All about marijuana – what is this?

Essential fatty acids are needed for our body to function properly – it does not synthesize them on its own, so we must receive these substances from our diet.Unsaturated fatty acids are necessary for energy metabolism in cells, oxygen saturation of tissues. Our brains, the retina of the eyes, the inner ear, the adrenal glands and the tissues of the reproductive organs need them especially. Cannabis is full of these essential fatty acids, which are also well absorbed in the human body.In addition to omega-6, cannabis seeds contain 8 essential and 2 conditionally essential amino acids. Although we must receive all 21 amino acids in order to survive, some of them can be “extracted” only from our diet, so they are called irreplaceable. Many nutrition experts argue that cannabis seeds contain their ideal ratio, writes the essential amino acids, cannabis seeds are important in that they supply us with edestin – this amino acid is considered the basis of the cell’s DNA, and also helps digestion and assists in the assimilation of phosphorus. Cannabis supplies our body with globulin as well – the foundation of the health of the immune and circulatory systems. The use of cannabis seeds, according to experts, will provide the immune system with a strategic supply of immunoglobulins – the resources needed to fight disease.Psychological effects of cannabis include: euphoria, increased laughter, calm and pacification, an onyroid state. Such disorders are classified as hemp intoxication. Marijuana acts on a person’s thoughts. Being in captivating light intoxication, ideas can come which in usual condition did not come at all. You can say that it enlightens.Cannabis increases sensitivity to external factors, allows you to notice details that were previously unnoticed, colors become brighter and more rich, and there is an increased perception of music and art. The taste receptors and sense of smell are increasing. Time seems to slow down, the smoker begins to see that at each moment of time there are many different interesting events that he simply did not notice before. There is always a heightened sensitivity to everything that happens around the person who took cannabis. A bunch of small details and details become as important as other events in a person’s life.Sometimes there may be unexplained manifestations of panic fear (or in other words, change, disembarkation), but even so a person retains the ability to adequately assess the environment, which explains the normal behavior of smokers in public places. Some scientists believe that the effect of panic fear is a consequence of stimulating the brain areas that are responsible for imagination and creativity, as a result, the fantasy is slightly out of control.In addition to sharp attention to the environment and bouts of fun or fear, intoxication of hemp is almost always accompanied by increased appetite: a person who smokes cannabis can eat a lot of food. Most likely this is due to the fact that the sensitivity of taste buds increases significantly – the food seems much more delicious than before. It can also be noted that the tasteless becomes simply disgusting.By and large, smoking cannabis positively affects the smoker, to say about hemp that this is only euphoria means nothing to say:SPEAK ABOUT HEALTH?How to get rid of acne if you have already tried everything?Get an answer to your medical questionHow do biorhythms affect the quality of sleep?Mood improvement – all problems are forgotten for a while and everything around seems so funny.The perception of the environment is increasing – the birds are chirping around, the sun is shining, the leaves are swaying, the wind is blowing, the music sounds completely different, because you can legibly hear the sound of each instrument in the melody.Relaxation of the muscles is a pleasant relaxation of the whole body.Helps to cope with insomnia and loss of appetite.The man under the effect of cannabis is the most calm and harmless person, unlike who used alcohol or other drugs. Smoking effect of marijuana gives a variety – it is already mentioned above, and the lungs are affected as well as any other substance intended for smoking. Marijuana can be harmful to your lungs in large quantities, but still not as harmful as cigarettes. Smoking cannabis effect sometimes gives a pleasant, and sometimes you will not feel anything at all – if you have smoked bad hemp.Of course, you should not use this product often for smoking, but you can use it for food, for good reason, in Amsterdam, there are special cafes, where they make pastries and other dishes with her participation. To the question: “Cannabis – what is the effect of marijuana?” – you can answer like this, everyone has their own personal effect, you can say, who wants what that receives and then receives. And think badly not worth it.The arrival of cannabis is bright, saturated, a person feels happy, liberated. Besides, it happens that before the reception of marijuana the person slept and never saw a dream, but after he tried the herbs, he will begin to see dreams. The advent of cannabis causes bright dreams, in them the person is happy. After good dreams, as a rule, people feel calm, even during the day remember some pleasant moments of sleep.Negative consequences of smoking cannabis:Redness of the eyesDry mouthPossible cough when smokingIn combination with alcohol, nausea may occurLoss of short-term memory during intoxicationSome anxiety, confusion and paranoia.If you want to sleep better – check this article –

Add Useful properties and contraindications to marijuana

The plant belongs to the hemp family.

It is known since the XIV century. She was raised in monasteries for the needs of the state. After Henry VIII Tudorm became king and issued a decree on the closure of many monasteries, another decree was issued stating that each farmer should sow 1/6 of his cannabis plant, which after ripening was given to the state.

The greatest distribution at that time was in the shipbuilding industry. From the fiber of hemp made threads, of which then sewed sails, which were distinguished by their high strength, lightness and reliability.

Male plants are usually smaller than females, females are more luxuriant and larger on the contrary. Men call “manners” or “roosters”, but female “females” or “mothers”.

Annual, dioecious, herbaceous plant reaches 2 m in height, has erect branched stem, the thickness of which is up to 0.3 m.

Leaves from above are deep, palpate-separate, regular, with large-toothed, lanceolate lobes, below opposite. Male flowers five-membered, on pedicels, light green, collected in a branchy, paniculate inflorescence; female – form a spicate inflorescence, with a rudimentary flower bed in the sinuses of the upper leaves.

The root has a rod system, with a lot of lateral roots, the rod enters the ground to a depth of almost 2 m. A powerful root system, which allows the plant to have such growth.

Fruit – hidden in the shell seed of a small form, called hemp seed.

Blossoms of cannabis in early summer, namely in June and July. Seeds are harvested after the leaves are discolored, allowing the seeds to ripen and moderately fall behind the plant. This time just falls at the end of the summer, from August to September.

The weight of the seeds is not great. It can be counted, knowing that 1000 seeds weigh only about 25 g.

It grows in Western Siberia, the Volga region, in the Altai in the European part of Russia. Nowadays this plant is cultivated in almost all countries. Officially, the plant is allowed to grow and eat only in Colombia. In other countries, the cultivation, use, distribution or possession is criminally punishable.

The plant is not very susceptible to the sun’s rays, but it does not take a constant shadow either. Hemp prefers moderately bright places on the site.

In the stems of cannabis is up to 25% hemp fiber – hemp. This raw material is stronger than flax, but it is less elastic. Of this fiber, ropes and tramp strands, cable yarns, ropes, twines, tarpaulins, and technical fabrics are made.

From the plant only the tops are gathered, blooming only on female individuals. They are torn off, trying not to crush, so that the resin from the plant does not flow in vain. Then the resulting raw material is dried under a canopy or in the shade, from time to time mixing. In dryers, hemp can be dried at a temperature not higher than 60 ° C. The resulting dry product is grinded, making small leaves from leaves and cones.

Seeds are placed on pre-wetted fleece for up to 3 weeks, depending on the germination. At this time, the site for planting should be dug to a depth of about 25 – 30 cm. The site is selected depending on the impact on the site of the sun. The place should be unbroken trees.

After the germination of seeds, they are put in pots or cups and grown as seedlings. In this time it is necessary to water the plant as the land dries out. The sprout should be no more than 15 cm. The distance between the bush should be not less than 40 cm.

Useful and medicinal properties of hemp

From the whole plant hemp for medical and medicinal purposes apply the tops of female individuals and young leaves.

Medical use of cannabis is very limited. Not every country is allowed to use hemp as a medicinal raw material.

This is allowed only in the US and the District of Columbia. Also in such states as California, Colorado, Washington, Montana, Arizona, Alaska, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, Delaware, Maine, Hawaii, Michigan and Washington.

Active substances that contain hemp: resin, fatty oil, vitamin K, cholesterol, choline, sugars, saponins, edestin, alkaloids, phytoncides, essential little, carotene, tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiolic acid, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

Hemp seeds in themselves contain: resin, up to 40% fatty oil, vitamin K, cholesterol, choline, sugar, saponins, edestin.

Leaves and young shoots in themselves contain alkaloids, phytoncides, essential oil and carotene.

In the pre-revolutionary period and domestic medicine, extract and tinctures from cannabis were used as a soothing, analgesic and as an easy hypnotic.

This plant has an anti-inflammatory, softening, soothing, hypnotic, and also has analgesic properties. Juice from leaves or shoots of cannabis is used as a laxative and permeating agent.

In diseases of the kidneys, as a diuretic for cystitis, and as a sedative as well as with a strong cough take 100 ml for 40 minutes before eating.

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