How to get rid of rats and mice in a private house so fast?

Sanitary Service

If you do not know how to deal with the beast in the house, it is best to contact the sanitary support service. All questions about how to get rid of rats in a private house, should be asked only to specialists. If time does not begin to get rid of the rats, soon the problem will acquire horrific proportions. It is important to mention that only masters of deratization should get rid of rats in a private house.

This question worries many summer residents and residents of the suburbs, where contact with nature occurs constantly. to get rid of rats in a private house in an apartment requires from the master much more accuracy than the process of sanitization in the field.

If you are worried about how to get rid of rats in a private house – contacting the health service will become mandatory. Only the masters of companies know how to get rid of parasites in the house. To understand how to get rid of in the house, experts in deratization carefully examine the peculiarities of the territory, studying how to destroy the pest.

If you find animals in the country – the question of how to get rid of rats in a private house becomes extremely important. You do not know how to get rid of animals in the country? – contact the health service “ECO-CAPITAL”. You will receive an answer to the question “how to get rid of rats in the country”, consult with the master about the methods of prevention from rodents.

Rat facts

Rats are amazingly smart creatures. Their mind is unique, despite the small size of individuals. The rat’s brain weighs very little, and rodents alone are terrible, but collectively they pose a serious danger to people. They gather in flocks. This allows them to survive when the loners do not survive and die. The pack will exist at the expense of the general mind and cunning.

They are excellent and far swim. In the course of the experiments, it was found out that the rat is able to cross a distance of half a kilometer from one island to another. They know how to skillfully climb pipes and other vertical surfaces, penetrating the house. When crawling into narrow slits and holes, their body can shrink to the size of a quarter of the girth of the animal.

Compared to humans and other animals, rats are much more tenacious. They can eat garbage, live in their burrows, burnt, and multiply rapidly and actively. Their teeth are a convenient and interesting instrument. When chewing the lower and upper jaws do not touch, which prevents abrasion of the teeth. Unlike the teeth of other animals, their teeth grow throughout life. Even an old animal has sharply honed teeth, with which it is able to gnaw lead products, steel, concrete or wood. In a private house, they eat everything. Their omnivorous nature allows you to survive in almost any conditions, even when there is nothing to eat. The fight against rats lasts as long as the parasites live with people – throughout the life of mankind.

They were heated and burned, in later times they began to fight. Poison is part-time and poison for animals and people. But people tried to use it carefully. They learned to recognize poisons. Extremely savvy, the pests no longer ate the poison of the whole flock but waited while several rats tried to poison. If those who ate the poison die, then from the flock they no longer touch the “delicacy” left by people. The animals report the result of the experiment to their fellow absents at that time. These clever creatures have learned to avoid poisons and to fight has become more difficult. People are now inventing new poisons – now not acting so fast, on the eighth or tenth day. The parasite’s organism gradually began to mutate, changing and recognizing new poisons. Mutant rats are almost invulnerable creatures – it is difficult to fight, their body adapts to the poison much faster than human.

It is unlikely that you often see a rodent in your private home. Often the holes are located in the walls of houses. Rat passages can be seen by accidentally stumbling upon them, or by breaking walls during construction. Remember – the rat in your private house is a signal of danger.

Gray rats are the most common type living near humans. The territory of Russia is inhabited by gray rodents (Datsyuk). Masayuki – large creatures. The body reaches forty centimeters, the tail – twenty. They live in basements, in warehouses, lower floors of houses – the main thing is closer to people. Clever and very well oriented, fertile and omnivorous, so often can be found close to the habitat of people.

Black rats – a species that is less common. Due to medium-sized sizes (2 times less than gray Datsyuk), they cannot compete in number with Datsyuk. Black reproduces twice as slowly, so the species remains less noticeable.

What are the dangerous rats?

It should be clarified – this is not about cute home animals, clean and “cultivated” rodents, but about wild, hungry and evil creatures that live in huge flocks and do not disdain anything.

They are aggressive, especially the pack. Single attack people too, but at and cases are quite rare. Attacks occur at night when a person is sleeping. A dangerous individual is considered to be driven into a corner – it will fight to the last. The bites of rodents, given the size of their teeth, are unpleasant and painful, and heal poorly for a long time. If you bite into the blood of a person or animal can get infected. To date, there are no recorded cases of killing a person by bites. This does not mean that the problem can be treated lightly and not to fight.

Rodents, live relatively long but have time to multiply with amazing speed. One couple in their entire life manages to produce up to six thousand descendants, and as a result, it becomes more difficult to fight them.

Parasites destroy a huge number of crops. Sometimes they do not eat the crops completely, but infect them, as a result, the crops become useless. According to statistical calculations, they destroy about one-fifth of all crops on Earth.

Fighting rodents is not as easy as it may seem at first. To poison them in a private house, it is necessary to apply extremely effective methods of struggle. Many hope that you can fight with simple household chemicals. However, pestilence, as the answer to the question “how to get rid of rats in a private house,” looks much more complicated. The sea in the conditions of the city is a separate complex type of deratization operation. Only with the help of professional methods, you can make a quality pestilence. After all, in order to poison, the experts use only proven methods that can really poison. If you do not know how to get rid of rats in a private house, then you should contact the sanitary control service.

Fighting rodents in a private home is an area of ​​professional disinfection. Fight in a modern way: the removal of parasites in a private home is carried out with clear instructions for work. Fighting parasites in a private home can also take an indefinite time, it all depends on the complexity of the case. However, the extermination of the villains can be carried out by modern and traditional methods. Correctly deal with parasites in a private home can save you from the problems of these domestic parasites. It should be borne in mind that professionals should fight rodents in a private house. Self-ride of rats is not worth it.

Self-fighting rats in a private home

Defeating rodents can only be done by using strong chemicals. Sanitary and epidemiological services are well acquainted with all existing means of disinfestation and are able to effectively get rid of rats in a private house. Independently fight in a private home is extremely difficult. Only SES specialists are engaged in the destruction. They are guaranteed to carry out the destruction, in all conditions.

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