Can card games be healthy?

The negative consequences and shortcomings of card games are very common subjects. She devote sites, publications in the media and even entire books. There are as many articles that tell about why ludomania arises and how to counteract it, as well as publications on various related issues. Read more at the

Thus, ordinary people form a rather solid image of gambling as a phenomenon directly connected with various crimes and the criminal world as a whole, as well as with debauchery and other evils. An ordinary person is sure: if you only decide to take bones or maps, your life will roll into fiery hell so fast that you don’t have time to look back.

This may seem strange, but scientists do not share such a categorical point of view. On the contrary, they believe that card games have a lot of advantages, moreover, they can have a beneficial effect on their well-being. What are the advantages of this hobby?

Can card games be healthy?

Bridge, poker and not only – plus the ability
It turns out that playing cards is not only entertainment, but also a great way to develop a certain skill.

So, it remarkably helps to discover and develop talents in mathematics, because a person has to do a lot of calculations in his mind and keep in mind the options for moves. The ability to determine how likely victory in a given scenario is a necessary skill for a good player.

Also, he literally has to develop psychological skills, because the experience when playing cards is better to keep hidden. This helps to pretend and hide their intentions from an opponent, and the developed ability to read people, on the contrary, contributes to the disclosure of their ideas. A good player by gestures and face of rivals easily guesses how successful their alignment is and what their intentions are.

Also, the card game develops memory, since the player has to not only keep the cards in his mind, but also remember what the opponents do, which is an excellent training.

And this communication in an informal setting is a valuable thing for the modern world. And this is an invaluable experience, because where else, if not for the party of cards, there are people of various activities, conversations with which expand the horizons.

Cards – helpers of the elderly

If grandmother and grandfather like to spread a party with small stakes, their grandchildren should not be worried, because the game may well turn out to be unexpectedly useful for them.

First of all, because it stimulates thinking abilities that inevitably deteriorate with age if they are not stimulated. A card alignment can just serve as such a stimulation!

It is useful for old people to play bridge and poker – they force them to fully concentrate on the game process – this time, look for the most advantageous strategy – two, calculate what their opponents will do – three, decide on the basis of this information what to do with them – four. That is, such a party is not only great entertain an elderly person, but also make his brain convolutions cool to move. Just do not confuse classic poker with video poker, which is available in various online casinos.

A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2014) revealed that the difference in brain sizes of people who like card games and those who are not fond of them clearly speaks in favor of the former. And this is really important information for the elderly, because the brain is reduced under the influence of various degenerative diseases, such as senile sclerosis and others.

Can card games be good for health

Naturally, there are other ways to stimulate brain activity, but if you like card games, why refuse them – this method has the right to become preferable.

And you can play in live opponents and with the computer. Online blackjack or video poker can be an excellent training for gray cells!

Of course, it is at least reckless to consider card entertainment as a cure for Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases, but many researchers believe that they are useful. So, this is what Kate Josephs, a Mayo clinic neurologist (this is in Rochester, Minnesota), says: “They can delay the onset of the disease, that is, a person can act almost as usual for a while. However – Otherwise, the struggle with dementia in the elderly may eventually develop into a struggle against gambling, which is difficult for the elderly.

And playing cards … strengthens the immune system! Such an unexpected “side effect” of this unusual hobby was revealed by scientists during the experiments. They clarified that this ability has only those games where it is necessary to concentrate attention, to attract mathematical skills and to possess a developed memory – for example, bridge, blackjack, poker and other similar entertainment.

The fact is that they help the player to increase the level of T-lymphocytes, which are known to be responsible for eliminating the infection – these are “killers” who fight the affected cells and can be the secret means of longevity. An amazing theory was confirmed by Marian Diamond – this neurologist arranged an experiment in which older people who love to play bridge participated. After the game, they took tests that showed elevated levels of these lymphocytes.

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