large profit of valuable PoE Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs or Vaal Orbs. Here we will outline the basic way to setup a flipping process to gain currencies passively. There will be at least one 3rd party tool needed – Poe Trade.

Our first step will be market analysis – what PoE Orbs are exchanged in what ratios. Usually, for beginners or players with small stocks of expendable currencies flipping Orbs of Alteration and Chromatic Orbs for Chaos Orbs is recommended as they are commonly traded and these Orbs do not require a large supply of currencies. Also, Orbs of Alteration and Chromatic Orbs are low risk as they often, in the very worst case, can be resold at the same price they were bought at.

To start flipping head to Poe Trade Currency section and look over the ratios. When starting out, profiting 1 Chaos Orb per double trade (e.g. Chaos Orb -> Alteration Orb and Alteration Orb -> Chaos Orb) will be enough and will net a small amount of profit to start gearing characters. Once an orb with good ratios is found, head on to the “Manage Shop” section. If Premium Stash Tabs are available, managing a shop can be done through PoE itself and Poe Trade will be required only for price checking. Otherwise, follow the steps on the website to get a trade link, PM the required account on the forums to activate it. Download Acquisition and install it to activate your shop.

Head back to the “Manage Shop” section and if everything was done correctly, the website will welcome you by your account name. Click the League you want to trade on. A menu will open up where players can list buy/sell orders. To ensure that trading actually happens it is recommended to set smaller amounts of Chaos Orbs (e.g. 10) for the ratio of Chromatic or Alteration Orbs. Most players do not have hundreds of Chaos Orbs, therefore listings that have large amounts of currency as a minimum are used rarely.

Another key thing to remember is to be ranked at least 3rd on the market list. Most players will not take worse offers but sometimes will take equivalent or slightly worse than the best offer if the main trader is AFK.

Setup the tabs to ensure you gain a profit (e.g. 10 Chaos Orbs for 90 Alteration and 80 Alteration for 10 Chaos Orbs) and keep checking back on the currency market often. Prices can shift quickly! If you receive many trade-offers for a one-way deal (i.e. only to trade Chaos Orbs to Alteration and not the other way around), it is considered good practice to double check the prices as other players might have undercut your listing.