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Power of Attorney is a document used to grant the legal authority to a third party. It is used to make decisions on the grantors’ behalf in the circumstances they permanently or temporarily lose their mental capacity either to take their own decisions or to communicate their decisions.

For example: When a severely ill person is anticipating a living will, in that case, Power of Attorney is given to a trusted family member in the presence of a solicitor.


A person is considered to be mental illness when he does not understand the decision and even not able to make it anything his/her own. Thus, in this case, the power of Attorney is prepared by that ill person because he/she is concerned with healthcare and financial decisions.

Also, either the ordinary power of Attorney or lasting power of Attorney is offered to the trusted family members, which is depended on the fact, whether the mental capacity is temporary or permanent.

Meaning of LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney)

An ordinary Power of Attorney is issued when a person is temporarily like a person is going to have an operation or suffering from the disease.

In case, the disease is permanent or fatal, or the person is at the last stage, then lasting power of Attorney (LPA) is issued by the solicitors. Kindly note that the person should be coming in the category of LPA. Further, an LPA for financial affairs will basically include the sale and purchase of property, settlement of debts and mortgages and also maintaining the property.

Further, the lasting power of Attorney will basically be granted to a trusted family member assured the preferences of the Will are followed to.

Also, the advance statements and decisions are only related to healthcare decisions and financial matters when the testator is still alive. Further, it can never be associated with the distribution of an estate of the ill person upon death.

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