Keeping up with the complex process of reimbursement and coding is a challenging job as far as DME medical billing is concern. The DME specialty is quite different from other specialties and requires in-depth knowledge about coding which is why healthcare finds outsourcing their DME medical billing much cost effective. According to the Black Book Survey, outsourcing will be the only solution by 2022 with an average cost reduction in hospital by 24% to breakeven. The survey also says 98% of hospitals leaders are determined to outsource for a cost-effective result in both clinical and non-clinical functions, helping healthcare organization focus on administration and patients care.

DME Billing

Outsourcing checklist:

Key metrics: the outsourcing organization that offers the highest key metric is the key to profitable revenue generation.

Collection rate:  many hospital and healthcare organization are too slow in collecting the fee from the responsible sources. This also indirectly affecting the whole revenue cycle, as it causing deterioration in the quality of technology and also in patients care. This is why outsourcing organization is specialized in such services, with a dedicated team only for the collection.

Efficiency denial management: a denial management specialist is always necessary as denial claims can rapidly increase your cost to collect and also your account receivable cycle. Outsourcing offers such specialists who can quickly analyze your denial claims and work according to it in order to reduce aging AR.

Benefit offered: with the rising competition in the outsourcing industries in medical billing sector, it is very vital to analysis the benefit offered from different outsourcing option.

Sunknowledge checklist:

Highest productive metrics: with more than 100 clientele including Medtronic, we have the highest productive metric in DME medical billing with revenue of 1.6 billion annually.

97% collection rate: with dedicated resources and decades of working e, we have the highest collection rate in the medical billing industry. Our 97% collection rate even from ageing account is one of our specializations.

Trained resources for denial management: we guaranteed a 24-48 hr response back time for every denial. In fact, our 99.9% accuracy rate in billing and coding is also one of the reasons that we have a lower denial rate as compare to others.

Other benefits:  being one of the finest solutions to your DME medical billing and other specialties. We also have no cost dedicated account manager 24*7 for any of your billing issue. It doesn’t end here we also have no binding contract with operational transparency and guaranteed 80% cost reduction.   Even no open balance is written off without formal approval and we also have Errors of Omission & Commission Insurance support from Hiscox/Geico with a Liability Cover of $1 million.

Leverage Sunknowledge amenities:

Sunknowledge Service Inc is a perfect operational extension with 100% HIPAA compliant and real-time eligibility check helping you focus on patients care. So Leverage Sunknowledge benefit and experience streamline operation with increased profitability for your DME medical billing. For more information speak to our expert over a ‘no commitment call’ so that our expert can understand your medical complication and work out effective solution to our DME medical billing and other medical billing specialties.

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