Test Your I.Q.

  • Why did Chris Christie and his family have a public beach all to themselves?
    A The state government was shut down
    B The sun wasn’t shining
    C Sharks were spotted nearby
    D Some issue with a bridge?
    Correct Answer
    The state government was shut down
    The New Jersey governor drew some heat after catching rays at Island…[Read more]

  • What exotic animal was spotted strolling through a Wisconsin neighborhood?
    A Tapir
    B Giraffe
    C Elephant
    D Zebra
    Correct Answer
    Kelly, an 8,400-pound Asian elephant, escaped from Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin, to munch on marigolds. But even at 5 AM, she didn’t go unnoticed, so her freewheeling foray was cut short.

  • Which team is retiring Chris Bosh’s No. 1 jersey?
    A Golden State Warriors
    B Los Angeles Lakers
    C Cleveland Cavaliers
    D Miami Heat
    Correct Answer
    Miami Heat
    The Heat decided to waive the basketball star who has been battling blood clots, causing him to miss much of the past two seasons. ‘He changed our lives for the better,’ Heat…[Read more]

  • Hobby Lobby will pay a $3 million fine over smuggled artifacts from this country.
    A Bolivia
    B Westeros
    C Italy
    D Iraq
    Correct Answer
    The arts-and-craft chain also agreed to forfeit thousands of the antiquities it purchased. The company said it didn’t realize that the items were from Iraq and will shop more carefully in the future.

  • Singer Ed Sheeran recently decided to give up what?
    A Eating meat
    B Watching TV
    C Reading tweets about himself
    D Writing songs
    Correct Answer
    Reading tweets about himself
    The British crooner made headlines for saying he was done with Twitter. People were shocked that someone of Sheeran’s celebrity status would stop sharing every…[Read more]

  • Which major car company announced it is phasing out conventional gas engines by 2019?
    A Ford
    B Volvo
    C Tesla
    D Toyota
    Correct Answer
    The Swedish car maker is taking its foot off the gas. All new models launched after 2019 will be electric or hybrids.

  • Who may have captured Amelia Earhart after her final flight?
    A The Russians
    B Aliens
    C The Japanese
    D Didn’t her plane crash into the ocean?
    Correct Answer:
    The Japanese
    Investigators believe the women’s rights role model and her navigator, Fred Noonan, may have survived the crash after all. A r…[Read more]