Comparing The Newbies: Jeton Vs. Euteller

Cash is gradually losing ground and increasingly losing to non-cash or virtual. Every year more and more electronic wallets appear. Some of the most popular electronic wallets are Jeton and Euteller. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Euteller e-Wallet

Euteller is a popular Finnish e-wallet that allows users to play in the online casino with Euteller deposits and make instant transfers from Finnish bank accounts. Founded 10 years ago, the service is integrated with the online banking structure of Finland’s largest financial institutions and is used for online purchases, payment of utility bills and instant payments via the Internet.

How Euteller Wallet Works

Euteller works as an intermediate service between banking institutions and Internet providers, providing secure online transfers in real-time. It allows users to make direct payments anonymously since they do not need to disclose their identity or show their data, service providers or other merchants.

To use the payment service, a separate Euteller account is not required. It is available to anyone with an active online banking account at one of the aforementioned Finnish banks. When making online payments, customers do not need to use any specialized software or a separate Euteller interface. Instead, they use their bank’s online banking system.

Jeton e-Wallet

Jeton is an e-wallet offering affordable solutions for buyers and resellers. This online payment solution includes fast and secure payment processing and a comprehensive account solution.

Jeton is available in many currencies, and cards can be used several times, provided that the balance is maintained. Buyers, sellers, and resellers can use the security options provided by Jeton in multiple currencies. Any customer requests can be sent to customer support 24/7 by clicking the real-time support option or sending requests by email to the appropriate addresses. Support is available for VIP customers, compliance, general inquiries, business inquiries, and customer support.

How Jeton Wallet Works

  • Transfer money from your Jeton account to your site account;
  • For payout money with your site account on Jeton Wallet;
  • If you transferred any transaction to your wallet and want to withdraw this balance;
  • In order to send money from your account to another Jeton user wallet;
  • Make a deposit to your account in Jeton wallet;
  • If you have a balance, you want to exchange it for another currency.

Deposit Options

  • Instant Bank Transfer

Jeton Wallet customers can replenish their Jeton account with bank transfers using online banking. This deposit option is available for limited countries. Bank transfers must be made from a bank account in your name. Local and international bank transfers can be processed instantly if all data is entered correctly.

  • Using Bank Cards

Card deposits are made instantly, but keep in mind that a fee will be charged when exchanging currency, and your first check will require proof of identity Jeton Wallet supports VISA, a popular international and local card. Deposits on a Visa card must come from a Visa prepaid credit or debit card, and the Jeton cardholder must be the cardholder.

  • Jeton Card

Jeton Voucher is a prepaid digital currency card that applies to all online platforms that support the Jeton Card payment method. The Jeton card is completely safe and practical with features such as 19-digit, CVV code, and expiration date. This payment for virtual cards is also widely used in online stores.

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