Good day, dear readers. You have probably noticed how the number of cyclists has increased over the past few years? If you recall the summer of 2010, then see a cyclist in my city with a population of about 400 thousand. people it was a real rarity. Only old women and grandfathers rode bicycles on the outskirts of the city. Some six years have passed and the number of lovers of fast (compared to walking) and environmentally friendly transport has increased. Moving around the city on my aluminum horse, I now and then meet the riders of different age groups and gender. Also you can rent valencia bike, at the Pelican Bike. Some may say that “The reason for this is a crisis, expensive gasoline and public transport,” but I still tend to make a conscious choice of outdoor enthusiasts. Why do people increasingly choose a bicycle? Everything is quite simple:

1. Price. Yes, in the current economic situation, due to the high cost of foreign currency, prices for bicycles (and not only) have become about two times higher than, for example, in 2014, but still, a decent machine can be found in the range of 20-30 thousand rubles Depending on individual preferences, it is much cheaper than alternative, two-wheeled, summer transport such as a motorcycle or even a scooter.

2. Health. A very significant factor. When riding a bike, almost all muscle groups work, especially when driving on rough terrain. In addition, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, the volume of the lungs increases, the extra calories are burned in problem areas, the figure becomes more prominent in shape.

3. Environmentally friendly transport. Here the Greens will especially rejoice and those who are not indifferent to the ecology of the planet. The bike does not emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere, does not require ozone-depleting substances in maintenance.

4. Emotions. Not everyone knows, but during physical exertion, the hormone endorphin is released – this is one of the hormones of joy and happiness of a person, and, of course, vivid emotions from visiting new places.

5. Beautiful views. If driving around the city to turn off the asphalt roads and get out of the “urban jungle”, then in a few minutes you will see magnificent views of wildlife. In my opinion, the most enjoyable bike walks are rides in the parks and forests of your city. Inhaling clean, saturated with oxygen and phytoncides, the air can be distracted from all worldly problems no worse than using the practice of meditation.

Of course, where there are pluses, there are minuses, about them below:

1. Injuries. One of the most “fat” minuses led riding in my opinion – it is injury. Anyone, regardless of the level of training and experience, can fall very badly off the bike, damaging the limbs. Also, when moving around the city, there is a risk of hitting a motorcycle cyclist, but this only threatens those who travel mainly by road, subject to the rules of a standard bike ride: moving only along the sidewalk and on pedestrian and cycling paths, crossing the road only under the signs of a pedestrian crossing , leading on foot, not crossing the “zebra” riding a bicycle (by the way, driving a “zebra” on a bicycle is a fine, paragraph 24.8), give in to cars leaving the yards, then the risks associated with the danger of getting sa will be minimal.

2. Thefts. Yes, the bike, like any other property can steal. But if you take the necessary security measures – this can be avoided.

3. Cyclists – trouble for the economy, they do not pay for parking, gasoline, taxes on roads, are not repaired in services, less often use the services of pharmacies and clinics, as they have good health. I hope you understand that this was a joke, but seriously, I don’t see more minuses, if you see, write in the comments.

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