Sunknowledge: A 360 Degree Medical Billing & Collections Destination

Already a proven healthcare revenue cycle management company, Sun Knowledge has been delivering cutting edge medical billing services to providers across diverse specialties. One of our clear cut advantages in providing result driven practice management and revenue cycle management support stems from the fact that we are working as claims adjudication partners for leading payers in the country. Also, we take pride in its excellent team of medical billers and streamlined processes that help in making claims submission all the more transparent.

Sun Knowledge currently is serving providers across 28 specialties and is a 100% HIPAA compliant company. We believe in innovation in processes and also look to implement our best practices for evolving your denial management efforts. Moreover, our services are competitive and we will work as a desired partner providing your customized urgent care billing services.

 No binding contracts: Leverage the Sunknowledge plan in medical billing & collections

If you want a smarter way of improving reimbursements in your accounts receivable, Sun Knowledge will work in close liaison and will streamline your entire urgent care revenue cycle management. We bring on the table, our years of experience in working in medical billing & collections space, the expert team of resources and robust processes that help you in the seamless transition to a result driven paperless submission of your daily claims.

Our intuitive understanding of the claims adjudication requirements of a payer for your urgent care practice will help in ensuring better collections up to 97% with a coding and billing accuracy of 99%. Sun Knowledge is your one-stop terminal for tailored medical billing services.

Transparency in provider pricing, a clear understanding of the claims adjudication priorities of the payers is going to be hugely important for a medical practice today. Reducing in-house medical billing costs automatically will be impacting your financial health. Developing strong credentials and being accountable in your services process will get reflected in your medical claims.

Let us demonstrate how we offer you a comprehensive medical billing and collections plan. Our team has reduced billing costs by 70% for leading healthcare providers. Our team of medical billers and coders are proficient across all major billing systems and offer you the needed flexibility to improve your cash flow in the best possible manner.

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