How to choose poisons for mice: types, effect, reviews

The appearance of rodents in the room or on the site is always accompanied by troubles. In addition to spoiling winter harvesting, grain stocks and perennial plants, mice are carriers of serious diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to systematically carry out deratization or get rid of rodents using poisons for mice. Let’s try to choose the best mouse poison.

Poisons for mice: which is better to use Not only the effectiveness of the drug, but also the safety of its use depends on the quality of the poison for rodents. It is best to purchase such funds in companies that are professionally engaged in deratization or in specialty stores. In the modern market of anti-rodents, the poisons for mice are represented by three main groups: Anticoagulants. These drugs contain components that block the formation of platelets. As a result, the blood of the rodent stops clotting, and the mouse dies from multiple internal hemorrhages.

Biological poisons. Include in their composition of special bacteria that cause gastrointestinal diseases. When using them, the mouse is completely destroyed in 7-10 days. The peculiarity of these drugs is that the rodent who has eaten the poison infects all the surrounding mice. In addition, these funds are classified as poisons with a low hazard class. Widely used: Baktobortstsid, Denisyuk. Inorganic poisons. These funds are made on the basis of potent synthetic components and heavy metals.

These drugs kill rodents already within 1-2 days. But such poisons are very dangerous. They are harmful to the environment and pose a significant threat to people and animals. The most effective: Krysin, Fumifos, Alphos. All types of mouse poisons are made in the form of powder, soft and hard briquettes, tablets, granules or grains. Therefore, it is very easy to choose the most convenient option.

Poisons with a mummifying effect. A special category of poison for rodents is mummifying poisons. As manufacturers advertise, such tools contribute to the mummification of the mouse corpses. This prevents the decomposition of the dead animal and the appearance of a foul odor. Preparations of this category are successfully used in enclosed spaces and in open areas. In addition, these poisons have a complex effect. They destroy not only mice, but also other pests such as rats and moles. The most effective means of poisons in this category are: Mortorat Rat Killer Storm After consuming these funds, the mice tend to leave the room and burrows.

Therefore, after 5-7 days, it will be possible to find dead rodents in different places. Mummifying poisons for mice are highly toxic. Therefore, when using them, you must wear latex gloves and airing. And best of all for a few days to leave the room. Means that are safe for pets When it comes to deratization, it is often a question of the safety of poisons for pets. In this case, it is unimportant to live cats and dogs indoors or in the yard. To prevent poisoning of their pets, it is best to remove them from the treated area during the extermination of rodents.

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