The new non-mobile car pressure washer

“We’ve taken our popular stationary machines and converted them to SCW models designed specifically for auto detailing applications and the busiest operations,” announced Daimer. DPT allows for businesses to run pipe from the base pressure unit throughout a facility and then connect a hose and trigger gun to the pipe, in essence distributing the pressure around the facility.

About Daimer Industries,’s mobile car wash spokesmanager Matthew Baratta.”

Four Auto Detailing Stationary Pressure Washers
The new non-mobile car pressure washers include several of Daimer®’s most widely popular technologies; Long Hose Technology, Distributed Pressure Technology and Tri-Mode Temperatures Design. The key to both technologies is that the pressure never varies significantly across the span of the hose or pipe. The Super Maxâ„¢ 15000 series of SCW (steam car wash) machines features vehicle-safe pressure levels, multi-gun support and the ability to reach long distances without moving the base unit. Woburn, MA U.®, renowned for its range of auto detailing cleaning systems, revealed plans for a new line of stationary vehicle pressure washers. For example, LPT supports hoses over 250 feet in length.

The 15400SCW machine supports as much as 700 psi and a slightly higher flow rate of 3 GPM.Woburn, MA (prHWY.S. Double Thread Screw Manufacturers in China

The Long Hose and Distributed Pressure features, abbreviated as LPT and DPT, respectively, allow users to operate a trigger far from the base unit of the auto detailing /auto-detailing/ pressure washer. The 15500SCW machine supports as much as 1000 psi with 4 GPM and the 15700SCW tops out at 1500 psi and 5 GPM. Super Maxâ„¢ power washers are available to customers in most countries. The features make a stationary machine portable. Daimer Industries, Inc.

For additional information about Daimer®’s line of industrial pressure washers, portable power washers and other pressure washing machines,.®: Daimer® is a major supplier and worldwide exporter of the industry’s leading line of KleenJet® vapor steam cleaners and gum remover systems; XTreme Power® carpet cleaners, hard surface cleaning machines, floor buffers/scrubbers/burnishers; Super Maxâ„¢ and Vapor-Flo® pressure washers; and the line of Micro-Blasting® Eco-Green® ecologically friendly cleaning chemicals that employ unique technologies and a patented, proprietary chemistry.A.

The auto detailing 15200SCW machine supports as much as 1000 psi and flow rates to 2 GPM. “The three new machines are based on our top selling non-mobile machines, so we expect them to be very popular.

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