Garage Door Maintenance Checklist Every Home Owner Should Have

Garage doors are highly critical components of every home that require regular maintenance for working without problems and to last for long. Garage door regular maintenance is not a big deal.Homeowners can do them easily. You need to periodically perform some tests and inspections to ascertain the good working of the door. If you are not comfortable with these regular tasks, call trained service technicians to do them from time to time. However, remember that garage doors are highly technical components and you must not attempt to repair them yourself without the necessary implements and skill. You must never hesitate to call in a professional Garage Door Repair Mississauga company attend on them. Now, read on to know what garage door regular maintenance tasks await you.

Inspect them once a month
Once in a month, do this simple test to ascertain that the garage door is working properly. Stand inside the garage. Let the door be closed. Check the components of garage door like springs, rollers, cables, pulleys, mounting components like hinges and others for any indications of wear or tear. Check whether the cable has worn or frayed. Inspect to know whether the mounting hardware has gone loose. If you find any one or more of these problems, it is a sure sign that the issue might turn serious. Therefore it is time that you call in a professional to do the repairs and replacements.

Perform balance test
If your garage door is fitted with an automatic opener, then do the garage door balance test once in a month. First close the door and then disconnect the automatic opener. If you can manually lift the door, do it. If you are able to open it smoothly without any frictions and to the full extent, then the door is in good working condition. If you find it difficult to open or open fully, then call in a professional to check it any remedy the possible faults.

Test the reversing mechanism
When you are operating the garage door with an automatic opener, you must perform this reverse mechanism test once in a month. The federal laws enacted in the year 1993 require the homeowners to equip their doors with the reversing mechanism as a safety measure by fitting photo eye sensors. This will help prevent accidental entrapment. If your system does not have this feature, immediately you must replace your garage door. To perform the reversing mechanism test, do the following. Let the door be fully opened. Place a block of wood on the floor in the center location where the garage door will touch the floor. Close the door using the garage door opener. If the door automatically reverses upon slightly contacting the wooden block, if the door does not reverse upon striking the block, then you must check the working of the door and get it serviced by a technician. Hence, you must not overlook the regular garage door inspection. By meticulously keeping track of the good working of your garage door, you can see it work faultlessly for years.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Garage Door Service. Currently he is writing about how to find Garage Door Repair Calgary and Garage Door Repair Edmonton.

Important Garage Door Safety Tips For Homeowners

Garage doors are important components of households. As much as it is important to ensure the good working of garage doors, it is equally important to see that they are handled safely. Here are a few garage door safety tips homeowners must know.

What are the risks?
Garage doors are very heavy components. They are the heaviest moving objects in every household or commercial establishment. If they are misused, they can cause a severe injury or damage. Garage door openers are highly technical components. They must not be left to be played with by kids. It is rather very dangerous to misuse them and it might cause a serious injury or even death. Here are the basic safety tips for garage doors.

Garage door safety for children
Never allow children to play with garage door, its operating system or the openers, do not let them stand or play near or under the garage doors. This is all the more important when the door is moving. Even if you want to avail of some help from kids at some times, it is not advisable to let them access the remote controls or the push buttons or wall controls meant for garage door opener systems. Always keep them out of the reach of children. It is always best to fix the push button for garage door operating system at least five feet above the ground level so that children cannot reach them.

Safety tips when the garage door is moving
If the garage door is moving, you cannot attempt an adventure sport. Do not stand or walk under the moving garage door. While opening or closing a garage door, it is advisable to keep a full view of the door till it is completely open or completely closed. At the time when the door is closing, ensure no pets or children or adults are moving under it. Also it is important to keep the fingers and hands far away from the door sections while the door is closing.

Maintenance tips for garage doors
In order to ensure that the garage doors are operating properly, it is important to do the regular maintenance chores. Get the annual maintenance tasks with the help of a professional. Always make use of the services of a well-trained technician. However, the regular maintenance tasks like cleaning the tracks, checking the moving parts and lubricating the components can be done by you from time to time.

Do not fiddle with the springs and cables
Garage door springs and cables are under heavy tension. They can cause severe injury when released. Therefore it is always advisable that you do not fiddle with them in the name of repairing. You must always use advanced tools and equipment to handle them. You will need a professional training to deal with them. So it is best to leave the garage door repairs to professionals who can do a good job for you. Once you ensure the safety and proper maintenance of your garage doors, they can work well for years adding safety and security to your property.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Garage Door Service. Currently he is writing about how to find Garage Doors High River and Garage Door Repair Ottawa.

How Garage Door Professionals Can Help Homeowners Get the Best Garage Door Care

Garage doors are highly technical components and are therefore best cared by the professionals. Here is a discussion on how garage door professionals can help keep your garage door in shape.

Annual inspection
Perform an annual inspection of your garage door. No doubt you regularly use the garage doors every day often many times a day. However, it does not mean you have developed a keen eye for what is going wrong day by day. Hence make it a point to closely inspect the door once in a year to check the tracks, moving parts, wheels, hinges, springs and other components. If you feel they might report some problem eventually, it is best to commission a garage door company to attend to its repair before things grow worse and you land on heavy maintenance bills and also risking the safety of your home.

Why call a professional
Garage Doors Alliston professionals are well experienced in the arena of garage door repairs and care. They know what works best with your garage door. They have the necessary training, tools, knowledge, technology and equipment to work with the garage door and rectify any problem that might crop up. They also perform the regular maintenance tasks that you cannot do it yourself. When this is taken care from time to time, you will find your garage doors working quietly and properly for years with lesser problems. Moreover, know that fiddling with the garage door in the name of maintenance or repair yourself will land you on severe crisis like injuries since garage door springs are very heavy and are under heavy tension. They might break anytime if operated without the right implements. So, never underestimate the need to call professionals to handle the repairs and maintenance of your garage door.

What you must expect from garage door professionals
Maintenance contract signed with a garage door repair firm will let them visit your household regularly to check the condition of the garage door and also perform the regular maintenance tasks that will ensure a trouble free and smooth working of your heavy security component. In addition, they will closely study the condition of various parts and will suggest if there are any repairs to be done to prevent any possible problems that might crop up in the near future. So, in either way you will find their intervention a timely help to maintain your garage door in good shape.

Guidelines for garage door repairs
When the professionals report some issue to be rectified with the garage door, never hesitate to implement the suggestions so that you avoid expensive repairs in the long run. When you attend to what goes wrong in a timely manner, you spend only less and also get the job done without any hassles and delays. When you go for replacement of working parts, always insist on guaranteed and durable branded parts. This will let you find durable solution. Also if you replace the parts in one of the garage doors, see whether the replaced parts are compatible with the other side parts. If they do not match, it is better to replace both the components altogether at the same time to attain the perfect match this is necessary for achieving a better coordination among both the doors.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Garage Door Service. Currently he is writing about how to find Garage Doors Calgary and Garage Doors Edmonton.

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